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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Is Apple's Next Act VoIP iPod?

Buzz about Apple's to-be-unveiled products focuses on iPods, iTunes, even computers.

Study: Windows Media Loses Ground To Apple H.264

Streaming on Monday announced the publication of two new reports that suggest that Apple's QuickTime H.264 video encoding has gained round on Microsoft Windows Media. The winner, however, was RealVideo.

Computers To Repalce Darkroom

To Learn The Japanese Language, Get Pod-Agogical

In Japan, many are taking advantage of the new medium of podcasting and bringing a high-tech twist to age-old language learning.

Wireless iPod Would Make Sense: Qualcomm CEO

Paul Jacobs noted that while he talks to Apple "every so often" he does not have any insight into the company's product development plans.

iPod: 'A New Wonder Of The World'

The iPod has been named as one of the modern equivalents of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Decision To Drop School Macs Angers Boulder Voters

iPod Mini Makes A Return To Apple's Site

It's not quite the iPod mini comeback that some were hoping for, but Apple has put a stash of the colorful players up for sale in the clearance section of its online store.


Vulnerability Statistics For Mac And Windows

The data is clear, and Apple has a lot more vulnerabilities of every kind ranging from moderately critical to extremely critical.

Selling In The iPod Channel

It's that hip factor, that intangible tangible known as cool that the ipod confers. Software makers and sellers want a piece of that marketing power. And they want some of their space back on store shelves that iPod has swiped from them.

Two Reasons Why Apple Cannot Buy Adobe

MacBook Pro First Thoughts: A New Era

MacBook Pro First Impressions And Why I Switched


iPhoto 6: Good, But Not Ground-breaking

iPhoto 6 provides enough improvements and new features that anyone who uses iPhoto at all seriously will find them worthwhile, particularly if any of hte other iLife '06 applications are of interest.

Of Files, Forks, And FUD

Easy File Sending

Apple MacBook Pro

If you're after a drop-dead gorgeous laptop that runs consumer applications brilliantly, that excels in entertainment and productivity software, and that's truly future-proofed, then it's worth joining the queue.


Fun? You Want Fun?

The Funniest thing ever to come out of the labs of Microsoft: What if Microsoft redesigned Apple iPod packaging?

(Okay, it's not actually from Microsoft or Apple. But it is still very fun.)


Details Unfolding On Microsoft's 'Origami'

As rumors unfurl about a new gadget upcoming from Microsoft, the company's Origami Project is starting to take shape as a very small tablet computer, one perhaps affordable enough to appeal to mainstream consumers.

Monday, February 27, 2006


Is Mac OS As Safe As Ever?

While these represent a sea change, there is no need for Mac owners to worry, experts said, as the published attacks are still mainly theoretical and not widespread.

Apple's Jobs Fights Prservationists Who Want To Save His House

Apple Computer Pays $45M-$50M For Data Center In Newark

Adobe Unveils Photoshop Elements 4.0

PMA: Apple Shows Intel Native Aperture 1.1

In addition to being Intel-native, Aperture 1.1 also boasts significant speed increases on both the PowerBook G4 and the Intel processors.


Three Reasons Why Apple Should Buy Adobe

Amazon To Take On iPod

What are they, nuts?


First Look: Adobe Photoshop Elements 4

Though it may have a small price tag, Adobe has not been stingy with features, making Elements 4 an exciting product for photographers looking for more editing power.


Can You Feel The Love In The Air?

It's Secret Products Launch Week! Not only will Apple introduce fun new products on New Products Tuesday, Microsoft is poised to "change your life" on Thursday. (It's probably a "handheld, wireless touch-screen computer", reports the New York Times.)

You will not recognize your own life when we are through with this week.

Update: Todd Bishop reported that there will not be a product launch this week from Microsoft. Rather, he seems to imply that the product will probably be launched in 3 weeks' time.


He Helped Build The iPod; Now He Has Built A Rival

Unfolding Microsoft's Secret Site

A cryptic web site that was set up by Microsoft but does not bear its name appears to hint that the company will reveal information about a new consumer product on Thursday.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Transmitters For iPod On FM A Mixed Breed

Ask users about their experiences and they'll offer feedback ranging from effusive to furious.

Professional Wisdom Right On Your iPod

The iTunes U initiative offers something for those out of school — the chance to hear lectures from leading experts on topics from charter schools to gay liberation.

Apple Could Bid For Disney: Barron's

Barron's on Saturday said it's possible that Apple could make a bid to buyout Disney after CEO Steve Jobs becomes the legendary entertainment firm's largest shareholder.


The Word According To The Woz

I was in New Zealand and am just now back home. I saw a coule of headlines that were way off base.

iTunes Mystery: Where Do The Pennies Go?

Apple famously sells songs for 99 cents a pop... so why does it offer preparid iTunes cards priced at round numbers like $15, $25, and $50?


What Is The Opposite Of The iPod?

Tired of having to shuffle through hundreds or thousands of tunes? How about a device that only plays 1 song?

It's time for the Buddha Machine, where, like the iPod mini, you do get to collect different colored-versions...

Is The "Fun" Going To Be Available Only In The U.S.?

I sure hope not. :-)

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Taking Down The iPod

What it will take, several execs said, is a collective effort that can challenge both iPod and iTunes.

Music Landmark As Billionth Download Is Sold

It took the music industry decades to move from the 78 to new formats such as audiotape and CD. Now the pace of change is accelerating and the industry is presented with a bewildering array of opportunities to license and sell its content.

Fast-Track Olympics Graphics

While considerably speeding up workflow, the new Mac-based system has allowed NBC to cover an even bigger Olympics, with considerably more airtime, for significantly less cost.

Apple Poised For In-Line Or Better March Quarter

Piper Jaffray senior research analyst Gene Munster maintained a rating of "outperform" on Apple, saying the company is poised to post results that are in-line to slightly above expectations for the March quarter.

1 Billion Downloads For iTunes

Craig Abaya: Shooting Stars

"Aperture allows me to organize, edit, and deliver faster than I ever could with any one program or combination of programs in the past."

iPod Takes Japan By Storm

It seems iPod mania is alive and well in Japan — one of the most competitive consumer-electronics markets on the planet. Despite an array of well-entrenched Japanese rivals, the iPod had cornered 51.3% of the digital music player market as of the end of 2005.

Analysts: Late Universal Apps Won't Stall Intel Shift

If the absence of Universal versions of marquee programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office as the first Intel-based pro systems hit retail shelves is causing any concern among developers or at Apple, executives are keeping their worries to themselves.


No Adobe... No Problem?

It's not exactly the greatest threat either Adobe or Apple will ever face, but to paraphrase a line from one of my favorite movies, I'd be worrying a lot less if I thought eight of those guys was worrying just a little more.


MacBook Pro Reviewer's Notebook

It's a Mac, through and through. Even though there's Intel inside.


We Will Be Around For Quite A While

As this error message on iTunes indicate, Apple and the iTunes Music Store intend to stay in business for quite a while — at least until December 30, 2038.

"Confessions On a Dance Floor (Deluxe Version) will be available in the store on December 30, 2038."

Is It True?

Is it true? Are we getting ever closer to be able to run all popular operating systems on a single piece of hardware? These guys cliamed they are now able to run Microsoft Windows in a Linux version of VMware, running on Intel-based Macintosh...

Marriage Proposal Via iPod

Kathryn McCollister, will you marry me?

She said yes to this geek.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Apple Sales Slow For January

Happy Birthday, Steve!

Google Serves Up Dashboard Widgets

A Milestone For iTunes; A Windfall For A Downloader

The iMac stays with Alex Ostrovsky — "I'd been asking my parents for a new computer for a while, so this was a dream come true," he said. He will keep an iPod, and family and friends will get the rest. But the $10,000 gift card has him a bit flummoxed.

Yahoo Exec: Labels Should Sell Music Without DRM

Yahoo Music chief Dave Goldberg raised eyebrows Thursday at the Music 2.0 conference with a proposal rarely heard frm executives at large digital music services: Recod labels should try selling music online without copy protection.

Mac OS X Malware Merits Education, Caution

Apple Announces Winner Of 1 Billion Downloads Contest

The winning tune was Speed f Sound by Coldplay.


OS X Security Flaws: Much Ado About Nothing?

This is an opportunity to educate and enlighten; but it is no crisis, no fall of the mighty. And it is not news.

Apple: Suddenly Vulnerable?

A Brief History Of Apple's Open Source Efforts

With the release of Mac OS X for x86 processors, Apple has chosen to not release source to key components of the OS. This means Darwin/x86 is dead in the water... One has to wonder why people would want to donate their time to such a fruitless and pointless cause.

Why Virus Is Good For Mac Users

When and if these Mac attacks come to an end, we'll also have a much better handle on how superior (if at all) the Mac OS really is.

1,000,000,000 = Wow

Where Are All The Sports Games?


5 Apps To Rescue The Distracted

10 Semi-Obscure Mac Programs You Shouldn't Be Without

QBeez 2

A pleasant evolution in the classic puzzle genre, QBeez 2 adds some fun elements like the Puzzle Maker and Quest mdoe.


Keynotes Bloopers

Apple's keynote addresses, nowadays, are pretty much polished and almost perfect. Well, what happens when things are not absolutely perfect? Here are some of the instances.

February Ain't Short Enough

Dori Smith: Take a moment to tell the people in your life that you love and appreciate them. This month is just kicking everyone, everywhere so far as I can see, so the one thing you can do is make sure that they know how much they mean.

Rearview Mirror For Your iMac

Here're instructions on how to turn your built-in iSight camera into a rearview mirror — just so you are little more prepared for those sneak attacks from behind.

Update: And this will be one instance where you want a rearview mirror. Either that, or you should really be paying attention to your surroundings when you are watching porn at a public location.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


What The Other Steve Is Saying About Apple's Striking Resurgence

Co-founder Wozniak not sold on use of Intel chips; ponders possibility of spinning off iPod division.

The iPod Tie

Net Video Explosion Triggers Traffic Jam Worries

Blame Steve Jobs, or maybe

iTunes Movie Store For Feb 28?

Apple's Music Store: Over 1 Billion Served

Mac Security Exploits Don't Shake Up Apple VARs

Apple solution providers and their customers aren't panicking.

Make Mine With Music: Preloaded iPods

They're convenient, but preloaded players pose legal questions.

The Safari Shell Script Execution Exploit

Did Apple Overbook Its NAND Flash Inventory?

Several large buyers, include Apple, may have overbooked on NAND flash memory during the fourth quarter of last year, causing a NAND flash memory glut in early 2006, according to iSuppli Corp.

Vincent Laforet: In Tight In Torino

University Of Calgary: Modeling Swarm Behavior

"Xgrid dramatically increases the processing power we have available for compute-intensive processes, and because it's built into Mac OS X, it's virtually effortless."

Privacy Screen For Your iPod

15-Inch PowerBook Gone From Apple Online Store


Why There Is No iLife (Life XP) For Windows

The reason is simple, Microsoft doesn't need to.

12 Months On...?

The Mac mini has lasted extremely well against time, torture and comparison to my older machines.

Steve Rips Me A New One In Henrico County

I'd just about given myself a heart attack jumping through hoops so Steve Jobs could play a silly movie that wasn't really any better than the one it replaced.

What Makes A Mac, A Mac???

Why Features Don't Matter Anymore: The New Laws Of Digital Technology

The iPod was never sold on the grounds of its technical merits: Apple hit a gold-mine by marketing a cool new way of integrating music in your life.

The iTunes U Agenda

Apple's iTunes U has a contrary agenda, and I'm not the only one who's noticed.

MacBook Disassembly Shows Interesting Things

The constants are still in place, and the world hasn't ended with an Intel chip switch. Very interesting, though, to see some of the changes to the guts of the MacBook to make it easier to get into.


Intel imac Lacks Speed With Non-Apple Apps

Well-priced system's speed shines with apps written for Intel's Core Duo processor.

Wi-Fi To Go: The Hot Spot In A Box

There's no overstating the joy of carrying around your own Wi-Fi hot spot, ready for your whole gang to enjoy wherever you can find a power outlet or even a car's cigarette-lighter socket.

What's New In iWork '06?

Mac Book Pro: First Day, First Lab Tests

At least in our first test, the battery life of the MacBook Pro seems in line with the battery life on the last-generation PowerBook G4.


Fun? Fun?! II

As suggested by the fine folks at Your Mac Life, it's going to be an Apple theme park that will be unveiled on the next New Products Tuesday. ("Now that Jobs is on the Disney board...")

Fun? Fun?!

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Will Power

"The reasons we asked... to switch to the Mac were the same reasons I had for buying my first Mac over 20 years ago. Ease of use and productivity."

Security Hole In Mac OS X Also Affects Apple Mail

Apple Charges For First iTunes 'Podcast Novel'

iRony: SNL Cast Uses Macs, Can't Watch "Lazy Sunday" From

Significant Safari Exploit Discovered

A potentially critical security flaw has been uncovered in Apple's Safari Web browser, which may enable attackers to execute arbitrary Unix shell scripts on a user's machine simply by following a link on a web site.

Apple Teases Launch Of Mysterious, 'Fun' Products

Apple confirmed on Tuesday that it plans to introduce some "fun new products" next week, but declined to say more about what those products might be.


Mac Attack A Load Of Crap

These Mac "threats" are only news because of their novelty, not the threat level they pose.

"Will You Please Autograph My iPod?"

I can't imagine that I'm the first fan who ever asked a musician to sign an iPod, but I seem to be — for the time being, anyhow — the only one with a Bacharach one.

Buy iTunes? I Say, Bye iTunes!

Alas, in the past two years, Apple began to get greedy.

Why I Passed Up The Chance To Work At Apple

How Does iTunes Pick Featured Podcasts?

Until Apple does come clean about its methodology for featuring podcasts and charting them — and explain it prominently for listeners — it will remain a cloud of uncertainty, making those picks less than trustworthy.

Tale Of A Shifty Shufffle

On a recent MacMania cruise I attended I had the opportunity to learn, first hand, about the advisability of using an iPod shuffle as a USB key drive. In short: Not such a hot idea.



Rumor Today: It's Mac Mini And iBook's Turn

Or rather, the Mac mini, and the Mac Book. Time to go Intel for the lower-cost Macintoshes, according to the rumors out there.

See you next Tuesday.

Just For Fun...

Imagine this: When Steve Jobs comes on stage next Tuesday, and declare a brand new version of iMac with built-in TV tuner, TiVo, Radioshark, an iPod dock, and simply more "fun", at the same price... guess how many recent Intel iMac customers will declare they hate Apple? :-)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Mac Users 'Must Wise Up To Social Engineering'

It's not just PC users who can be victims of their own stupidity when it comes to internet security.

Audible Nabs Popular Podcast

The Ricky Gervals Show, one of the most popular podcasts on Apple's iTunes Music Store, is moving to a paid-only format to be sold by audio book specialist Audible.

Mac-On-Intel Site Self-Censors To Avoid Apple's Wrath

iTab: An iBook-Based Tablet Mac

The iTab is a slick-looking tablet Mac but it's not from Cupertino.


The Other Reset Feature

Camino and Safari both have a very different view on what "Reset" means. Two very interesting approaches with very different effects for their users indeed.

Are Input Managers The Work Of The Devil?

I sometimes get the feeling that Mac OS X is just as full of customization holes as earlier systems were.

Paths In The Grass

The existence and popularity of particular haxies and other system extensions lays out, in concrete terms, exactly which features are in demand.

What Will Apple Do When The Malware Comes?

A erious outbreak of Mac malware still isn't likely, but what would happen if it took place?


Upgrade Your iPod Sound

Creatures: Village

Creatures: Village is fun, but it also helps kids develop observation skills, a sense of responsibility, and an understanding of cause and effect. Young nd old alike will get a kick out of raising a Norn.


iMaginator gives you inexpensive access to Core Image routines, but there are freewares aps available that do so at no cost.


Floating Holidays

Is anyone running a pool on when the 4th of July will be marked as a "floating holiday"? :-)

Monday, February 20, 2006


Invasion Of THe Podcast People

As the portable broadcasts swell in popularity, producers find themselves with armies of loyal fans.

Apple Computer May Set Up Tech Support Centre In Karnataka

Apple is planning to set up a technical support centre in Kamataka on the lilnes of the one which Dell has in India.

OS X On Intel Site Returns

No Refund For You!

Amazon Stays Mum On iTunes Challenge Rumour

Harvard Medical Students Learn With Their iPods

Harvard Medical School have started offering podcasts of their lectures to their studnets, allowing them to learn while on the move.

Influence Puts Jobs At The Top Of Heap

He is the indisputable leader of the digital music revolution, the visionary and financier behind some of the biggest movies in recent history and, soon, the largest shareholder of Walt Disney Co. But Steve Jobs may have another moniker: king of new entertainment.


Sound Off

Hearing loss from those tiny earphones? Not my problem, as I can't even get the darn things to stay in my ears.

No, Your Applications Directory Is Vulnerable In Mac OS X

Programs run by users with Admin accounts can modify application files without additional passwords.

Reports Of Our Death Have Been Gratly Exaggerated...

Digital Rights Management: Sony V Apple


Yet Another Thing I Hate About Microsoft

I think I can almost safely say that every other implementation of a rectangle class will have a constructor or a set method that has arguments as either (left, top, right, bottom) or (left, top, width, height)...

So, why oh why must Microsoft defines its InkRectangle's SetRectangle method as (top, left, bottom, right)?

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Apple's Sweet Deal Won Over Henrico

Price was only one of the factors the selection committee considered. Several members cited the size of the Dell laptop and the breadth of instructional programs on the Apple laptops as two distinguishing factors.

Subtitles: Deaf To The Problem

An estimate 31 million Americans are hard of hearing, so it seems intuitive that Apple would provide captions on shows like "Desperate Housewives" and "The Office" that it has started selling online. Yet, in a mystery worthy of "Lost," there aren't subtitles on any of the iTunes video products.

A Sponsorship Waiting To Happen

The biggest winner of all may have been Apple, maker of the tiny iPod htat has soared to glory along with Hannah Teter. This Olympics, U.S. snowboarders have competed while listening to the personal music device, and skiers, speed skaters and other Olympians from all over the world have been observed listening raptly during practice and before competing. All of which makes for great press.

Second OS X Malware Emerges, But Risk Is Low

A second piece of Mac OS X malware has emerged this week, though this one poses a very limited threat,thanks in part to Apple's own response.


Apple Abusing Copyright Law?

Apple has a long history of challenging speech. This looks like yet another unsavory example.


Old Mac, New Door

Here's one photo that folks over at Low End Mac will cringe. :-)

Subtitles In iTunes Videos?

If I remember correctly, QuickTime is able to support subtitles — and in multiple languages no less — since early QuickTime 2.5 days. So, technically, Apple shouldn't have any problem putting subtitles, or "closed captions" as it is known in TV-land, into the videos that is being sold in the iTunes Music Store.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Two Mac User Sites Shut Down For Possible Copyright Violation

Two busy web sites that focus on Apple's Mac OS X operating system went silent Friday just days after they featured links to information on how to hack the software and run it on non-Apple PCs.

Mac OS X On PC Site Accused Of Copyright Violation


Autofill For Everyone

Unlike many of the "I wish the iPod could..." requests I hear, I can't think of a downside to making Autofill available for other models.


Replace iPhoto's Photocast Announcement

Friday, February 17, 2006


Leap-A Malware: What You Need To Know

This incident doesn't expose a security hole in the Mac operating system. Rather, it's a piece of malware that can be easily rebuffed by vigilant Mac users.

Mac Trojan Sighted

Apple To Remove The 100 Song Cap On iTunes Phones?

We've just received word from Apple that the upgrade screen exists for non-US customers, some of whom initially had caps as low as 25 songs, and brings their phones up to the 100-song limit.


AppleCare Sent My iPod Nano Back Formatted By Microsoft Windows

Why Features Don't Matter Any More

As Apple's iPod shows, success in technology has less and less to do with features, and more to do with ease of use. Welcome to the Age of User Experience.

First Mac OS X Worm A Wake-Up Call

The worm is a wake-up call for OS X users with a false sense of OS X's invulnerability.

A Jammed Video Arcade For Grown-Ups

When I married and my husband asked me to convert, it was a pretty big deal. I was set in my ways. My orthodoxies were profound. But if I didn't abandon the personal computer for the Mac, he warned, the marriage wouldn't have a chance.

Will Apple Adopt Windows? No! (My Response To Dvorak)

Or perhaps I should say, "Hell No!"

BYOB: Don't Be Surprised If Apple Saves The Day For Blockbuster Video

For Apple the point here is to sell iPods to people who might not otherwise ever buy one, to bring digital downloads to people who don't have broadband or even a computer, and to make it all incredibly easy.


Easiest Way To Prepare Movies For Your iPod

iTunes 6 has a feature that enables you to convert your existing QuickTime videos to iPod-compatible movies.

Right Click = New File

Freeway 4 Pro: Web-Development Application Frees Professional Designers From The Burdens Of Code

If you are coming from the print world — and you've been put off by the idea of learning code or frustrated by web-design applications that do not work the way you're used to — Freeway Pro will be exactlyw hat you need to realize your vision in the online world.



Looks like we will be stuck with conversations like these in the near term: "Ha Ha! Mac got viruses!" "Not virus, trojan horse." "Virus." "Trojan horse." "What the f*** about semantics? It's a virus." "Trojan horse. You need to double click." "Virus."

Thursday, February 16, 2006


BBC Massively Ramps Up Available Podcasts

Apple Verse Begs Hackers 'Don't Steal'

There's a verse to hackers hidden inside Mac OS X.

Apple Pushes MacBook Pro Ship Dates Back To March

Apple quietly nudged back the new-purchase delivery estimates to March.

RIAA Says Ripping CDs To Your iPod Is Not Fair Use

If I understand what the RIAA is saying, "perfectly lawful" means "lawful until we change our mind." So your ability to continue to make copies of your own CDs on your own iPod is entirely a matter of their sufferance.

Apple releases iLife '06 Updates


Don't Bury Your Message

Whether you're delivering a formal presentation or just pitching a client, get to the important part before people tune out.

Lessons From The Past: Five Mistakes Apple Isn't Repeating With The iPod

Who Doesn't Like Surprises?

Underpromising and overdelivering is a consistent Apple approach.

Apple's New Chip: Too Much Fear?

Yes, Apple will face some tech hassles now that Intel's inside. But investor fears that have driven down the stock are likely overblown.

A Reborn Walkman Challenges The iPod

Consumers in markets with fewer home PCs may be attracted to music distribution modes more closely linked to mobile handsets.


Cheaper Microsoft Office On The Way?

Microsoft has announced that the Windows version of Microsoft Office Student and Teacher edition will be replaced with a similarly-priced Home and Student edition, removing the current eligibilty requirement.

So, for all you non-student and non-teacher Mac office lovers, there is hope that a cheaper version of Microsoft Office may be on its way. You may be able to open Office documents in their full glory at a price that you can afford, instead of continue to search for that elusive Office replacement.

Just Like Windows XP Starter Edition?

Evan DiBiase: Looks like there's a reason for that 100 song limit on the ROKR — Apple's planning on selling an upgrade.

This sucks, if true.

My Ears Are Getting Busy

From the early pioneer of Mac radio shows, Shawn King, comes a new podcast about technology, and how you can make it work for you. Your Digital Life promises the same "conversational, informative, fun and a little irreverent" show as Your Mac Life. (The RSS feed is at, in case you are wondering.)

And speaking of my subscriptions, here are two new podcasts that may also strike your fancy: Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me, and Penn Jillette.


Amazon Plans Music Service To Rival iPod is in advanced talks with the four global music companies about a digital-music service with a range of features designed to set it apart from iTunes. Among them: Amazon-branded portable music players, designed and built for the retailer, and a subscription service that would deeply discount and preload those devices with songs.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Police Warning For iPod Users

Police have warned that cyclists should never listen to an iPod while riding unless they have a death wish.

Creativity Sparks Prosperity

"This is the best thing going for Point of Sale automation on the Mac."

Apple Ships Faster Than Expected MacBook Pro

Apple on Tuesday shipped its recently introduced Intel-based MacBook Pro, surprising customers with processors speeds that are faster than previously announced. The new laptops are available beginning this week with speeds up to 2.16GHz.

Mac OS X 10.4.5 Fixes iChat, Safari


Do Not Eat The Nano

It's like a little chocolate bar. And something about it doesn't seem quite real.

What Mactel Means For Apple

Bottom line? "Intel Inside" cheapens the brand, weakens the halo effect support Apple's highly profitable entertainment products, raises Apple's costs, results in reduced overall performance, and limits Apple's ability to differentiate its products.

A Man, A Mac, And A Most Perfect Love: A Valentine's Story

More Info On iPod Turnover

This would mean that Apple replaces roughly three thousand iPods a day, twenty thousand each week, and over a million a year. Could these numbers possibly be correct?

Windows Of Perception

Most Mac users and many devlopers don't realize how extensively windows are used in the composition of the overall UI experience on Mac OS X.

Apple And Amazon: In Your Head?

The so-called Long Tail effect is alive and well and apparently living in my computer. That's what I discovered last weekend, noting that services from Apple and helped me burn a hole in my wallet.

The Numbers Game

Gigahertz myth aside, I hope Tuesday's MacBook Pro news is just the start of a whole new world for the Mac, one in which a partnership with a company that's actually dedicated to making better brains keeps Apple moving faster than any of us can reasonably expect.

Will There Be An iPhone?


Updating The MacBook Pro-Dell Comparison

So much of my comparison became obsolete a little mre than 12 hours after it went live.


Backdoor Into Your OS?

BBC is reporting that the UK officials are "in talks with Microsoft", looking at establishing 'back door' ways of getting around encryptions in Windows Vista.

This just means that everyone who want to encrypt documents will simply go ahead and use something else.

I wonder if there are backdoors inside Mac OS X...

New... Er... Podcast?

Shawn King, one of the early pioneer of Mac radio shows, is going to launch a new show on Wednesday 7 pm CT.

Shawn, Shawn, Shawn. Didn't you get the memo that here in Apple-land, we do new products on a Tuesday? :-)

Sorry, Your TV Needs A Software Upgrade

We are getting ever closer to the day when your TV will crash.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Apple Begins Shipping MacBook Pro Notebook Computers With Faster 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo Processors

Skype 2.0 For Mac To Add Intel-Only Processor Features

Version 2.0 of Skype for Mac will take advantage of the multi-tasking capabilities of Intel dual-core processors and allow a conference call to include up to ten people at the same time.

Libraries Turning To iPods And iTunes

Just as the iPod transformed the way individuals connect with their personal media collections, so too is it changing the way libraries help the public connect with mass media collections.

Top 10 Things All Switchers Should Know

Toy Makers Hitch Stars To iPod Craze

After bemoaning the emergence of the iPod as children's latest must-have toy, toy makers are now looking at the digital music player as their own marketing strategy.

Motorola To Make Windows Media Phones, Keep iTunes

Motorola said on Monday it had signed a deal to use Windows Media technology from Microsoft in a new range of music phones that would sell alongside its iTunes phone developed with Apple.


Love (Or Not) In An iPod World

Modern youth culture's love affair with the iPod may explain why this holiday will be lonelier for many people of my generation.

A Key Difference Between Apple And Microsoft

Apple knows how to sell to the consumer. Microsoft knows how to sell to business who buy a thousand PCs at a time. They don't yet know how to sell to a consumer who buys one at a time.

Sometimes Deleting Can Be Good: The Concept Of Culling In Digital Photography

Does the thought of deleting photos scare you? Do you believe that the real benefit of digital photography is the ability to shoot as many pictures as you want of the same thing, and keep them all? Then this article is for you.


Connect The Dots With OmniGraffle

iWatermark 3.0: Program Makes It Easy To Add Text And Graphic Watermarks To Images

Does Dell Beat MacBook Pro On Price?

When you actually configure offerings from Apple and brand-name Windows PC vendors comparably, you'll often find the two to be surprisingly price-competitive — even when the Mac isn't cheaper, the two are often close enough in price that you can make your purchasing decision based on what you want to buy rather than what you think your budget allows.

RapidWeaver 3.2: Web Site-Creation Tool Builds Snazzy Sites In A Snap

If you just want a weblogging service, you might want to stick with online-based tools. But for more full-featured sites, RapidWeaver greatly expands on what those services offer.

1GB iPod Nano: Smaller-Capacity Model Retains The Features Of Bigger Siblings



While efforts are currently underway to boot Windows in Intel-based Mac, progress are also made in having Mac OS X boot in generic Intel-based PC.

Rumor Today: You'll Have To Wait Longer For That Huge IPod Dock

AppleInsider: Apple, for the second time in less than two years, appears to have scrapped plans to include a built-in iPod dock with some of its forthcoming Mac mini desktop computers.

Monday, February 13, 2006


New Grant System Excludes Mac Users

What if the federal government were about to give away more than $400 billion in grants, but only people whose computers ran on Microsoft software could apply?

Cupid Now Comes In Pocket Size

Modern lovers are giving their partner an iPod pre-loaded with their favourite romantic songs.


A Headphone With Two Sources

How difficult, you think, would be for headphone manufacturers to create a headphone that can take audio from two sources? With more people listening to their iPods during work, any sound made by the computer will be totally ignored. This can be a blessing, but it can also be a "problem", especially if you are software programmer creating the next GarageBand.

Or maybe we are saying that the software programmer creating the next GarageBand shouldn't really be listening to his iPod and ignorin the audio quality of GarageBand?

Sunday, February 12, 2006


iPod On The Tracks

I felt a brief tug on my ears, and silence. The iPod has fallen through a hole in my coat pocket and skidded across the platform like a bright white hockey puck. There was a sharp thwack as it slammed into the side of the subway car and fell into the crack between platform and subway, down to the tracks.


Apple's Upgraded iLife Has Benefits, But It's No Bargain


As the user of both desktop systems and a laptop, I've had to deal with the challenge of trying to keep all of my data in sync between the machines I use, as well as maintaining a good, reliable backup of all my files. I thought I might share how I solved these problems using a few homegrown tools, some web-based software and a commercial service.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Apple To (Big) Apple And Boston

The New York mega-store will be opened this year. Apple has been expanding its chain of retail stores as its iPod family takes off.

Thank You From Apple!

As a thank you, we are giving MacBook Pro computers to twelve of our top contributors.

For Middle Schools, Still Apples

Henrico School Board decides to keep same provider for laptops.


It's A Groovy Kind Of Love

Are thse isolated iPoders really listening? Or are they just consuming some kind of background aural wallpaper?


Taking Google Earth For Antoher Spin


Rumor Today: Apple Spinning Off iTunes Music Store?

MacDailyNews picked up a story in that Apple is rumored to be spinning off the iTunes Music Store as a separate entity, which would mean that this is the first company from Apple after the FileMaker-Claris-Newton era.

My feel is that this is unlikely, as iTunes Music Store exists to sell iPods, not to make huge profits. Same idea as ClarisWork.


A Microsoft iPod Rival? Gates Weighs In

He smiled at the question and proceeded to give the students a lesson in the art of the indirect answer.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Coming Next To Mac: Linux And Windows?

Momentum is building, albeit unevenly, to bring alternate operating systems to the Intel-based Macintosh computers that Apple recently released.

Imeem Finds A Creative Solution: Innovative Cross-Platform Development

The MacMini Portable

Some ideas are so brilliantly simple, we're surprised no one has thought of them before.

AT&T Warns Apple, Others, Of Patent Infringement

AT&T has begun to name names in its hunt to license its MPEG video compression patents.



I see them as experiments that were cheap to try and were worth a shot and from which people learned things.

No, No, Nano: The Afterglow

Oh, hello again. I didn't see you there. I was just sitting here, basking in the afterglow of yesterday's firestorm over my simple declaration that my wife and I had a hard time getting an Apple product up and running with anywhere near the simplicity that lore would have them possess.

Is PortalPlayer Showing Apple's Hand?

Ready for your wireless iPod?

Your Favorite Notebooks

Apple's portable earns high marks for both substance and style.

The Hub Of All Apple Stores

Nuts To You

The other passengers aboard the good ship Oosterdam look at our MacMania crew like they're nuts.


Supplanting .Mac With OS X Server (Calendaring)

Apple iPod Socks

Remove The Pro From QuickTime Player

Thankfully, it's ridiculously eas to give the "Pro" icon the boot.


Why Do We See Tons Of iPod Advertisements, But Barely Anything About Macintosh?

Guy Kawasaki might provide a clue or two...

He said: These days an iPod is bought: people walk into the Apple store intending to buy it. By contrast... a Macintosh is still sold: the hardworking Apple store employee has to convince people that a Maicntosh is fast, safe, easy-to-use, and runs the software that they need. For selling to work, you need face-to-face, personalized, and intense contact. Advertising can't do this...

Lately, Is Steve Jobs Too Busy With That Other Company?

Evan Williams: Sometime while using an Apple product, I wonder who snuck this detail past Steve?


Open-Source iTunes Rival Launches

A San Francisco start-up released an early test version of its open-source Songbird music software Wednesday, with which its ultimately hopes to undermine the dominance of Apple's iTunes.

Microsoft Revamps MSN TO Focus More On Content

Microsoft's plans to rebrand its free e-mail, instant messenger and web search products under the name "Live" could be interpreted as a sign that MSN — the unit that previously housed those products — is a sinking ship.

Thursday, February 9, 2006


iPod People Land Hot Spot

You've heard about the sort of bar where everybody knows your name. Well, this is the place where everybody knows your music.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid Of The File-Slurping iPod

It's not that he has anything against Apple's portable media player, exactly. But where most of us see an iPod as a repository for hours of musical entertainment, Abe Usher sees a hiding place for thousands of company files, with which a smart thief can walk out of a building completely undetected.

Digital Music Players Worse Than Walkman Fo Ears

Some audiologists say digital music players are different because the old Walkman-style player was analog sound. When you turned up the volume too high, the sound got distorted. But with digital players, you can turn the volume up as loud as you want and still get a clear sound.

Norhtern California Judge Gives Green Light To Monopolization Suit Against Apple

Protecting Your MP3, And What To Do When You Don't

The very portability of an MP3 player can be its undoing — too often, the pocket-size gadgets are dropped, scratched, drowned, or exposed to extreme temperatures.

Apple Confirms Reports Of Video Problems With MacTels

Apple on Wednesday confirmed reports of video-display problems in the new iMacs that are based on Intel processors.

Apple Releases Backup 3.1 For .Mac Users

Apple's In The Eye Of Flaw Finders

"The OS X platform may be based on a Unix platform, but Apple seems to be making mistakes that Unix made, and corrected, long ago."

Apple Not Threatened By Internet Rivals

While its pure internet competitors may have online resource advantages, many are scrambling to keep up with Apple's ability to deliver seamless user experience.

iTunes Estimator Helps Users Win iTunes Prizes

Apple Broadcasts Into The Future

The iPod has helped Apple recover from a battle it largely lost with Microosft and the PC industry.


Travels With My Mac

The gulf between OS X and Windows made my trip to the Demo confab a cumbersome, two-laptop affir. But new Mac offerings made it worthwhile.

Why The 1GB iPod Won't Do Video; RIP Shuffle?

No other iPod model other than the video has this DSP in it making video playback impossible on the nano.

Subpixel Antialiasing Achilles Heel

It is simply impossible to draw subpixel antialiasing on a transparent background.

Apple's Video iPod: A Success?

12 million downloads over four months is far from compelling evidence that downloading videos and watching them on a 2.5 inch screen will become the next big thing.

I Still Want My HBO

This Apple-Showtime agreement is a significant one, and not just because it adds to Kirstie Alley's income stream. Rather, I take it as a sign that the iTunes Music Store is attractive territory for any broadcaster, whether they reside on the VHF portion of your dial or int he upper three-digital reaches of your cable box.

A Return To Apple's Orchard

It's like the 80s resurgence. Apple by no means ever went away.

No, No, Nano

How, then, to explain the nightmare in our home occasioned by the arrival of a brand new iPod nano portable music player? Call this a cautionary tale about believing the Apple-simplicity hype.

The New PC Wars

Intel is now in a position that they have never been in before. They are enemy number one for Microsoft and Dell.

Apple And Fashion Accessories

It doesn't mean that it's not possible to compete with an Apple. It just means that you can't expect the same people who design your busines-oriented products to do a good job designing the next computing fashion accessory.

Woz, Hardware Philosophy And Philonumerical Trumphs


iPhoto Postcards

All in all, except for a couple inexplicable quirks, the iPhoto cards convinced me.


Rumor Today: 24/7 Apple Instant Gratification

Think Secret: Apple's upcoming midtown Manhattan retail store will mark a first for the company as sources report the location will be open 24 hours a day.

Pulling Out All Your Hair, Literally

Do you literally get sick hearing and reading all those misuse of the word "literally"? Heartaches? Headaches? Vomit?

Well, Literally, A Web Log is for you.

Calling iPod Geeks

Calling all iPod geeks: can you help out? Harrison Ford has an iPod, but he has no time to load it up with music. Can somebody help?


No. 2 To The iPod — And Doing Just Fine

One does not usually think of flash-memory card maker SanDisk as a leader in fashion technology. But the Sunnyvale-based company has quietly become the No. 2 seller in the United States of the hottest tech trend — digital music players.

Why Did Dell Discontinue Its Hard Drive MP3 Player?

The decision to stop selling the player may be the final indication that the economies and tactics of the PC market — where different companies make the computer, the operating system and the software — really don't work in the consumer electronics space.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006


They Build It, And We Keep Buying

Why does Apple introduce so many different iPods? Because it can.

Apple Price Cut Hurts Asia Chip Maker Shares

Shares in Samsung Electronics and other Asian memory chip makers fell on Wednesday after Apple's music player price cut fanned fears of a steeper price decline in chips used in the products.

An Experimental Classic Environment For Intel Macs

Managed Services: Now It Works For Macs Too

Rockin' In Your Cubicle

More workers are using their iPods to escape boredom or chaos in the office. Does it help them focus, or is it a distraction?

Turn iPod Earbuds Into A Cell Phone Headset

Apple Offers 1GB iPod Nano For $149

Apple on Tuesday introduced a 1GB version of its iPod nano that sells for $149. Apple also cut prices on its entry-level iPod shuffle, making them more affordable.


Forget Jobs, Let's Worship Woz

There's a lot to admire about Woz.

Apple Shuffles The Deck

Cheaper iPods may be welcome news to you and me, but it's not all that endearing to Apple's competitors. Companies will need to react accodingly now that the lower end of the market just got lower. It won't be easy for them. They don't have the benefit of running a popular digital download store, or selling Macs to the point of justifying cutting prices for the sake of moving products.

They're All Going The Wrong Way

Get the point Michael Dell, Bill Gates, and all you other competitors who get lost in the maze of confusion and bitter jealously. Find out what makes the iPod so popular, and then start to compete. "Build it and they will come" doesn't always work.


The Intel iMac Arrives: A First Lok At Apple's New Mactel Machine

It looks like an iMac G5, sounds like one on start-up, but it is a lot faster — most of the time.

Xcode For The Rest Of Us

Upgrading RAM: FAQs

Making Safari Stand Out

There are lots of plug-ins that can extend Safari's feature set, even though they're not officially supported by Apple.


Is It True? All That WinZip Goodness In OS X?

Yes, there are some progress in porting Wine onto OS X for Intel.

Your Very Own .Mac Replacement

Want the .Mac convenience, but don't want to pay the high price? Roll your own .Mac with this step-by-step instructions from Matt Simerson.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Podcast From The Heart

The iPod's sleek design and status-symbol white earbuds are Gen-X trademarks, but Grayson Wheatley is introducing the audio player to a demographic advertisers forgot: elderly patients with chronic health problems.

Podfading Takes Its Toll

Podcasting has drawn thousands on the premise that anyone can create an audio program, build an audience online and even vault to stardom. Less celebrated is the fact that untold numbers of shows wink out just as suddenly as they started.

Students Carry Missed Lectures Around Campus On iPods

Students Get iPods

The Bookstore at The University of Montana bought 40 iPods for students in the music department to use, despite the fact they may lose money on their investment.

iTunes Billion Songs Countdown

Apple is counting down to the one billionth download from the iTunes Music Store, and as is the tradition they are having a contest.

Tweens Use iPods, iTunes To Storm The Charts

Tweens stocked up on iPods and iTunes gift cards during Christmas. Now the 14-and-under set is making its presence felt in digital music sales.

Neb. Professor Uses iPod For Lectures

Networks' iTunes Gamble Paying Off

Even in these early days, it's starting to look as if the faith in digital downloads was well-placed.

Apple Falls 6% On Valuation Concerns

Apple shares fell more than 6% Monday to two-months lows, wiping out their gains for the year, on concerns that the company's expected profit growth rate for 2006 is already pirced into its stock.


What Jobs Wants

The Pixar deal may not be as strategically motivated as it seems for the Apple impresario.

Macs Still Make Me Drool

The Future Of The iPod

We'll take a look at a large range of iPod features that we're likely to see in the near to not so near future.

Intel Won't Admit It, But Apple's An Abusive Partner

The iMac Core Duo, Deconstructed

One thing I am sure of: This thing is not user-upgradable.

iTunes U: The Debat Continues

Apple doesn't need to pursue that strategy, and we don't need to help it.

Would You Like An iPod With Your Checkup?

On my last visit, my dentist offered me an iPod as his hygienist was getting ready to do her 6-month routine.

Magic Startup Key Combinations Saved Me From A Clean Install


New Macs Are Better Than Ever


TubeTwist is safe for the whole family, though kids younger than eight will probably find it more frustrating than fun.

20-Inch iMac Core duro 2.0GHz

iTunes 6.0.2 Can Import/Export OPML

Portfolio 8: Modest Upgrade Refines This Accomplished Media-Management Tool

Version 8 is not a major feature upgrade; it merely refines what the previous version already offered.


Advertise Once, And People Are Still Talking About It

Lisa de Moraes: Honestly, did any single ad make you sit up and take notice, as did the mother of all Super Bowl ads, Apple's unsettling, Ridley Scott-directed "1984," in which the blond athletic chick, hotly pursued by guys in riot gear, thows a sledgehammer at the Big Talking Head on the giant screen, freeing the Gray Brainwashed People?

How To Kill Off Your iPod's Battery

Christ Breen knows that "the iPod is not a flashlight. Use backlighting when only absolutely necessary." But then, he encounters a situation when it is really necessary: he forgot to pack a nightlight for his daughter on a cruise trip.

Monday, February 6, 2006


One Of These Decades, They'll Learn That

So many of these companies seem to think, deep in their paranoid recesses, that growth in an industry comes from control. It doesn't. It comes from openess and generosity.

The Walt Within

What if Disney's prize wasn't Pixar, but Jobs?


You'll Like The Intel Transition, If Apple Keeps Chipping Away

Apple, at least so far, seems to have done a good job at making sure all old programs run seamlessly on the new Mac and that its programs run on older Macs.

Sunday, February 5, 2006


Opening Up iTunes U

Apple's walled-garden approach places unnecessary limitations on its online educational content.

Saturday, February 4, 2006


"Effortless And Reliable" - Rich Siegel On Yojimbo

Yojimbo is all about keeping things simple.

RIP 17-Inch G5 iMac

Apple is no longer selling the 17-inch G5 iMac in its Apple Stores or online.

Tidbits From Apple's 10-Q


Microsoft And Mac: The Sound Of 10,000 Knees Jerking

I am certain that in five years plus two days, ten years plus six days, and for as long as Apple and Microsoft both shall live, Macs will run Office with Microsoft's enthusiastic and official support.

Macs Win The Mission Hip Wars

It's no secret that among the young and hip, Macs are the computer of choice. That has been proven time and time again at blogger conferences, at universities and in the personal computers of many tech companies' employees. But how would htey fare in a public place in one of the hippest neighborhoods in one of the hippest cities?

iPod Long Term Review

iTunes is the hidden jewel of hte iPod, but not for the music store, for the way it helps users painlessly manage their music.

Uninvited Guests

iLife installer should include a checkbox — checked by default would be fine — saying that icons for all the new software would be automatically added to the Dock.

.Mac Fun: Interface Archeology

Despite its apparent classicism and lack of reactivity to online trends, .Mac was ahead of its time and understood that fundamental rule of online experiences early in the process.


iMovie 6: Almost There

iMovie 6.0 will dazzle when it's ready for prime time, but it's not quite there yet.

Google Puts The Whole World In Our Hands

Google Earth is a great searching and information tool.


Apple Has Made It

Yes, nothing proves that your software product has really made it to the big time than having it pirated at your neighborhood pirate. :-)


Dell Drops Hard-Drive MP3 Line

Dell stopped selling its most expensive digital music players after failing to take market share from Apple's iPod.

Friday, February 3, 2006


New Apple Patents Tablet

The iPod Ecosystem

Sales of all those cases, car rechargers and docking stations totaled $850 million last year, and that is not even counting internet sales. Sales will easily soar well beyond $1 billion this year.

Laugh Tracks Standing Up On iTunes

Did you hear the one about comedians becoming a hit on Apple's iTunes?

Apple Trademarks Mac Pro

Windows PlaysForSure No Match For Apple


Worship Not These False Idols

What I want to know is why guys who manufacture computers or make software are worthy of being elevated to near-deity status by you techno-utopians.

Apple's Crimes Against Usability

There truly is no justice in the world as evidenced by the fact that Steve Jobs was never made to stand trial and answer for his company's crimes against usability in the form of Apple's QuickTime Player v4.

On iPods And Hearing Loss: Just Turn It Down

We had trouble finding bloggers out there standing behind Patterson and his allegations.

The Cost Of A La Carte Television


iWeb 1.0: Easy-To-Use Web-Building Application Joins Apple's iLife Suite

If you're accustomed to traditional web publishing, the debut version of iWeb will disappoint, both in terms of convenience and in important areas such as image optimization, menu naviation, and site portability.


Are We Also Cancelling Nemo On Ice?

Imagine this: Nemo with an extra human head, two legs, and eyes as breasts — or is it breasts as eyes? And can you imagine this ice skating show not being cancelled soon too?

We Have 11 Fonts In The System, And, By Gosh, We Are Gonna Use'em All Is Microsoft attempting to resuret the Windows 1.0 "we have 16 colors, we must use them all" theme?

Check out the comparison of the toolbar between IE 7 (beta) and Safari, and you immediately see how Microsoft has absolutely no sense of good taste.

Thursday, February 2, 2006


Adobe Offers Further Details On Intel Plans

British Warships Get iPod Docks, Surround Sound

Adobe May Not Deliver Native Intel Mac Support Until 2007

Adobe on Wednesday said it has no plans to re-release its current applications as Universal binaries that can run natively on both Intel- and PowerPC-based systems, and instead will focus on delivering native support for Intel Macs along with the next major versions of its software.

Music Firms Hit Pause Button Over New Tax

Apple Sued By iPod User Over Hearing Loss

Apple Media Player By April

Analysts for UBS Investment Research this week emphasised confidence in Apple's long term strategy and updated their predictions on forthcoming products to include the possiiblity of a 1GB iPod nano and a brand new Intel powered Apple media player that will go up against Microsoft's Media Centre.


It's iMac On Steroids

The real payback of the new Intel-based Mac will be down the road when software developers have time to catch up.

Apple And AMD: A Match Not Meant To Be

A conservative choice, Intel was.

The iTunes Effect

iTunes will ultimately be software than runs in your living room. We don't doubt that. But the internet-based music and video delivery that iTunes provides is only one small facet of a much bigger digital home idea.

5 Things Steve Jobs Has Misled Us About In The last 30 Years

Pixar, Disney, And Apple, Oh, My!

This deal has all of the earmarks of brilliance. But brilliance has as much to do with execution as it does with concept.


Apple iPod Radio Remote

The remote couldn't be easier to use, and it's very compact.

iDVD 6: Magic iDVD Highlights Several Core Improvements To DVD-Authoring Software

Wednesday, February 1, 2006


An Insider's Take On Steve Jobs

Former Apple borad member Edgar Woolard Jr. talks about the man, his vision, and how he'll likely contribute at Disney.

Publishers And Politicians Want A Word In Your Ear

Almost in a matter of months podcasting has become the "next big thing" in media, seized on by traditional publishers and broadcasters searching for new ways to attract and retain audiences in the digital age.

Wireless Cos. Launch Second iTunes Phone

The new phone, the SLVR L7, has the same storage limitation for iTunes files and uses the same slow USB technology to connect to the computer.

Apple Reduces Price On 20-Inch iMac G5


Windows Or Linux On iMac Or MacBook Pro

Personally, I'd rather skip dual-boot and move straight to direct execution of non-OS X apps in user space.

Close But No Cigar: Wharton B-School's DRM Analysis

History (especially technology history) has proven time and time again that when vendors end up in control of a market, the privilege gets abused.

Apple's Control Of Information Is A Disservice To Journalism

By trying (and largely succeeding) to control every iota of information, Apple ultimately does itself no favors.

An 'Apple' A Day Keeps The Computer Guy Away

After a week of watching the evening news deliver the message that my Windows computer was again vulnerable due to some security hole, and at this writing unable to be patched, I slumped into a fetal position and pondered: "Why didn't I buy an Apple?"


It's Not Easy Being Steve


Apple Music Program Gets Even Better With Revision

GarageBand 3 rovides a nearly complete package of tools that average podcasters would need to create, and jazz up, their productions.

Tweaking iTunes

It's time to explore similar tweaks and tips for making iTunes more to your taste.

iLife '06: Why Can't The PC Do This?

Quite simply, there's nothing on the Windows side of the fence that approaches the quality of iLife '06.

New Software Really Sweet: Upgrades To iWork Hit Keynote

GarageBand 3: Drang-And-Drop Music-Creation Application Takes On Podcasting


Make Your Bets Now

Is it going to be iBook (unlikely), MacBook, or iMacBook?

Where's My Cut?

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Thank you.


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