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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Will Power

"The reasons we asked... to switch to the Mac were the same reasons I had for buying my first Mac over 20 years ago. Ease of use and productivity."

Security Hole In Mac OS X Also Affects Apple Mail

Apple Charges For First iTunes 'Podcast Novel'

iRony: SNL Cast Uses Macs, Can't Watch "Lazy Sunday" From

Significant Safari Exploit Discovered

A potentially critical security flaw has been uncovered in Apple's Safari Web browser, which may enable attackers to execute arbitrary Unix shell scripts on a user's machine simply by following a link on a web site.

Apple Teases Launch Of Mysterious, 'Fun' Products

Apple confirmed on Tuesday that it plans to introduce some "fun new products" next week, but declined to say more about what those products might be.


Mac Attack A Load Of Crap

These Mac "threats" are only news because of their novelty, not the threat level they pose.

"Will You Please Autograph My iPod?"

I can't imagine that I'm the first fan who ever asked a musician to sign an iPod, but I seem to be — for the time being, anyhow — the only one with a Bacharach one.

Buy iTunes? I Say, Bye iTunes!

Alas, in the past two years, Apple began to get greedy.

Why I Passed Up The Chance To Work At Apple

How Does iTunes Pick Featured Podcasts?

Until Apple does come clean about its methodology for featuring podcasts and charting them — and explain it prominently for listeners — it will remain a cloud of uncertainty, making those picks less than trustworthy.

Tale Of A Shifty Shufffle

On a recent MacMania cruise I attended I had the opportunity to learn, first hand, about the advisability of using an iPod shuffle as a USB key drive. In short: Not such a hot idea.



Rumor Today: It's Mac Mini And iBook's Turn

Or rather, the Mac mini, and the Mac Book. Time to go Intel for the lower-cost Macintoshes, according to the rumors out there.

See you next Tuesday.

Just For Fun...

Imagine this: When Steve Jobs comes on stage next Tuesday, and declare a brand new version of iMac with built-in TV tuner, TiVo, Radioshark, an iPod dock, and simply more "fun", at the same price... guess how many recent Intel iMac customers will declare they hate Apple? :-)

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