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Friday, January 20, 2006


Apple Reduces G5 Desktop, PB G4 Prices

Apple's Rainy Season

A number of factors contributed to the lowered near-term outlook, CFO Peter Oppenheimer said. The new Intel-based notebook computer won't ship until next month, and that the current second quarter will have one fewer week than the holiday period.

Deal Could Offer New Disney Role For Apple Chief

Apple: Expect Intel Laptop Shortages

Apple will likely run into shortages of its first Intel-based laptop when the machine debuts next month, company exectives said as they laid out the Mac contribution to its most profitable quarter ever.

Apple: Good Things Come In Small Packages

Continuing the small box trend it started with the iPod, Apple has started packaging its software in containers barely wider than a CD.

Any Place Steve Jobs Call Home Becomes Historic

Steve Jobs might as well give up on building his dream home in Woodside... And the longer the house sits there empty, gathering dust and mold, the more historic it becomes.

Apple: Design And Software, Not Hardware, Distinguish Macs From Intel-Based PCs

"We build the whole widget. We don't take off-the-shelf parts, [and add to them] huge, major components from other companies, then throw our operating system on it... We start with the industrial design, we do all the electrical engineering, every single aspect about a Mac has been designed by Apple."


Why Most Customers Shrug Off DRM

Apple — the biggest DRM player out ther e— has the luxury of a loyal customer base who trust them. As long as Apple keeps that trust, their customers will accept DRM, no questions asked.

Apple In Secret Deal With Microsoft To Hide Macintosh From World?

The headline must be true because it's inconceivable to me that a company as talented as Apple can be so bad at selling what is obviously a vastly superior solution to than the one that most people use.


Apple iMac (Intel Core Duo)

Replacing Entourage: Apple's Address Book More Powerful Than You Might Think

iPhoto 6 First Impressions

My first impression of iPhoto 6 could be summed up in one word: "Wow!" My second and third impresions aren't bad either.


The Best Kind Of Evangelism...

... is the kind where your customer willing do it for you, for free.


The Futility Of Boycotts

Planning to boycott Microsoft? Get in line.

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