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Monday, April 3, 2006


Office iPod Has More Workers Humming Along

Apple Set To Face Bloggers, Journalists

Computer Software That Can Turn You Into A Songwriter

And there he had me. A computer had generated it.


The iPod Generation

Apple: Multiplatform? Wrong Word

Apple has put the kibosh on the term "platform" in press releases unless it appears in a quote from an executive.

An Homage To Steve Jobs, And Apple

Apple has lasted 30 years on the strength of easy-to-use, attractive technology. The company has shown staying power — and so do its machines.


StuffIt Deluxe 10

If it were less expensive, StuffIt Deluxe would be a more compelling tool; instead, this utility is a luxury that many Mac users can live without.

iPod Takes Over From The Humble Car Radio

There aren't many products around so popular that car manufacturers are willing to build around them to allow drivers to use them in their vehicles. Such is the dominance of Apple's iPod.

Belkin TuneCommand For iPod


Rumor Today: iMac 30?

What is the iMac 30 that somebody spied? Is it the 30th anniversary iMac, or is it the 30th-inch iMac? Either way, it spells luxury, insanely-great, and must-have. Oh, and probably expensive too.

Only In California

Remember, if you are in the State of California, you have to wash your hands after using a Creative MP3 player. Otherwise, you may get cancer, birth defects, or other "reproductive harm."

If you are in other States, or in another country all together, feel free to not wash your hands. :-)

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