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Friday, January 13, 2006


QuickTime Patch On The Rocks

Apple has offered a removal tool for its latest media player patch after users reported problems.

MacBook Pro: What You Need To Know

Here's what you need to know about Apple's newest laptop.

iPod Shuffles New Recruits Into Apple's Army Of Fans

BlackBerry Devices To Offer Mac E-Mail And Calenar Applications

RIM has signed a licensing deal with Information Appliance Associates to offer free downloads of the PocketMac program for BlackBerries, and to later integrate the software with the handhelds, officials with the companies said.

iMac Core Duo: What You Need To Know

We tackle common questions about Apple's first Intel-based desktop.

Microsoft Quietly Ditches WMP For Mac

Sorry, No Apple For You: Microsoft's Bid Fruitless

In a first for Microsoft's hardware group, the company is developing a keyboard designed just for the Mac. But regular Mac users will notice there's no Apple key.

Chip Story: The Intel Mac FAQ, 2006 Edition

What you need to know about the transition to Intel chips.


A Totally Macworld Wedding

Shawn King, host of the Your Mac Life internet radio show, is getting married on Thursday evening in a totally Macworld wedding.

The Fifth Row Back

Getting to the fifth row didn't come easy.

iWeb's HTML Markup. Not So Good.

I'm sure iWeb is a very polished and easy app to use on the desktop, but the code it creates will be a nightmare for nay intermediate web designer looking to customize the appearance.

Apple Notebook Not For Bargain Hunters, Part II

My First Macworld, Pre-Show And Keynote

Having never been to a Macworld before, let alone san Francisco, I thought I'd let those of you who have never been here in on some first impressions.

Mac Book Pro; Mini Review

Get Smart

It's doubtlessly commonplace by now for companies to adopt Apple's "Smart" feature — using presets to create a playlist in iTunes or a folder of searches in Spotlight or mailboxes in Mail and have them update dynamically whenever anything meeting the conditions of those presets appears on your Mac.

Macworld Expo: Best Of Show


What's Really Behind A Steve Jobs Keynote

As illustrated by the Joy of Tech; Though, there is one small inaccuracy: the sharks should have "frickin' laser beams attached to their heads."

Rumor Today: Apple Will Have An iPhone

Even before the stage at Macworld Expo turns dark, rumors are already flying that Apple do have plans in the mobile phone market.

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