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Friday, February 24, 2006


Apple Sales Slow For January

Happy Birthday, Steve!

Google Serves Up Dashboard Widgets

A Milestone For iTunes; A Windfall For A Downloader

The iMac stays with Alex Ostrovsky — "I'd been asking my parents for a new computer for a while, so this was a dream come true," he said. He will keep an iPod, and family and friends will get the rest. But the $10,000 gift card has him a bit flummoxed.

Yahoo Exec: Labels Should Sell Music Without DRM

Yahoo Music chief Dave Goldberg raised eyebrows Thursday at the Music 2.0 conference with a proposal rarely heard frm executives at large digital music services: Recod labels should try selling music online without copy protection.

Mac OS X Malware Merits Education, Caution

Apple Announces Winner Of 1 Billion Downloads Contest

The winning tune was Speed f Sound by Coldplay.


OS X Security Flaws: Much Ado About Nothing?

This is an opportunity to educate and enlighten; but it is no crisis, no fall of the mighty. And it is not news.

Apple: Suddenly Vulnerable?

A Brief History Of Apple's Open Source Efforts

With the release of Mac OS X for x86 processors, Apple has chosen to not release source to key components of the OS. This means Darwin/x86 is dead in the water... One has to wonder why people would want to donate their time to such a fruitless and pointless cause.

Why Virus Is Good For Mac Users

When and if these Mac attacks come to an end, we'll also have a much better handle on how superior (if at all) the Mac OS really is.

1,000,000,000 = Wow

Where Are All The Sports Games?


5 Apps To Rescue The Distracted

10 Semi-Obscure Mac Programs You Shouldn't Be Without

QBeez 2

A pleasant evolution in the classic puzzle genre, QBeez 2 adds some fun elements like the Puzzle Maker and Quest mdoe.


Keynotes Bloopers

Apple's keynote addresses, nowadays, are pretty much polished and almost perfect. Well, what happens when things are not absolutely perfect? Here are some of the instances.

February Ain't Short Enough

Dori Smith: Take a moment to tell the people in your life that you love and appreciate them. This month is just kicking everyone, everywhere so far as I can see, so the one thing you can do is make sure that they know how much they mean.

Rearview Mirror For Your iMac

Here're instructions on how to turn your built-in iSight camera into a rearview mirror — just so you are little more prepared for those sneak attacks from behind.

Update: And this will be one instance where you want a rearview mirror. Either that, or you should really be paying attention to your surroundings when you are watching porn at a public location.

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