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Thursday, February 16, 2006


BBC Massively Ramps Up Available Podcasts

Apple Verse Begs Hackers 'Don't Steal'

There's a verse to hackers hidden inside Mac OS X.

Apple Pushes MacBook Pro Ship Dates Back To March

Apple quietly nudged back the new-purchase delivery estimates to March.

RIAA Says Ripping CDs To Your iPod Is Not Fair Use

If I understand what the RIAA is saying, "perfectly lawful" means "lawful until we change our mind." So your ability to continue to make copies of your own CDs on your own iPod is entirely a matter of their sufferance.

Apple releases iLife '06 Updates


Don't Bury Your Message

Whether you're delivering a formal presentation or just pitching a client, get to the important part before people tune out.

Lessons From The Past: Five Mistakes Apple Isn't Repeating With The iPod

Who Doesn't Like Surprises?

Underpromising and overdelivering is a consistent Apple approach.

Apple's New Chip: Too Much Fear?

Yes, Apple will face some tech hassles now that Intel's inside. But investor fears that have driven down the stock are likely overblown.

A Reborn Walkman Challenges The iPod

Consumers in markets with fewer home PCs may be attracted to music distribution modes more closely linked to mobile handsets.


Cheaper Microsoft Office On The Way?

Microsoft has announced that the Windows version of Microsoft Office Student and Teacher edition will be replaced with a similarly-priced Home and Student edition, removing the current eligibilty requirement.

So, for all you non-student and non-teacher Mac office lovers, there is hope that a cheaper version of Microsoft Office may be on its way. You may be able to open Office documents in their full glory at a price that you can afford, instead of continue to search for that elusive Office replacement.

Just Like Windows XP Starter Edition?

Evan DiBiase: Looks like there's a reason for that 100 song limit on the ROKR — Apple's planning on selling an upgrade.

This sucks, if true.

My Ears Are Getting Busy

From the early pioneer of Mac radio shows, Shawn King, comes a new podcast about technology, and how you can make it work for you. Your Digital Life promises the same "conversational, informative, fun and a little irreverent" show as Your Mac Life. (The RSS feed is at, in case you are wondering.)

And speaking of my subscriptions, here are two new podcasts that may also strike your fancy: Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me, and Penn Jillette.


Amazon Plans Music Service To Rival iPod is in advanced talks with the four global music companies about a digital-music service with a range of features designed to set it apart from iTunes. Among them: Amazon-branded portable music players, designed and built for the retailer, and a subscription service that would deeply discount and preload those devices with songs.

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