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Thursday, February 9, 2006


iPod People Land Hot Spot

You've heard about the sort of bar where everybody knows your name. Well, this is the place where everybody knows your music.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid Of The File-Slurping iPod

It's not that he has anything against Apple's portable media player, exactly. But where most of us see an iPod as a repository for hours of musical entertainment, Abe Usher sees a hiding place for thousands of company files, with which a smart thief can walk out of a building completely undetected.

Digital Music Players Worse Than Walkman Fo Ears

Some audiologists say digital music players are different because the old Walkman-style player was analog sound. When you turned up the volume too high, the sound got distorted. But with digital players, you can turn the volume up as loud as you want and still get a clear sound.

Norhtern California Judge Gives Green Light To Monopolization Suit Against Apple

Protecting Your MP3, And What To Do When You Don't

The very portability of an MP3 player can be its undoing — too often, the pocket-size gadgets are dropped, scratched, drowned, or exposed to extreme temperatures.

Apple Confirms Reports Of Video Problems With MacTels

Apple on Wednesday confirmed reports of video-display problems in the new iMacs that are based on Intel processors.

Apple Releases Backup 3.1 For .Mac Users

Apple's In The Eye Of Flaw Finders

"The OS X platform may be based on a Unix platform, but Apple seems to be making mistakes that Unix made, and corrected, long ago."

Apple Not Threatened By Internet Rivals

While its pure internet competitors may have online resource advantages, many are scrambling to keep up with Apple's ability to deliver seamless user experience.

iTunes Estimator Helps Users Win iTunes Prizes

Apple Broadcasts Into The Future

The iPod has helped Apple recover from a battle it largely lost with Microosft and the PC industry.


Travels With My Mac

The gulf between OS X and Windows made my trip to the Demo confab a cumbersome, two-laptop affir. But new Mac offerings made it worthwhile.

Why The 1GB iPod Won't Do Video; RIP Shuffle?

No other iPod model other than the video has this DSP in it making video playback impossible on the nano.

Subpixel Antialiasing Achilles Heel

It is simply impossible to draw subpixel antialiasing on a transparent background.

Apple's Video iPod: A Success?

12 million downloads over four months is far from compelling evidence that downloading videos and watching them on a 2.5 inch screen will become the next big thing.

I Still Want My HBO

This Apple-Showtime agreement is a significant one, and not just because it adds to Kirstie Alley's income stream. Rather, I take it as a sign that the iTunes Music Store is attractive territory for any broadcaster, whether they reside on the VHF portion of your dial or int he upper three-digital reaches of your cable box.

A Return To Apple's Orchard

It's like the 80s resurgence. Apple by no means ever went away.

No, No, Nano

How, then, to explain the nightmare in our home occasioned by the arrival of a brand new iPod nano portable music player? Call this a cautionary tale about believing the Apple-simplicity hype.

The New PC Wars

Intel is now in a position that they have never been in before. They are enemy number one for Microsoft and Dell.

Apple And Fashion Accessories

It doesn't mean that it's not possible to compete with an Apple. It just means that you can't expect the same people who design your busines-oriented products to do a good job designing the next computing fashion accessory.

Woz, Hardware Philosophy And Philonumerical Trumphs


iPhoto Postcards

All in all, except for a couple inexplicable quirks, the iPhoto cards convinced me.


Rumor Today: 24/7 Apple Instant Gratification

Think Secret: Apple's upcoming midtown Manhattan retail store will mark a first for the company as sources report the location will be open 24 hours a day.

Pulling Out All Your Hair, Literally

Do you literally get sick hearing and reading all those misuse of the word "literally"? Heartaches? Headaches? Vomit?

Well, Literally, A Web Log is for you.

Calling iPod Geeks

Calling all iPod geeks: can you help out? Harrison Ford has an iPod, but he has no time to load it up with music. Can somebody help?


No. 2 To The iPod — And Doing Just Fine

One does not usually think of flash-memory card maker SanDisk as a leader in fashion technology. But the Sunnyvale-based company has quietly become the No. 2 seller in the United States of the hottest tech trend — digital music players.

Why Did Dell Discontinue Its Hard Drive MP3 Player?

The decision to stop selling the player may be the final indication that the economies and tactics of the PC market — where different companies make the computer, the operating system and the software — really don't work in the consumer electronics space.

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