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Friday, February 17, 2006


Leap-A Malware: What You Need To Know

This incident doesn't expose a security hole in the Mac operating system. Rather, it's a piece of malware that can be easily rebuffed by vigilant Mac users.

Mac Trojan Sighted

Apple To Remove The 100 Song Cap On iTunes Phones?

We've just received word from Apple that the upgrade screen exists for non-US customers, some of whom initially had caps as low as 25 songs, and brings their phones up to the 100-song limit.


AppleCare Sent My iPod Nano Back Formatted By Microsoft Windows

Why Features Don't Matter Any More

As Apple's iPod shows, success in technology has less and less to do with features, and more to do with ease of use. Welcome to the Age of User Experience.

First Mac OS X Worm A Wake-Up Call

The worm is a wake-up call for OS X users with a false sense of OS X's invulnerability.

A Jammed Video Arcade For Grown-Ups

When I married and my husband asked me to convert, it was a pretty big deal. I was set in my ways. My orthodoxies were profound. But if I didn't abandon the personal computer for the Mac, he warned, the marriage wouldn't have a chance.

Will Apple Adopt Windows? No! (My Response To Dvorak)

Or perhaps I should say, "Hell No!"

BYOB: Don't Be Surprised If Apple Saves The Day For Blockbuster Video

For Apple the point here is to sell iPods to people who might not otherwise ever buy one, to bring digital downloads to people who don't have broadband or even a computer, and to make it all incredibly easy.


Easiest Way To Prepare Movies For Your iPod

iTunes 6 has a feature that enables you to convert your existing QuickTime videos to iPod-compatible movies.

Right Click = New File

Freeway 4 Pro: Web-Development Application Frees Professional Designers From The Burdens Of Code

If you are coming from the print world — and you've been put off by the idea of learning code or frustrated by web-design applications that do not work the way you're used to — Freeway Pro will be exactlyw hat you need to realize your vision in the online world.



Looks like we will be stuck with conversations like these in the near term: "Ha Ha! Mac got viruses!" "Not virus, trojan horse." "Virus." "Trojan horse." "What the f*** about semantics? It's a virus." "Trojan horse. You need to double click." "Virus."

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