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Wednesday, February 1, 2006


An Insider's Take On Steve Jobs

Former Apple borad member Edgar Woolard Jr. talks about the man, his vision, and how he'll likely contribute at Disney.

Publishers And Politicians Want A Word In Your Ear

Almost in a matter of months podcasting has become the "next big thing" in media, seized on by traditional publishers and broadcasters searching for new ways to attract and retain audiences in the digital age.

Wireless Cos. Launch Second iTunes Phone

The new phone, the SLVR L7, has the same storage limitation for iTunes files and uses the same slow USB technology to connect to the computer.

Apple Reduces Price On 20-Inch iMac G5


Windows Or Linux On iMac Or MacBook Pro

Personally, I'd rather skip dual-boot and move straight to direct execution of non-OS X apps in user space.

Close But No Cigar: Wharton B-School's DRM Analysis

History (especially technology history) has proven time and time again that when vendors end up in control of a market, the privilege gets abused.

Apple's Control Of Information Is A Disservice To Journalism

By trying (and largely succeeding) to control every iota of information, Apple ultimately does itself no favors.

An 'Apple' A Day Keeps The Computer Guy Away

After a week of watching the evening news deliver the message that my Windows computer was again vulnerable due to some security hole, and at this writing unable to be patched, I slumped into a fetal position and pondered: "Why didn't I buy an Apple?"


It's Not Easy Being Steve


Apple Music Program Gets Even Better With Revision

GarageBand 3 rovides a nearly complete package of tools that average podcasters would need to create, and jazz up, their productions.

Tweaking iTunes

It's time to explore similar tweaks and tips for making iTunes more to your taste.

iLife '06: Why Can't The PC Do This?

Quite simply, there's nothing on the Windows side of the fence that approaches the quality of iLife '06.

New Software Really Sweet: Upgrades To iWork Hit Keynote

GarageBand 3: Drang-And-Drop Music-Creation Application Takes On Podcasting


Make Your Bets Now

Is it going to be iBook (unlikely), MacBook, or iMacBook?

Where's My Cut?

Dear AT&T,

I'm providing your customer with free content here at MyAppleMenu. In fact, I believe that it is because of the free content provided by my web site and many other web sites like mine that motivated a lot of your customers to pay you good money to connect to the so-called internet cloud.

As such, I think it is right for you to pass on some of these revenue my way. Otherwise, this web site, and many other web sites like this, will be forced to not provide quality services to your customers.

Thank you.


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