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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Norwegian Ombudsman To Review iTunes Terms Of Service

Among other things, the review also include terms that allow Apple to change the terms under which you can use the music you buy after you buy it.

Apple Introduces iTunes U

iTunes U will be a partnership between Apple and schools for hosting and distributing audio and video lectures, podcasts, and vidcasts to their student bodies.

Sluggish iMac Sales Suggest Early Intel Transition Challenges

Sources report that sales of the Intel-based iMac are lower than Apple expected, even taking into account the seasonal post-holiday sales dip.

Apple, 55 Cents, And Advertising

Episodes of ABC series "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives," available on a day-after-broadcast basis from Aple's iTunes for $1.99, generate 55 cents for Apple and pass the remaining $1.44 to the network.

Select Disney Short Films Now Available On iTunes

That certainly didn't take long!

Steve Jobs' Rise to Movie Mogul

In a career filled with a string of increasingly improbable sequels, Steve Jobs may have always been fated to play the role of movie mogul.

Disney Acquires Pixar For $7.4 Billion

The deal also gives Apple and Pixar CEO, Steve Jobs, a seat on Disney's Board of Directors.


How Long Before Jobs Is Disney's New Boss?

If Disney falters, will Jobs be able to resist the temptation to meddle? If Iger fails to deliver, would Disney's board be able to ignore the presence of a superstar CEO waiting in the wings?

Jobs Vs. Gates: Who's The Star?

On the evidence, Jobs' nothing more than a greedy capitalist who's amassed an obscene fortune. It's shameful.

Apple's Head Start

Icons, Usability And Computers

Will Intel Move Impact iPod's 'Halo' Effect?


One Reason .Mac Stinks

iCal support stinks.

Quickly Lock Your Screen


Putting Google Video Onto Your iPod

Configuring iTunes For Multi-Room Playback


Big Endian, Small Endian. it's All In Order

If you do have some developer friends, they might be complaining to you about yet another transition for Apple's developers. Specifically, they will most likely compalin about something call the Endian problem.

And if you have no idea what this problem with endian is, here are some explanation to help you.

My very first project in my very first day job is to develop a cross-platform multimedia library. Specifically, I was tasked to write code for System 7 to render Windows BMP, WAV, and AVI files. And I had to take care of this endian problem when reading Windows file.

So, this is not a new problem. But with Apple's transition, it sure is a popular problem these days.


DOJ Slams Microsoft For Non-Compliance

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