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Friday, April 14, 2006


Options For Mac Storage Widen

Firefox Update Supports Intel Macs

With the improved Mac OS support, Firefox now will be able to take advantage of performance enhancements in the chipsets used by Apple's new Intel-based Macs, which were introduced earlier this year.

Brands Take Buzz To Bank Through Free Integration

With its cultural cachet and stored history of giving away tens of thousands of Apple computers to the Hollywood creative community, Apple has had perhaps the greatest success of any brand in embedding its products into films and TV without paying for the integrations, even amid Hollywood's rush to cash in on branded entertainment deals over the past several years.

Apple's iTunes Must Play Fair In French Music Market: Minister

Apple should have anticipated that the exclusive union of its iPod music players and online iTunes store would be challenged in France, Trade Minister Christine Lagarde said.

Apple Could Double Market Share On Microsoft Defections

Consumers are so distrustful of Microsoft that Apple could double its market share due to defections from the Windows operating system, a report by market analysis firm Forrester Research says.

Girl's Letter To Apple Can Legalese Reply

A South Bay mom told CBS 5 that her young daughter's letter offering suggestions on how to improve the Apple iPod prompted a harsh response from the company. [Video]

Surprise, Surprise; Radio Down/iPod Up


A Week In Boot Camp

As much as diehard Mac gamers may hate to hear this, the game experience on an iMac-equipped Windows XP can largely be summed up in one word: Excellent.


Mac FTP: A Guided Tour

There are several great FTP clients available for Mac OS X, so we thought it was about time we took a look at some of them.

Test-Driving Multi-Pass

I would gladly turn to Multi-Pass if I had a fifth-generation iPod. But the inability to put shows I purchase on a device of my choosing turned out to be the deal-breaker for me.


Snapple Anyone?

It's not just Mac OS X and Windows XP that is running on the new Intel-based Macintosh. We now also have Solaris, the operating system from Sun, too.

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