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Friday, February 03, 2006


New Apple Patents Tablet

The iPod Ecosystem

Sales of all those cases, car rechargers and docking stations totaled $850 million last year, and that is not even counting internet sales. Sales will easily soar well beyond $1 billion this year.

Laugh Tracks Standing Up On iTunes

Did you hear the one about comedians becoming a hit on Apple's iTunes?

Apple Trademarks Mac Pro

Windows PlaysForSure No Match For Apple


Worship Not These False Idols

What I want to know is why guys who manufacture computers or make software are worthy of being elevated to near-deity status by you techno-utopians.

Apple's Crimes Against Usability

There truly is no justice in the world as evidenced by the fact that Steve Jobs was never made to stand trial and answer for his company's crimes against usability in the form of Apple's QuickTime Player v4.

On iPods And Hearing Loss: Just Turn It Down

We had trouble finding bloggers out there standing behind Patterson and his allegations.

The Cost Of A La Carte Television


iWeb 1.0: Easy-To-Use Web-Building Application Joins Apple's iLife Suite

If you're accustomed to traditional web publishing, the debut version of iWeb will disappoint, both in terms of convenience and in important areas such as image optimization, menu naviation, and site portability.


Are We Also Cancelling Nemo On Ice?

Imagine this: Nemo with an extra human head, two legs, and eyes as breasts — or is it breasts as eyes? And can you imagine this ice skating show not being cancelled soon too?

We Have 11 Fonts In The System, And, By Gosh, We Are Gonna Use'em All Is Microsoft attempting to resuret the Windows 1.0 "we have 16 colors, we must use them all" theme?

Check out the comparison of the toolbar between IE 7 (beta) and Safari, and you immediately see how Microsoft has absolutely no sense of good taste.

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