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Saturday, February 25, 2006


Taking Down The iPod

What it will take, several execs said, is a collective effort that can challenge both iPod and iTunes.

Music Landmark As Billionth Download Is Sold

It took the music industry decades to move from the 78 to new formats such as audiotape and CD. Now the pace of change is accelerating and the industry is presented with a bewildering array of opportunities to license and sell its content.

Fast-Track Olympics Graphics

While considerably speeding up workflow, the new Mac-based system has allowed NBC to cover an even bigger Olympics, with considerably more airtime, for significantly less cost.

Apple Poised For In-Line Or Better March Quarter

Piper Jaffray senior research analyst Gene Munster maintained a rating of "outperform" on Apple, saying the company is poised to post results that are in-line to slightly above expectations for the March quarter.

1 Billion Downloads For iTunes

Craig Abaya: Shooting Stars

"Aperture allows me to organize, edit, and deliver faster than I ever could with any one program or combination of programs in the past."

iPod Takes Japan By Storm

It seems iPod mania is alive and well in Japan — one of the most competitive consumer-electronics markets on the planet. Despite an array of well-entrenched Japanese rivals, the iPod had cornered 51.3% of the digital music player market as of the end of 2005.

Analysts: Late Universal Apps Won't Stall Intel Shift

If the absence of Universal versions of marquee programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office as the first Intel-based pro systems hit retail shelves is causing any concern among developers or at Apple, executives are keeping their worries to themselves.


No Adobe... No Problem?

It's not exactly the greatest threat either Adobe or Apple will ever face, but to paraphrase a line from one of my favorite movies, I'd be worrying a lot less if I thought eight of those guys was worrying just a little more.


MacBook Pro Reviewer's Notebook

It's a Mac, through and through. Even though there's Intel inside.


We Will Be Around For Quite A While

As this error message on iTunes indicate, Apple and the iTunes Music Store intend to stay in business for quite a while — at least until December 30, 2038.

"Confessions On a Dance Floor (Deluxe Version) will be available in the store on December 30, 2038."

Is It True?

Is it true? Are we getting ever closer to be able to run all popular operating systems on a single piece of hardware? These guys cliamed they are now able to run Microsoft Windows in a Linux version of VMware, running on Intel-based Macintosh...

Marriage Proposal Via iPod

Kathryn McCollister, will you marry me?

She said yes to this geek.

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