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Tuesday, May 2, 2006


iPod Nanos Reach 8GB - Analyst

The iPod Revolution Offers A Soundtrack To Your Life

The bubble hasn't burst. In fact, it's getting bigger and more diverse.

Apple Launches New Mac-PC Ad Campaign

iPods Edge Out Home Stereo Systems

Users aren't just rely ing on digital music players to store their music. In some instances, they're using them as their main listening device in the home. Sales of high-end audio equipment have taken a dive as a result.

iPod Leads Growing MP3 Player Market

SANS: Apple OS Security Slipping

Cybercriminals have developed many new expolits to compromise Apple's OS X operating system, including a zero-day attack, the SANS Institute said in a new report released today.

SANS: Apple OS Security Slipping

Apple Sets Tune For Pricing Of Song Downloads

Apple on Monday revealed it had renewed contracts with the four largest record companies to sell songs through its iTunes digital store at 99 cents each. The agreement came after months of bargaining, and were a defeat for music companies that had been pushing for a variable pricing model.


New Apple Ads - Marketing Well Done

I suspect this new clever (but not arrogant) marketing campaign is going to do well for them going forward.

The Genius Of Apple's Stores

There is no pressure to spend, and the staffers are always happy to help, even with the most basic issues. It's amazing how important this is for gaining and retaining customers.


Mac's New Mini A Power To Behold

Apple's Mac mini is not only a great little machine, it could well be the next big thing, and not just for Mac fanatics.


Hi, Mac. Hi PC.

Apple has some brand new, and funny, advertisements up on their web site. They are great. I'm just watching them on my Acer PC during the lunch break. Too bad the QuickTime plug-in crashed my Internet Explorer.

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