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Thursday, April 6, 2006


Apple v. Apple: Closing Arguments Focus On Timing

Analysts Predict Weak Apple Quarter

Apple Takes Its Bankroll To Reno

Loaded with growing cash reserves, the computer maker has created an asset-management firm in a state with fewer taxes and looser ties with the IRS.

How To Wow 'Em Like Steve Jobs

The Apple CEO is well known for his electrifying presentations. Here are five tips to make your next talk just as mesmerizing — or close.

Apple Helps Push Nasdaq And S&P To 5-Year Highs

Apple's share rose nearly 10 percent, their biggest one-day percentage gain since November 2004.

Apple, Beatles Lawsuit Concludes In London

Judge to decide on use of name in a few weeks.

iPod Slump To Impact Chip Makers

The market has already sen the fallout from the MP3 slowdown, especially NAND-based flashmemory makers.

Windows iMac Runs Photoshop Faster Than On OS X

Apple Allows Windows On Its Machines

Mac Fans Sign Up For Boot Camp

Perhaps hell has frozen over. That could explain the Macintosh community's surprisingly upbeat reaction to Apple's announcement of software enabling the running of Windows on Macs.

Will PC Users See Apple In A New Light?

Apple's decision to make Windows on a Mac an offiically sanctioned reality gives PC users more choice, but not all consumers might be ready to handle that freedom, according to analysts.

Developers React To Apple's Boot Camp

We asked a few Mac games developers what they thought about Apple released software that makes it so easy to install Windows on an Intel Mac.

Need Your Eye Out? Get An iPatch

These handy little things are meant for the built-in iSights on all new iMacs.


The First Boot Drops

If I were Sony, or Toshiba, or HP, I'd be freaking out right now.

Even With Dual Boot, We Still Need VirtualPC

For those who are doing significant work, who need to quickly go back and forth between a Windows and Mac environment, Virtual PC remains a necessary program.

At Long Last, And What A Great Name

Imagine if we named this thing! It would be called: "Microsoft Windows XP Professional Boot Selector Beta for Windows and Macintosh Systems."

Confessions Of A Conflicted Mac User

Microsoft Vista has been panned everywhere I've read about it, and the siren's call of Apple is driving my Argo towards the rocks again.

Will Boot Camp Turn XP Into The Enemy Within?

Big mistake.

Boot Camp: Apple's Enterprise Trojan Horse?

Boot Camp could give enterprise customers a reason to give Apple a try in the enterprise. There's an ROI case to be made.

Bootcamp: End Of Apple?

Bootcamp marks the beginning of the end for Apple as the renegade for the design set and the beginning of Aple as a dominant player in the global destkop PC game. It will become absorbed.

Boot Camp: Macs Should Do Windows Since Its All About Apple Hardware Anyway

Apple really had no other choice.

The Real Reason Behind Apple's Boot Camp

The AutoCAD kids can simply boot the computer to Windows to turn their software and two hours later, the Graphic Design students can boot the computers to Mac OS X to run their design applications.


Boot Camp Turns Your Mac Into A Reliable Windows PC

All in all, Boot Camp works really well. Whether you want to run Mac or Windows programs, an Apple computer may be the only computer you'll need.


Boot Camp: The Bigger Deal May Be In OS X 10.5

The best thing is to have Virtual PC-liked environment so that you can run Macintosh and Windows applications together on the same session. But I doubt Apple is willing to go that far. After all — even though the circumstances are not exactly the same — we've seen what happened to IBM's OS/2 opeating system, whose selling points include the ability to run Windows 3.1 applications side-by-side.

And dual-boot is definitely not the next best thing. You'd have to shut down all your applications in order to leave one operating system and boot into another operating system. And you definitely do not want to do that every 30 minutes so that you can check your e-mail on the Exchange server.

But, what if in OS X 10.5, Apple puts in support for hibernation on demand? Basically, you would make your OS X session go sleeping, and save all the information in the RAM onto the hard disk. And after you are done with Windows, you boot back into the Mac OS X with all your applications and all your documents as it was, once the information is loaded back from the hard disk to the RAM. That would be awesome, and will be the next best thing to Virtual PC. (Note that Windows already support hibernation.)

In fact, for people who want speed and performance in their Windows session (think gamers), this will in fact be more desirable than Virtual PC.

Will Apple go that far to support Windows on Macintosh? I'm not sure, but Apple do surprise us now and then.

Microsoft In Apple Camp

This video of Steve Ballmer attending a Macworld is, how do I put it, quite disturbing...


Blue Apple

Looks like the first official Blue Screen of Death on a Macintosh out in the wild.

Well, when Apple says that Boot Camp — and all the Windows drivers — are in beta, they aren't kidding you.

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