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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Wired In The Workplace

More employees are using portable music players while at work. Users say it helps filter out distractions, but some co-workers aren't singing the same tune.



Starting this Monday, I will be joining the Aperture team at Apple.

iPod Generation

Everyone knows that no one is going to strike up a converstation and try to take advantage of the crazy woman in the back of the train giggling while trying desperately not to look you directly in the eye.

A Mac Girl In A PC World

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Aperture Dirt

Word within Apple is that Steve Jobs himself is enormously enamored of Aperture. There's no question what Apple is going to do with Aperture: they're going to fix it. The questions are just how, who, and when.

Chris Suchorsky: To Succeed You Have To Fail

"When I finished college, I decided I wanted to do the Robert Rodriguez kind of thing, where you write your own script, get your friends together, and make a film."

Jonathan Wyner: No Harping On Stereotypes

"If you look at the performance graph on our G5, we were barely scratching the surface. Even with DSP, EQ, and compressors all working, the CPU wasn't blinking — the computer didn't break a sweat."

iPod Nano Lawsuits Transferred To Northern California

Six lawsuits filed against Apple alleging defects in the iPod nano have been consolidated and transferred to the Northern District of California.

Duke's Ever-Evolving iPod Initiative


Grasping At Straws

As well as the MacBook Pros perform, their noise issues are steadily sullying its new name.

Friday, April 28, 2006


French DRM Law Gets Ugly - Protest May 7/2PM Place De La bastille

A French proposal to change the way DRM is protected under law has been hijacked by entertainment companies and DRM vendors, and now promises to be one of the worst DRM laws in the world... "There's bad news for a revolutionary proposal (Article 7) that requires DRM makers to allow anyone to build interoperable technology. This was strenuously objected to by Apple and the US department of Commerce but it was unanimously voted in at the last moment during the first meeting. Now it stands to be completely neutered."

Shareholders Take Stock Of Apple

Apple CEO Steve Jobs defended his company's environmental practices during the annual shareholder meeting, but also took time to reflect on market share and the Mac maker's transition to Intel chips.


Avernum 4

Avernum 4 is old-school RPG gaming at its finest.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Profiles In Success: Wildern School: Macs Fuel Academic Turnaround

Innovation at Wildern School relies heavily on Apple technology, with more Macs than any other school in England.

Apple Set To Get Tough On iPod Illegals

Officially authorised manufactuers of iPod accessories such as Belkin and Griffin have been told that Apple is set to take action against several vendors who are not part of an authorised "Made for Apple" program but are selling products into retailers at considerable lower price than authorised partners.

Apple Changes Tiger Retail Box

Apple is changing its packaging for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, and is also ensuring the latest build (v10.4.6) ships in all retail boxes shipped.

Apple Updates Keynote, Pages

Top Apple Executives Make Graceful Exits

Apple will look to a rising new generation of managers to ensure that the recent departure of two of the company's three most prominent managers won't spell the end to Apple's vibrant growth.

Domino iPods Star In Tekserve's Viral Ad

iPods: Trendy Fad Or Longtime Companion?

In iTunes War, France Has Met The Enemy. Perhaps It Is France.

Sharing the iTunes codes would undermine the two innovations that Apple used to create the online market for legal music in the first place.

Recycling: Not Apple's Core Value

Even after Apple unveiled its first free computer recycling program Friday, it still falls short of competitors like HP and Dell, observers say.

Samsung Snatches iPod Win From PortalPlayer


Converting To Mac: A Brave New World

I'm looking forward to using the Mac full-time. It is certainly more stable than Windows, and a lot more user-friendly.

Apple's Dominance In TV

When 'Smart' Cut/Copy/Paste Attack

Apple has taken a very simple, completely obvious feature and turned it into something governed by a complicated and undocumented set of rules that most users don't even know exist.

MacBook Pros Across Akihabara Running Windows XP


A Tiny Mouse Puts Computing In Children's Reach


Yet Another Mac Vs Windows Comparison

Fast user switching in Mac OS X is a single-click affair. Click and select your name from the drop down list, type in your password, and you're done.

In Windows... Click #1: Start menu. Click #2: Log off. Click #3: Switch User. Click #4: Your name. After that, then you get to type in your password.

The Color Of Monopoly

Do you know why Bush chose to invade Afghanistan, Iraq, and, possibly, Iran? Bob Kaplow has it all figured out.



New Tricks Of A Brower Look Familiar

If you've never used anything but Internet Explorer, you won't be able to wipe the grin off your face. But next to rivals like Firefox, Opera and Safari, IE 7 is a catch-up and patch-up job. Some of its "new" features have been available in rival browsers for years.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


iPods Flood Onto Education Scene

It's education gone high tech.

Is It Time For A Higher Capacity Nano?

Nothing like the prospect of a new iPod — albeit based on pure speculation — to get fans of the digital music player talking.

Getting Played By Apple

While there's considerable money to be made from a dependence on Apple, as PortalPlayer has demonstrated, there's also a lot of danger, too.


Apple's 'Casino Of Nerdy Virtue'

At the Apple store, the employees are happy. Maybe they are all so heavily caffeinated that they're hiding their misery inside a carapace of joy, but I don't think so. They're like strolling philosopher-kings, fonts of arcane wisdom. It's all so... I think they should wear togas.

iTunes Phases Out High School Musical...

Missing At The NY Auto Show - The iPod

With millions of iPods in circulation, we would have thought this would have been a no-brainer for most car makers.


Free Ears For iPod

Whether it's wired-in or wireless, one of these four iPod transmitters which we road tested could be perfect for you.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


How Apple Found 50 Acres In Cupertino And Why They Paid For It

Steve Jobs said last week that Apple had to beat long odds to find the site of its second campus in Cupertino — and the company's chief executive wasn't kidding. Apple also paid big bucks.

Apple Expo Returns To Paris Sept. 12 - 16

iPod Add-Ons: Apple Of Retailers' Eye

Accessories for hot MP3 players top $1.4 billion.

Some Stores Now Blocking

According to visitors, Apple is now blocking the web site at Apple stores to cut down on net activity.

NAB: Apple Xsan 1.3 Coming Monday

NAB: Final Cut Studio Users Top 500,000


Boot Camp May Be Just The Beginning

Still Not Thinking Different

Ten Reasons Why I Love My MacBook Pro

The MacBook Becomes A Video Star

Apple's choice of venues for unveiling the latest addition to its MacBook Pro line speaks volumes about what audience the company is targeting with its widescreen laptop.


Prolong iPod Battery Life

Charge ahead with these power-saving and battery-enhancement tips.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Apple Wants To Demolish Boston Building

Apple has its eye on a century-old Boston building, located in the city's historic Back Bay district, for a site for its new flagship store — but the computer giant may not get its way.

Apple Introduces 17-Inch MacBook Pro

Apple on Monday introduced the 17-inch version of its Intel-powered MacBook Pro. The new laptop computer will start shipping next week for $2,799.

Apple Chomps Into Forbidden Fruit: Ads

Coming soon to iTunes: ads. Apple — a brand that prides itself on the purity of the user experience — will soon put up billboards on its popular iTunes service, according to content partners who have been briefed on the plan. The introduction of visual ads could be the first step to allowing ads in other content areas or on iPods.


What's Up With the 17-Inch MacBook Pro's Pricing?

Why Tech Companies Hate Blogosphere

We're right, we have public opinion on our side, and you can't stand it.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


iPods, iBook Laptops Help Students Learn Cirtical Languages

When you're trying to learn a language, "you need as many resources as you can get. The iPod makes it easier."


My Quest For The Ultimate iPod Headphones

Apple Goes After Dell's Style Of Advertising... Sign Of A More Aggressive Apple On The Rise?

Microsoft Finds Apple Move Hard To Swallow

It could spell the end of monopoly power for the Redmond giant — and give Apple more clout.


For Mac Users, Installing Windows Is Now A Snap

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Ring Of Logic To Phone iPod

Apple is being quiet, but many expect the company to launch its own cellular service, likely before year's end.

Judges Take A Few Swipes At Apple's Arguments

A state appeals court in San Jose on Thursday appeared openly hostile to Apple's attempts to pry information from bloggers that would reveal who may have leaked confidential information on a new company product.

Mac OS X Hit By 6 New Zero-Day Bugs

Four of the bugs related to how the Mac's OS parses various image file formats — including BMP, TIFF, and GIF, one to how OS X demcompresses malformed ZIP archives, and "several" affect Apple's Safari browser, said researcher Tom Ferris.

Some Mac Resellers Preinstalling Windows XP

A few OEMs are selling standard Macintosh models with Windows XP already loaded via Boot Camp, but Apple says it has no intention of doing the same.

UMG Executive Says Gift Cards Fueling Digital Music

Apple Inks Consulting Deal With Former Hardware Exec

Jamie Houssian: Finding The Flow

"All of us int he film crew ride. We love the sport and we want to document it in a way that hasn't been done before."

Mercedez-Benz USA: High Performance In High Def

Mercedes-Benz USA introduces each new S-Class model with a complementary rollout of compelling high-definition video for dealer events, auto shows, and television. For its latest model, the S550, the company generated and post-produced all of that HD video in-house on a battery of Macs running Xsan and Final Cut Studio.

University Of California, Irvine; HIPerWall: New Vistas In Scientific Visualization

"The decision to adopt the Mac platform was based on many factors that included the form factor and resolution of Apple Cinema Displays, a robust UNIX-based operating system that was tightly integrated with open source components, and the ease of administration and use."

Dr. Hercules Of Hackensack

"Macs and PowerBooks enabled me to grow and sustain a small, personal practice that runs extremely efficiently."

Photoshop Coming In Universal Binary

A version of Adobe's flagship Photoshop software that will run on Mac computers based on either the legacy PowerPC or new Intel platform will be available in the first half of next year, the company's CEO said Friday.

Apple Offers Free Computer Recycling Program

Apple extended its recycling program on Friday offering consumers a way to dispose their old systems for free.


Ten Reasons Why I Hate My MacBook Pro

All that aside, be sure to come back soon for Part II: Ten Reasons Why I Love My MacBook Pro.

Native Speaker: There May Be An End-Run For Apple Around Windows After All

I believe that Apple will offer Windows Vista as an option for those big customers who demand it, but I also believe that Apple will offer in OS X 10.5 the ability to run natively Windows XP applications with no copy of XP installedo n the machine at all.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Apple Trade Secrets Case Could Affect Media Confidentiality

A case that could jeopardize the right of journalists to protect the confidentiality of sources and give companies more legal leeway to track down supposed leaks of trade secrets is now in the hands of a state appeals court.

Paris Mayor Defends France's Wariness Of U.S. Tech

Apple's No. 1 Hit: Record Biz May Sing Jobs' iTune After All

The record industry may be on the verge of waving the white flag in front of Apple boss steve Jobs, and abandoning its demand for iTunes to charge different prices for different songs, The Post has learned.

A Tour Of Microsoft's Mac Lab

Apple v. Does Case Heard By Appellate Court

Apple sued several unnamed individuals, referred to in court proceedings as "Does," for leaking information about an upcoming product code-named "Asteroid" to the online news site PowerPage.

PortalPlayer Cut Out Of Next iPod; Stock Plummets


Let iTunes Lead

If the iPod's bloom is fading, Apple may want to rethink its approach to its iTunes digital music and video store.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Macs Vs PCs: Debate Between Computers Stirs Up On Campus

One of the longest running complaints heard from students continues to be the use of Macintosh computers in the classroom, instead of PCs.

PortalPlayer Says Product Not Picked For iPod Use

Lack Of A New iPod Model Hits Apple

A lack of new iPod models in the first quarter of this year and hte impact of its shift to using Intel processors in all of its computer models led to lower sales at Apple in the first quarter than most analysts had expected. However, the company's earnings were stronger than forecasts had suggested thanks to falling component costs, rising software sales and lower expenses than had been expected from the shift to Intel.

Second Cupertino Campus

I've uploaded a QuickTime version for you all to watch [the Cupertino's City Council meeting].

Apple Acknowledges Intel Hiccup; Wanted: Universal Binaries

"Our sales team didn't discourage customers from waiting until the Intel models arrive."

Apple Warns Partners Of iPod Imposters

Apple last month began notifying service partners that some companies are illegally manufacturingdigital music players which appear remarkably similar to its own varius iPod models,a dn are attempting to sell them to unsuspecting buyers.

Has Apple Purposely Slowed MacBook Pro Graphics?

Apple CEO Says Plans New Campus In California

Apple is planning to build a new, 50-arce campus near its present headquarters in Cupertino, Steve Jobs said. "What's happened at Apple is that our business has basically tripled in the last five or six years."

Apple Misses On Revenue, But Earnings Strong

Apple's second-quarter revenue increased 34 percent compared with last year, it announced Wednesday, but Wall Street was looking for more.


Compressed Music: To Lose or Not To Lose

Apple's Switch-Hit Homer

First-quarter figures suggest that 2006 may be a very big year, thanks to Windows users swapping their hardware.

jTrust Us. Apple's Policy

More interesting to me is Apple's apparent lack of interest in secure disposal of private data on dead drives, and the lack of easy options for computer users with a hard drive failure.

Apple Customer Service Needs Shining

"I'll never buy an Apple product again."


Be The Maestro Of The House, With A Remote

Will such an elegant and well-engineered wireless sound system make you feel truly rich? Only until the novelty wears off.

Apple Remote Desktop 3

ARD 3 brings this application to the level of other commercially available asset management and remote support applications.

DEVONagent 2.0: Web Search Application Provides Powerful Tools For Finding Information

It's simple to use while at the same time providing the kind of industrial-strength search capability once reserved for academia.


Microsoft's New Brain

Brutal competition. A stock going nowhere. Microsoft is in crisis, so Bill Gates has unleashed his new hire, software genius Ray Ozzie, to remake the company — and conquer the web.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Braking The News, Apple Style

Apple's mastery of rumor and speculation has become the keystone of its strategy for new product launches. But this savvy tactic has a cynical, exploitative side that this week sees one of the company's biggest fans and supporters in court for engaging in the very guessing game that Apple sets up.

Analyst: Demand For Mac Strong, iPod Weakening

Market research firm Cowen & Co. recently completed a consumer survey that shows despite cautiious PC demand, the outlook for the Mac looks strong; the potentially bad news is thereport shows a significant slowing in growth of the iPod.

Apple Investors Look For Intel Effect

When Apple reports its second-quarter earnings Wednesday, investors and analysts will watch closely for evidence of how the company's switch to Intel chips is panning out.

Apple Posts Firmware Update For Intel Macs

Apple Plugs iPod Loophole Discovered By Clever Resellers

Apple has decided to indefinitely bar the majority of its authorized resellers from placing direct orders for engraved iPods.

Apple Releases Bonjour For Windows 1.0.3

Apple Releases Java Update For Mac OS X Tiger


Swimming Upstream: Using Macs In The Law Office

Is The Halo Slipping At Apple?

With the news that two top execs are bailing out, some are asking exactly what is it these Apple old timers know?


Aperture 1.1 — Apple Listens

Version 1.1 is a big leap forward in productivity. And combined with the new lower price, Aperture now is a serious contender for top honors in the digital photography software arena.

DROD: Journey To Rooted Hold

DROD is really appealing for gamers who recognize the game Daleks or who are looking for puzzle fun that doesn't involving matching three of anything.


iTunes To Sell You Your Home Videos For $1.99 Each

The Onion: "As soon as you record that precious footage of your daughter's first steps," says Steve Jobs, "you'll be able to buy it right back from iTunes and download it directly to your computer and video iPod."

Apple currently owns an average of 20 gigabytes of digital footage per American family, and it has also acquired an enormous library of the tens of millions of analog-format home movies dating from the early decades of the 20th century through 2001.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

News Sues Apple For Patent Infringement has filed a countersuit against Apple claiming that the iTunes software, the iPod and the QuickTime streaming software all infringe on patents held by, Burst announced Monday.

Understanding Marketing Psychology And The Halo Effect: What Apple's iPod And Motorola's Razr Can Teach Us

Focusing your marketing message on a single word or concept has been our mantra for years. But taking this idea one step further can also produce dramatic results.

U.S. Mac Magazines Suffering Reader Drought

The average circulation for the two most popular Macintosh/iPod magazines in the U.S. have hit record lows never seen in either of the magazines' histories.


Apple Needs To Make OS X Open-Source

Spare Change For iTunes

I decided I'd give Coinstar machines a try.


Draw What's On YourMind With NovaMind

NovaMind is a fine program and a remarkable piece of work — and a boon to those who already love mind mapping or think they might love it.

Apple's Ne Dynamic Core Duo

The new Intel-based, dual-core iMac is a slick machine,a nd underneath the glitz and gloss beats the heart of a heavy-duty workstation. It's the first Apple desktop we have seen in years that we can comfortably recommend for general-purpose use in the government.

Apple iPod Hi-Fi: Speakers For The iPod

Hearts Of Iron 2

This title is the bottom line for strategy gamers. Look no further.

Adobe After Effects 7 Professional: Latest Update Sports Overhauled Interface And Valuable New Features

First Look: Roxio's Popcorn 2; Second Version Of DVD Backup Software Is Handier Than Ever

If the ability to make custom DVDs or convert video content to handheld formats or stored formats for Front Row is appealing to you, then Popcorn 2 will be a home run.


Politically Incorrect Penguins

Fairy penguins are now called "little penguins" down under. Specifically, the managers at Sea World at Gold Coast are afraid that the word "fairy" may offend the gay community.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Podcasting Shakes Up Local Media

The rise of on-demand world has local suppliers of content everywhere unsettled.

S. Florida Educators Use Latest Technology In The Classrom

Windows On Mac: What You Need To Know

What does it all mean? Can you really run Windows on a Mac? What's required to do so, and what are the potential pitfalls if you try?


No Bias Here, Just Support For Equal Mac OS 10 Access

I don't care what Dell thinks about my ilk, I'm on his side now.


Warm Liquid Goo Phase Begins

Some movies should never be made.

But that shouldn't stop someone with a computer from making trailers to the movies that should never be made.

Jack's back, in Titanic II.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Technology making A Tangible Difference In How We Collect

Is it better to surround yourself with a shrine-like wall of CDs and DVDs, or free up that bookcase and home-entertainment center with a virtual "collection" that exists digitally — on iPod or computer hard drive?

Hang The Dj: Sasha Starting Revolution Thanks To The iMac

Say hello to the brave new world of laptop DJing via an iMac G5 and, in Sasha's right hand, not a mouse, but a custom-built, one-of-a-kind controller called the Maven.

For iPod Fans, Here's Wheel Satisfaction

Music Students To Get iPods At Montgomery College

Integrating the iPod into the music curriculum will really stir up an excitement for learning and creating, said Greg Ristow, Montgomery College music professor.


The Trouble With Mail

Today, Mail is a pretty good program, but it has obvious problems, and even if those were all fixed, would be solid but not innovative.

How To Manipulate Me (Or, Tuesday Whipper-Snapping)

If you read my weblog, there's a good chance you use my software — and there's a good chance you'd like me to do something. Something specific — fix a particular bug, add a particular feature. How do you make it more likely that I'll do that thing you want me to do?

Easy DOS It: Apple's Plan To Provide The Best Darned Windows Experience Anywhere — Even Better Than Microsoft

Apple can offer the most secure version of Vista available with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership, which could lead to a leadership change in business computing.

Rumors At The Bar

Apple not only shields its product roadmap from the public, but also from all public-facing employees. and nearly all non-facing employees. The litmis test is "Are you actively involved on the project or the project's marketing and rollout?" If the answer is "No," then you are generally left clueless.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Steve Wozniak Q & A

"I would much rather just have such a quiet life that I could sit down and have days and days free to just think out new ideas."

MacMall Sells Intel Macs With Windows Pre-Installed


iTunes Is A 1-Trick Pony

iTunes is not going to dominate the entire digital media world in the same way they dominate diigtal music downloads.

Boot Camp, Mac Cultists, And Windows Salvation


Summations On The MacBook Pro

The speed of the computer, combined with the Front Row/remote, the iSight, and the screeen all make one nice computer.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Options For Mac Storage Widen

Firefox Update Supports Intel Macs

With the improved Mac OS support, Firefox now will be able to take advantage of performance enhancements in the chipsets used by Apple's new Intel-based Macs, which were introduced earlier this year.

Brands Take Buzz To Bank Through Free Integration

With its cultural cachet and stored history of giving away tens of thousands of Apple computers to the Hollywood creative community, Apple has had perhaps the greatest success of any brand in embedding its products into films and TV without paying for the integrations, even amid Hollywood's rush to cash in on branded entertainment deals over the past several years.

Apple's iTunes Must Play Fair In French Music Market: Minister

Apple should have anticipated that the exclusive union of its iPod music players and online iTunes store would be challenged in France, Trade Minister Christine Lagarde said.

Apple Could Double Market Share On Microsoft Defections

Consumers are so distrustful of Microsoft that Apple could double its market share due to defections from the Windows operating system, a report by market analysis firm Forrester Research says.

Girl's Letter To Apple Can Legalese Reply

A South Bay mom told CBS 5 that her young daughter's letter offering suggestions on how to improve the Apple iPod prompted a harsh response from the company. [Video]

Surprise, Surprise; Radio Down/iPod Up


A Week In Boot Camp

As much as diehard Mac gamers may hate to hear this, the game experience on an iMac-equipped Windows XP can largely be summed up in one word: Excellent.


Mac FTP: A Guided Tour

There are several great FTP clients available for Mac OS X, so we thought it was about time we took a look at some of them.

Test-Driving Multi-Pass

I would gladly turn to Multi-Pass if I had a fifth-generation iPod. But the inability to put shows I purchase on a device of my choosing turned out to be the deal-breaker for me.


Snapple Anyone?

It's not just Mac OS X and Windows XP that is running on the new Intel-based Macintosh. We now also have Solaris, the operating system from Sun, too.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


States Seek Levies On Digital-Media Downloads

Internet shoppers accustomed to tax-free purchases from Apple's ITunes Music Store soon may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Aperture Update Brings Intel Support, Lower Price

The new version of Aperture dramatically improved RAW image rendering, according to Apple.

Apple To Report Strong Quarter - Analyst

iPod Vending Machines Land At Airports, Hotels

The Sims 2 Goes Universal

Music Labels Get Nickel And Dimed

Change counting firm Coinstar will accept coins for iTunes gift cards and Virgin Digital eCertificates.

Apple To Benefit From Changing PC-Buying Habits

Consumer-focused technology firms such as Apple seem set to reap a rich harvest as buying habits change.

BMW Owners Get iPod As Co-Pilot

BMW announced the debut of a new interface for iPod that will enable integration of the music player in the newest generation of beemers.


Do iPods Mean The End Of Tolerance?

Critics say cable on demand and iPods promote selfishness, but they can make us more creative, too.

iLove My Mac

As a Mac fan, I've often imagined Apple ruling the planet. But would the sacrifice be worth it?

MacBook Pro: The First Week

The first thing that became obvious once the machine was up and running is that it's smoking fast.

I Bought A Mac Mini

What immediately jumped out at me as being great about the system? Well, for a start, it's incredibly quiet.

Apple Should Succumb To iPod Porn Temptations

iPod porn, desirable or not, may prove an irresistable temptation to a more profit-hungry Apple.


Marriage Of Windows, Macs Is Bliss

Boot Camp works so well it reminds me why I prefer Tiger to XP in the first place.


Porn In The iTunes Store? When Pigs Fly

Yes, I know hell has frozen over and pigs flew — quite a few times at One Infinite Loop over the last few years. But I don't think Apple will start selling porn at the iTunes store anytime soon.

Heck, there are certain words that you cannot even engrave on your iPod.

Singing In The Valley Of Information

Google finally has a chinese name: Gu Ge. Literally, it translates to "Valley Song".

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Roxio Debuts Popcorn 2 With iPod Export

Perps Beware: 'Jacking Macs' Could Prove Hazardous

"It's a car alarm for your notebook computer," said Randy Green, the creator of the iAlertU alarm system. Any joustling of the computer will set a siren to wailing and the computer screen to flashing.

It Had To Be Simply Red: Prescott Reveals All After Joining iPod Party

His critics may brand him a political dinosaur from a different age. But in one sense at least, [UK Deputy Prime Minister] John Prescott can claim to be at the cutting edge of new technology: he secretly listens to music on an iPod nano.

Coreaudiovisual: Fast Finish At Fashion Week

"It's incomprehensible to think how we would have done it without Aperture. We wouldn't even have been able to look at that many shots, let alone organize them and make selects, in teh time we had."

Kirk Dianda & Rob Dyrdek: Takin' It To The Streets

"We wouldn't have been able to do this project without our Apple tools... You don't think twice about it: it's the easiest, the best, and what we have always done."

Macworld Expo Reports 7 Percent Attendance Increase

Blizzard Reassures Mac Gamers Following Boot Camp

"We have a recognized track record of native Mac OS support, and we have no plans to break with that tradition."


I Want A Dual-DRM iPod

Your choice in music shouldn't be based on the brand of your player.

It's The Little Things...

Sometimes it's the little things that count.

Me And My iPod

What Is Wrong With The Press And Apple?

When Will This "TV" Thing Finally Catches On?

Why is watching TV on a portable device somehow a pathetic attempt to fill every second of my sad life, but reading a book or newspaper or whatever magazine happens to be lying in front of me is a zesty, lusty, go-for-the-gusto cabaret of an existence?

No Magic Bullet For The Mac

Apple's key to success will be taking hte long-term view and keeping a steady supply of slick programs and interesting hardware rolling out of Cupertino. Market share will never change overnight but every little success of Apple's add up.

Quick-n-Dirty Price Comparison


XP-On-Mac Benchmarks

XP-running Macs give PCs a run for their money.

Islands Mini Golf 1.4


How To Make Dual Boot Acceptable

If Apple isn't going to do emulation or virtualization of Windows within Mac OSX — and I'm not convinced they are going to do this in Mac OS X 10.5 — then a proper hibernation support in OS X is essential for this Boot Camp dual boot thing to work. Pausing my workspace in OS X is acceptable. Shutting down my workspace in OS X in order for me to use Microsoft Money (for example) is not.

Really, I cannot remember the last time I intentionally shut down my iBook. Last week I had to restart my Mac because the Finder and the Dock is behaving funky (read: crashed), but I really cannot remember the last time I intentionally choose the "Shut down" menu item from the Apple menu.

A proper hibernation feature in the operating system is not difficult to do. In fact, Apple is almost there in the current version of OS X, if I understand correctly. Heck, even Windows XP have this feature, so how hard can it be? :-) If Apple hasn't already implemented this feature in 10.5, it's time for them to do it so that they have something to show in August.

Virtual PC, According To The Scobleizer

Robert Scoble, Microsoft technical evangelist: Our Mac group at Microsoft is working on Virtual PC for the Mac. The next version, if they can get it all running, should run at lot faster... You should get pretty good performance... [But] things like games might not run best on it.

Rumor Today: Colors Are Back, Baby!

AppleInsider is speculating that colors other than black and white will grace the iBooks — er, MacBooks, once again.

Reality Distortion Field Still Working? Check!

"Everyone ought to listen to Dylan."

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Apple Introduces Apple Remote Desktop 3; Now Optimized For Intel-Based macs

Microsoft Offers Apple Birthday Wishes

Microsoft's Mac Business Unit team is offering its own personal congratulation message to mark Apple's thirtieth birthday month.

Boot Camp Users Reporting Serious Crashes

The common crisis is that after partitioning their hard drives and installing Windows XP — which seems to work fine — people find they can no longer boot back into OS X.

Apple Talks To Airline In-Flight Entertainment Developers To Bring iTunes To Seatbacks

Aircraft in-flight entertainment system providers have held talks with Apple on the possibility of licensing its iTunes media download software for airlines' own sysems, enabling passengers to use frequent-flyer miles to download music and videos on to iPod MP3 players in-flight.

TVMicro: TV Tuner About As Big As An iPod Shuffle


WinOnMac Smackdown: Dual-Bot Versus Virtualization

Working With Windows

Still plauged by unanswered questions, I spent the weekend doing some more Windows XP tinkering. Here's a summary of what I discovered.


Pacifist Still A Winner At 2.0

QBeez 2

QBeez is near to flawless.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Dare I Say This Aloud? Boot Camp is A Gimmick

When Windows users get a gander of the Mac, how many will remain loyal to Ctrl-Alt-Delete?

Running The Tablet PC OS On An iMac

There's Nothing Superior About Apple Hardware

A better looking case and ditching all the legacy ports makes for more elegant design, but superior performance isn't a part of that mix — unless you're comparing it to Apple's last-generation hardware.

Boot Camp

I want Leopard to include virtualization too, but [Apple's Boot Camp announcement] doesn't support that outcome. It doesn't preclude it either, of course. it's completely neutral.

Sunday, April 9, 2006


Seen The Airline's Movie? Bring Your Own

Portable (or personal) media players and personal video players like Apple's iPod — all often called PMP's — are expanding options and making it easier than ever to take verything from episodes of favorite TV shows to movies to home videos with you on the road.


And... Leopard!

If Apple is to provide a virtual machine for WIndows on Mac OS X, they have to provide a 'boot into Windows' option: the VM alone won't cut it for people who rely on Windows in a do-or-die capacity.

Saturday, April 8, 2006


Remembering The Apple ][ Era With Game Developer David Lubar

VPC Future Uncertain As Microsoft Welcomes Boot Camp

While the Macintosh Business Unit is busy contemplating the future of Virtual PC, Microsoft's Windows team was busy welcoming Apple and its customers to Windows.

Embrace Of Windows Buffs Up Mac's Appeal For IT

Apple's development of software that lets Intel-based Macintosh systems run Windows XP natively met with the approval of several Mac-friendly IT managers, who said thisw eek that the embrace of Microsoft's operating system will make it easier to deploy Apple hardware.


Microsoft's Mac Attack

My bet is that once Apple has Windows Vista running smoothly on its operating system and helping its business sales, the company will try a more profitable avenue: marketing a version of OS X able to run on regular PC's that now use Windows.

More Pigs Over Cupertino

Apple is now a price- and brand-conscious supplier whose goal is to move volume. To me, that sounds an awful lot like Dell in 1998.

Win XP vs Mac OS X: Amateur Benchmarks

Why Apple Had To Boot Camp

Windows To The World


The Return Of The Apple Cube

The biggest cube ever by Steve Jobs is about to be unveiled in New York City.


Microsoft Readies 'Monaco' Competitor To Apple's GarageBand

Just because users soon will be able to run Windows on Intel-based Macs doesn't mean Microsoft is backing away from competition with the Mac operating system. In fact, Microsoft is aiming straight at Apple with a forthcoming music-making program for Windows Vista.

Friday, April 7, 2006


.Mac Syncing Down

Bot Camp's Developer Dilemma

Apple's move to support the use of Windows XP on its Mac computers leaves developers with a tough decision: Ramp up development of Mac-compatible software or give up on it altogether.

Cocky Carriers Dismiss Apple As 'Niche'

Wireless carriers have hinted at plans to challenge Apple's iTunes and iPod market lead by bundling music from their download services with videos and ringtones for cell phones.

Parallels Offers OS X Virtualization


Top Reasons To Run Windows On A Mac... Or Not!

Apple Vs. Me

This case is not about me, it's not about Apple, and it's not about the technology industry. It's about the First Amendment.

BootCamp Is Nice, But I Want Virtualization!

Macs Running Windows Won't Shift Balance

Windows: The New Classic

This is a move of supreme confidence — Apple relishes the comparison between Mac OS X and Windows XP, and Microsoft has shown enough of Vista via its widely-available beta seeds that Apple quite obviously isn't afrid of that comparison, either.

BootCamp: Apple's Insanely Bad Idea

Apple is trading a little short-term gain for a long-term negative.

Gaming With Boot Camp: This Changes Everything

People who keep an eye on the Mac game market are worried about this turn of events, and from my perspective, rightfully so.


Large Loss Cuts Shares At Creative

Shares of Creative, which has been losing in a battle with Apple's iPod, fell the most in nine months after the company reported its largest operating loss in at least five years.

Thursday, April 6, 2006


Apple v. Apple: Closing Arguments Focus On Timing

Analysts Predict Weak Apple Quarter

Apple Takes Its Bankroll To Reno

Loaded with growing cash reserves, the computer maker has created an asset-management firm in a state with fewer taxes and looser ties with the IRS.

How To Wow 'Em Like Steve Jobs

The Apple CEO is well known for his electrifying presentations. Here are five tips to make your next talk just as mesmerizing — or close.

Apple Helps Push Nasdaq And S&P To 5-Year Highs

Apple's share rose nearly 10 percent, their biggest one-day percentage gain since November 2004.

Apple, Beatles Lawsuit Concludes In London

Judge to decide on use of name in a few weeks.

iPod Slump To Impact Chip Makers

The market has already sen the fallout from the MP3 slowdown, especially NAND-based flashmemory makers.

Windows iMac Runs Photoshop Faster Than On OS X

Apple Allows Windows On Its Machines

Mac Fans Sign Up For Boot Camp

Perhaps hell has frozen over. That could explain the Macintosh community's surprisingly upbeat reaction to Apple's announcement of software enabling the running of Windows on Macs.

Will PC Users See Apple In A New Light?

Apple's decision to make Windows on a Mac an offiically sanctioned reality gives PC users more choice, but not all consumers might be ready to handle that freedom, according to analysts.

Developers React To Apple's Boot Camp

We asked a few Mac games developers what they thought about Apple released software that makes it so easy to install Windows on an Intel Mac.

Need Your Eye Out? Get An iPatch

These handy little things are meant for the built-in iSights on all new iMacs.


The First Boot Drops

If I were Sony, or Toshiba, or HP, I'd be freaking out right now.

Even With Dual Boot, We Still Need VirtualPC

For those who are doing significant work, who need to quickly go back and forth between a Windows and Mac environment, Virtual PC remains a necessary program.

At Long Last, And What A Great Name

Imagine if we named this thing! It would be called: "Microsoft Windows XP Professional Boot Selector Beta for Windows and Macintosh Systems."

Confessions Of A Conflicted Mac User

Microsoft Vista has been panned everywhere I've read about it, and the siren's call of Apple is driving my Argo towards the rocks again.

Will Boot Camp Turn XP Into The Enemy Within?

Big mistake.

Boot Camp: Apple's Enterprise Trojan Horse?

Boot Camp could give enterprise customers a reason to give Apple a try in the enterprise. There's an ROI case to be made.

Bootcamp: End Of Apple?

Bootcamp marks the beginning of the end for Apple as the renegade for the design set and the beginning of Aple as a dominant player in the global destkop PC game. It will become absorbed.

Boot Camp: Macs Should Do Windows Since Its All About Apple Hardware Anyway

Apple really had no other choice.

The Real Reason Behind Apple's Boot Camp

The AutoCAD kids can simply boot the computer to Windows to turn their software and two hours later, the Graphic Design students can boot the computers to Mac OS X to run their design applications.


Boot Camp Turns Your Mac Into A Reliable Windows PC

All in all, Boot Camp works really well. Whether you want to run Mac or Windows programs, an Apple computer may be the only computer you'll need.


Boot Camp: The Bigger Deal May Be In OS X 10.5

The best thing is to have Virtual PC-liked environment so that you can run Macintosh and Windows applications together on the same session. But I doubt Apple is willing to go that far. After all — even though the circumstances are not exactly the same — we've seen what happened to IBM's OS/2 opeating system, whose selling points include the ability to run Windows 3.1 applications side-by-side.

And dual-boot is definitely not the next best thing. You'd have to shut down all your applications in order to leave one operating system and boot into another operating system. And you definitely do not want to do that every 30 minutes so that you can check your e-mail on the Exchange server.

But, what if in OS X 10.5, Apple puts in support for hibernation on demand? Basically, you would make your OS X session go sleeping, and save all the information in the RAM onto the hard disk. And after you are done with Windows, you boot back into the Mac OS X with all your applications and all your documents as it was, once the information is loaded back from the hard disk to the RAM. That would be awesome, and will be the next best thing to Virtual PC. (Note that Windows already support hibernation.)

In fact, for people who want speed and performance in their Windows session (think gamers), this will in fact be more desirable than Virtual PC.

Will Apple go that far to support Windows on Macintosh? I'm not sure, but Apple do surprise us now and then.

Microsoft In Apple Camp

This video of Steve Ballmer attending a Macworld is, how do I put it, quite disturbing...


Blue Apple

Looks like the first official Blue Screen of Death on a Macintosh out in the wild.

Well, when Apple says that Boot Camp — and all the Windows drivers — are in beta, they aren't kidding you.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006


Podcasting Roils NPR Fund Raising

New Apple Software Lets Intel Macs Boot Windows

Apple today introduced Boot Camp, new public-beta software for Mac OS X that lets users of Intel Macs boot directly into Microsoft Windows XP. "Apple has no desire or plan to sell or support Windows, but many customers have expressed their interest to run Windows on Apple's superior hardware now that we use Intel processors," Philip Schiller said in a statement.

iPod Bike Mount Triggers Safety Debate

Some wonder if there is every a time when it's safe to bike with headphones on.

Apple Boss 'Admitted' Taking Name From Beatles

Apple's Greatest Hits: 30 Significant Products


The iPod Revolution

The sonic wave of the future or the loss of music's soul?

Intel Macs: Doublethink Different

Podcast Lectures Promote Laziness

Teachers, please don't podcast your lectures. It's a waste of your time and it would end up being a waste of mine.

iPods Changing Class Dynamic?

If the lecture is condensed and made available for students to learn on their own time, classroom time could be spent on applying their newfound knowledge to real world scenarios according to their trade.

Mac OS X For Business: Too Little, Too Late

Apple's best chane to "make a dent" came about two years ago when Windows looked completely hopeless on the security front. Things are very different today.

Wherefore Mac In The Enterprise?

Maybe the challenge is more of an opportunity.

Downloadable Movies Done Wrong


This Industry Sure Outdates Things Really Fast

David Pogue wrote an article about hacking your Intel-based Macintosh so that one can boot into Windows... and the article is sorta obsoleted on the very same day it is published in the Times.

Want A Slightly-Used Desktop Computer?

Note: Do not drive your car over your PowerBook. It will turn your laptop to your desktop. :-)


Creative Confirms Heavy Losses

Microsoft Says Recovery From Malware Becoming Impossible

In a rare discussion about the severity of the Windows malware scourage, a Microsoft security official said businesses should consider investing in an automated process to wipe hard drives and reinstall operating systems as a practical way to recover from malware infestation.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006


iPod Users Are Tech-Savvy Early Adopters

Analysts at M:Metrics claims existing iPod users are more likely than others to use mobile services.

Mac's Moment?

Apple has its best chance in years to make a dent in the business market.

Apple Addresses MacBook Pro Issues

Those who are having issues with their MacBook pros should first check for the identifying serial number, and then coontact Apple to address the issue.

Apple Vs. Apple: Eddie Cue Speaks

Apple's vice president of iTunes Eddie Cue took the witness stand this morning to defend the company against the lawsuit filed by The Beatles' record company Apple Corps.

Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.4.6

The update addresses several issues with the Finder and networking, as well as fixing problems with some Apple and third-party applications.


Why Is The iPod So Much Costlier In India?

Buying in India is almost 65% costlier than from the US.

Should Microsoft Buy Apple?

These two companies, and their leaders, are utterly defined by their differences.

How Much Better Can OS X Get?

Apple's Focus Vs. Vista Vision

Apple, with its "just-say-no" OS strategy and fabulously successful music and digital lifestyle business, has seduced Microsoft into. And that's the reason, from my perspective, for the continual delays and problems with Vista.

iPod Video Bug

When you put a mobile phone (during a call) near the iPod the volume of he iPod gets crazy.


2 Speaker Systems Suit iPods Just Fine

If you're looking for a portable (or semi-portable) one-piece speaker system, the iPod Hi-Fi is the best-sounding system of its type. If you want even bigger and better sound with true stereo imaging, the Audioengine 5 is the way to go.

Wanted: Better Document Collaboration System

Comparing Business Card Design Software


The Beginning Of The End

I'm now convinced that Microsoft cannot exist much longer as a single corporate entity — there are too many new trends that they are not catching, and no clear competitor to crush.

Monday, April 3, 2006


Office iPod Has More Workers Humming Along

Apple Set To Face Bloggers, Journalists

Computer Software That Can Turn You Into A Songwriter

And there he had me. A computer had generated it.


The iPod Generation

Apple: Multiplatform? Wrong Word

Apple has put the kibosh on the term "platform" in press releases unless it appears in a quote from an executive.

An Homage To Steve Jobs, And Apple

Apple has lasted 30 years on the strength of easy-to-use, attractive technology. The company has shown staying power — and so do its machines.


StuffIt Deluxe 10

If it were less expensive, StuffIt Deluxe would be a more compelling tool; instead, this utility is a luxury that many Mac users can live without.

iPod Takes Over From The Humble Car Radio

There aren't many products around so popular that car manufacturers are willing to build around them to allow drivers to use them in their vehicles. Such is the dominance of Apple's iPod.

Belkin TuneCommand For iPod


Rumor Today: iMac 30?

What is the iMac 30 that somebody spied? Is it the 30th anniversary iMac, or is it the 30th-inch iMac? Either way, it spells luxury, insanely-great, and must-have. Oh, and probably expensive too.

Only In California

Remember, if you are in the State of California, you have to wash your hands after using a Creative MP3 player. Otherwise, you may get cancer, birth defects, or other "reproductive harm."

If you are in other States, or in another country all together, feel free to not wash your hands. :-)

Sunday, April 2, 2006


Big Podcasts On Campus

Hamline and other Minnesota schools are taking advantage of iPod-like music players to bring everything from classroom lectures to chapel services to wider audiences via the internet.

At 30, Apple Is Mainstream — And A Target

As Apple enters its fourth decade this week, it faces a set of headaches that are relatively new to the company: The ones that come from being a top dog.


Stop Spamming My .Mac Account - Or - Opportunity For The .Mac Team

Mac OS X: Living Long And Prospering

In operating systems, a little revolution every now and then isn't just a good thing, sometimes it may be the only way forward.

April Fool — Steve Jobs Fooled Us All

I guess Steve Jobs is chuckling to himself having fooled everyone today.

Saturday, April 1, 2006


iPods On The Job

Watson and his staff are among a new wave of workers who play MP3 devices on the job.

The Appeal Of Apple

It has flirted with disaster but the firm that changed the way we work is 30 today.

Apple And Microsoft Oddest Of Odd Couples

Apple, Record Labels Divided Over iTunes Pricing

iPod Teaching Coke To Sing?

When the grand old man of consumer brands, Coke, found it had lost a little of its shimmer, it turned to the latest brand sensation — the iPod — for inspiration.

30 (Well, 24) Years Of Apple Coverage

When PC Magazine ran our first cover story on Apple, IBM was the upstart, Apple IIs dominated the personal-computing landscape, and we focused exclusivel on the IBM PC platform.

Apple Tunes In To World Domination

Apple's iTunes music store seems to be rapidly becoming one of the most powerful retailers in the history of the world.

Michael Mattioli: "Building Green" On PBS

The cost-effective Mac-based editing solution made it feasible for Contreras and Mattioli to conceive, create — and fund — the show themselves.

iTunes Almost Saves The Music Industry

30 Years Of Apple: Assessing Apple's Impact

Everyone from former employees to industry watchers agrees that Apple has had a profound impact on technology, innovating and influencing not only how we use computers but the what we use them for.


With iPod, It's Easy To Run Into Isolation

Looking To A Fruitful Future For Apple

So come on Steve, Apple's 30 and the time is now ripe to take the enterprise seriously. If you do, you might just find yourself pushing at an open door.

iHate iTunes

When I downloaded iTunes onto my computer, I sold my soul to Apple.


Business Accounting Software: MYOB Provides Full-Featured Accounting For Large And Small Businesses, But QuickBooks Lags

Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa

Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa is a strategy game that places an emphasis on understanding nature, not destroying things. It's a nice change of pace!

Test Drivers

Will older peripherals continue to work on an Intel-based Macintosh like my applications using the Rosetta emulation technology do, or will their drivers require an update?


The Greatest And The Earliest

Just as Apple is building some of the world's most advanced personal computers, someone else in Apple is re-building one of the world's earliest computers, using Lego. Introducing, the Difference Engine.

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