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Friday, January 27, 2006



Yahoo's New CPO Loves His Mac

Sigh. More Bad tech Reporting

My problem isn't with that other firm's data but how CNET used it to make something out of absolutely nothing.

Is It Time To Consider An Apple Macintosh?

Rants, Radio, And The AM iPod


Apple iTunes 6

Perhaps the biggest disappointment is that iTunes still offers no music subscription option to match other flat-rate services.

Mac Performance In The Raw - Wow! The Intel iMac Is Almost As Fast As The Quad Core Power Mac - How Macworld Pulled A "Not So Fast" One...

A multiprocessor machine will provide the user with more flexibility. However, truth be told, for most of us, most of the time, it is over-kill.


Acropolis is a rare treat — a puzzle game built for wordsmiths. Best of all, it's fun and challenging to play.

Pages 2: New Version Of Word Processing And Page-Layout App Fixes Bugs And Adds Features

While Pages lacks a full-featured spreadsheet application, it is a versatile and powerful program that will fill a multitude of educational, personal, and professional needs without making you wish that you had something more.


Question Of The Day

Has Apple moved its WWDC 06 to Disneyland yet?

The Microsoft Decision

Microsoft has figured out that in order to deliver a good game machine, you'll need to build the whole widget. And Xbox is selling very well — at least outside of Japan.

Microsoft has probably figured out that, technically, in order to deliver a good portable music and video player, you'll need to build the whole widget. Just like Apple's iPod. The problem, I think, is that Microsoft cannot figure out the business model yet.

But when they do, it will launch a tidal wave. What's next after the Microsoft MP3 player, once the business model has been figured out? How about Microsoft PDA? Microsoft Phone? Microsoft Server? Microsoft PC?

Does this mean that if you are a HP, O2, Dell, or Lennova, you really should start thinking about creating the whole widget youself too?

Bye Bye, Job Security

For someone who has been working for direct-to-DVD animation sequels for almost his entire career at Disney, the purchase of Pixar by Disney must sound like really bad news.

Oh, and Toy Story 3 has been cancelled.

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