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Saturday, April 8, 2006


Remembering The Apple ][ Era With Game Developer David Lubar

VPC Future Uncertain As Microsoft Welcomes Boot Camp

While the Macintosh Business Unit is busy contemplating the future of Virtual PC, Microsoft's Windows team was busy welcoming Apple and its customers to Windows.

Embrace Of Windows Buffs Up Mac's Appeal For IT

Apple's development of software that lets Intel-based Macintosh systems run Windows XP natively met with the approval of several Mac-friendly IT managers, who said thisw eek that the embrace of Microsoft's operating system will make it easier to deploy Apple hardware.


Microsoft's Mac Attack

My bet is that once Apple has Windows Vista running smoothly on its operating system and helping its business sales, the company will try a more profitable avenue: marketing a version of OS X able to run on regular PC's that now use Windows.

More Pigs Over Cupertino

Apple is now a price- and brand-conscious supplier whose goal is to move volume. To me, that sounds an awful lot like Dell in 1998.

Win XP vs Mac OS X: Amateur Benchmarks

Why Apple Had To Boot Camp

Windows To The World


The Return Of The Apple Cube

The biggest cube ever by Steve Jobs is about to be unveiled in New York City.


Microsoft Readies 'Monaco' Competitor To Apple's GarageBand

Just because users soon will be able to run Windows on Intel-based Macs doesn't mean Microsoft is backing away from competition with the Mac operating system. In fact, Microsoft is aiming straight at Apple with a forthcoming music-making program for Windows Vista.

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