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Sunday, February 19, 2006


Apple's Sweet Deal Won Over Henrico

Price was only one of the factors the selection committee considered. Several members cited the size of the Dell laptop and the breadth of instructional programs on the Apple laptops as two distinguishing factors.

Subtitles: Deaf To The Problem

An estimate 31 million Americans are hard of hearing, so it seems intuitive that Apple would provide captions on shows like "Desperate Housewives" and "The Office" that it has started selling online. Yet, in a mystery worthy of "Lost," there aren't subtitles on any of the iTunes video products.

A Sponsorship Waiting To Happen

The biggest winner of all may have been Apple, maker of the tiny iPod htat has soared to glory along with Hannah Teter. This Olympics, U.S. snowboarders have competed while listening to the personal music device, and skiers, speed skaters and other Olympians from all over the world have been observed listening raptly during practice and before competing. All of which makes for great press.

Second OS X Malware Emerges, But Risk Is Low

A second piece of Mac OS X malware has emerged this week, though this one poses a very limited threat,thanks in part to Apple's own response.


Apple Abusing Copyright Law?

Apple has a long history of challenging speech. This looks like yet another unsavory example.


Old Mac, New Door

Here's one photo that folks over at Low End Mac will cringe. :-)

Subtitles In iTunes Videos?

If I remember correctly, QuickTime is able to support subtitles — and in multiple languages no less — since early QuickTime 2.5 days. So, technically, Apple shouldn't have any problem putting subtitles, or "closed captions" as it is known in TV-land, into the videos that is being sold in the iTunes Music Store.

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