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Thursday, April 13, 2006


States Seek Levies On Digital-Media Downloads

Internet shoppers accustomed to tax-free purchases from Apple's ITunes Music Store soon may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Aperture Update Brings Intel Support, Lower Price

The new version of Aperture dramatically improved RAW image rendering, according to Apple.

Apple To Report Strong Quarter - Analyst

iPod Vending Machines Land At Airports, Hotels

The Sims 2 Goes Universal

Music Labels Get Nickel And Dimed

Change counting firm Coinstar will accept coins for iTunes gift cards and Virgin Digital eCertificates.

Apple To Benefit From Changing PC-Buying Habits

Consumer-focused technology firms such as Apple seem set to reap a rich harvest as buying habits change.

BMW Owners Get iPod As Co-Pilot

BMW announced the debut of a new interface for iPod that will enable integration of the music player in the newest generation of beemers.


Do iPods Mean The End Of Tolerance?

Critics say cable on demand and iPods promote selfishness, but they can make us more creative, too.

iLove My Mac

As a Mac fan, I've often imagined Apple ruling the planet. But would the sacrifice be worth it?

MacBook Pro: The First Week

The first thing that became obvious once the machine was up and running is that it's smoking fast.

I Bought A Mac Mini

What immediately jumped out at me as being great about the system? Well, for a start, it's incredibly quiet.

Apple Should Succumb To iPod Porn Temptations

iPod porn, desirable or not, may prove an irresistable temptation to a more profit-hungry Apple.


Marriage Of Windows, Macs Is Bliss

Boot Camp works so well it reminds me why I prefer Tiger to XP in the first place.


Porn In The iTunes Store? When Pigs Fly

Yes, I know hell has frozen over and pigs flew — quite a few times at One Infinite Loop over the last few years. But I don't think Apple will start selling porn at the iTunes store anytime soon.

Heck, there are certain words that you cannot even engrave on your iPod.

Singing In The Valley Of Information

Google finally has a chinese name: Gu Ge. Literally, it translates to "Valley Song".

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