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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Apple Starts 'Take-Back' Computer Recycling Program

Apple on Wednesday announced the launch of its free computer "Take-Back" program, which it offers to buyers of new Macs at stores in the 48 contiguous United States. Under the terms of the program, Apple will recycle unwanted computers regardless of manufacturer.

New York Apple Store Lovers Tell Proposal Story

A Night In The Box

We spent twelve hours in the new Apple store, shopping, surfing the web, fiddling with shiny new gadgets, craving sleep, trying to find what kind of people shop for Airport Express Stations at 3.00 a.m., and generally overstaying our welcome.

iPods At Work Not Just For Play

Apple Punishes Samsung For iPod 'Gaffe'

After an apparent "gaffe" by an executive from Samsung, Apple has reportedly "punished" the South Korean semiconductor giant by maintaining its MP3 chip alliance with SigmaTel, according to an analyst.

Microsoft Release Wireless Keyboard And Mouse For Mac


Combatting The Competition

It's easy to make fun of SanDisk and Creative for their weak efforts to overtake the iPod, but what would you do if you were in their shoes?


Making (More) Use Of The Menu Bar

Teddy Factory

Popcorn 2.0: DVD Backup Software Gains New Life As Handheld Video Conversion Tool

You can produce higher-quality video with other video editing software, but for ease of use, Popcorn 2 is hard to beat.



You know all those scratches on iPods and iPod nanos? Unique signatures for pairing lost or stolen iPods with their rightful owners.

Somebody start a business, quick.


Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Making The iPod More Sensitive

Apple and Nike's new iPod-sneaker combination for monitoring exercise could be just the first of several activity-aware applications for the iPod — and maybe even a new gesture interface that uses movement to select songs or adjust the volume.

Audio-Only Book Puts Fiction On Menu For iPod Users


Six Months Later - How Are Those iPod Nano Scratches?

Book Preview: I, Woz

"Every engineer — and certainly every engineering student — should read this book. It is about the thrill of invention, the process of making the world a better place, and the purity of entrepreneurship."

My Night Of iPod Rage

If my iPod has another major hiccup, I'm pretty much on my own even though the warranty is supposed to run for 12 months.

Apple And The Education Market: What Up Yo?

Stuck At Apple


Why The Apple In-Ear Buds Suck (And The Griffin Ear Jams Too)

DEVONagent 2.0 Upgrade A Mixed Bag

The increased price, clumsy interface, and unhelpful manual are potentially serious obstacles.

Monday, May 29, 2006


Apple's iTunes Solo Act Is Getting Competition

Apple can't be expected to think of every bright new idea in digital music, and won't change its ways unless there's a real threat that customers will go elsewhere.

Port Everything! More On Apeiron

Getting better is certainly something all platforms should strive towards. But to me, the most amazing feat is that an 11-year-old game like Apeiron, thanks to the efforts of people like Matt Slot, is still exactly as great as it ever was.


Apple Store: Family Unfriendly?

The Apple Computer "Apple Store" webpage says 'Apple is committed to providing assistance to its customers with special needs,' but don't believe a word of it — at least, not if you're short.


Mac Still King For Editing Digital Movies

If home moviemaking is important to you, it may be worth it to include a new Mac mini (at the least) in your budget when shopping for your camcorder outfit.


Sucky Monday

This is a story about why DRM sucks — which we all know. But, more importantly, this is also a story about why Microsoft's horizontal integration of the music business sucks even more with DRM thrown in.

Five O'Clock World

'Cause it's a five o'clock world when the whistle blows
No one owns a piece of my time, and
There's a long-haired girl who waits, I know
To ease my troubled mind.

— The Vogues, "Five O'Clock World"

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Pull The Other One... How iPods Took Over The World

This tiny object does a lot more than play music: as part of a larger system wikth iTunes and the iTunes music store, it defines a new erlationship between customer and producer and reshapes an industry. One day all products and services will be like this.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


District Teachers To Get iPods In Bid To Increase Efficiency

"Our goal is to find new ways to provide staff development for teachers so we don't have to pull teachers out of classrooms for training. Every teacher will be able to give updates to parents, students and their colleagues through podcasts."

Apple (Finally) Getting Its Game On?

Speculation has swirled that Apple is readying an iPod which could play things other than Brick and Parachute.

Apple iWeb Update Fixes Publishing Issue

Apple Loses Bid To Unmask Bloggers' Sources

A California appeals court has smacked down Apple's legal assault on bloggers and their sources, finding that the company's efforts to subpoena e-mail received by the publishers of Apple Insider and runs contrary to federal law, Calfornia's reporter's shield law, and the state Constitution.

Apple Lets You Redownload iTMS Content... Once

Apple Patent Reveals Sporting Times Ahead


On The Apple Decision

It's unwise and hypocritical of Apple Computer, to profit from the expansion of the online community and at the same time trying to control it to suit its corporate purposes.

Confidence Game

Apple Loses A Round On Secrecy versus Journalism

Apple's control-freakery has been, temporarily, held up for what it is.

Who's A Journalist? Now We Know, Thanks To Apple

Thanks to Apple Computer, there's finally a clear legal answer. And it's the right anser. If you can post information on a web site, you're entitled to the same legal protections the law extends to the mainstream media.


MacJournal 4: Logging And Blogging Tool Gets New Podcasting Features

But with spotty implementation of these new features — and some major bugs in the 4.0 version — you might want to hold out for version 4.1.

Kickin' Soccer

With some tweaking to play balance and gamepad support, this diamond in the rough can sparkle.

MacBook 1.83GHz And 2GHz: Impressive Laptop Narrows The Gap Between Consumer And Pro Models

The MacBook is very impressive, not only compared to the iBooks and PowerBook it replaces, but also compared to its new Pro brethren.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Loading The iPod With Egalitarianism

Digital Music Players Headlining More Wedding Receptions

Follow-Up To Apple Store Proposal (She Said Yes!)

Uschi couldn't be happier to announce that she said yes to the proposal.

DivX 6.5 Features First Official Player For Mac

The new version of the video conversion and playback software features the first "official" release of DivX for Mac player, which lets Mac users watch DivX-encoded video either in a web browser or from the desktop.

Oral Folk Tales Of Mac History


Apple+Nike. Apple+Dilution.

I'm inclined to think a swoosh and an Apple were not meant to marry.

iTunes' Next Big Step

Apple Laptops: Good, Cheap, Fast — Pick Three

The current crop of x86 Apple laptops are cheaper than nearly every other x86 laptop of equivalent spec. That's amazing.

Macs And PCs Warily Eye Each Other Over The 'Net

As things turn out, it's much more difficult to setup a Mac-to-PC video chat, and for it to match the quality of a pure Mac/iSight chat.

Biting The Apple At Last

Easy Mac PVR Options

MacBook Mysteries

Selling PowerSchool A Mistake

MacBook's Vent Blocked

I found that the vent under the screen is covered with a piece of laminate. I removed it and surprise, my fans went quiet.

Is There Room For A Really Cheap Mac?

The existence of a $100 laptop does give rise to the thought.

Behind The Video: Star Wars MacBook

Lest We Forget

Much as I love to trot out my list of Mac OS X Finder gripes, I was thinking today about how quickly I mentally buried my least favorite things about hte Classic Mac OS.


Wireless Goodness

No, I don't want Wi-Fi in my iPod. I probably don't even want Bluetooth in my iPod.

What I really want, dear Apple, is wireless electricity that is safe so that I can charge the battery without wires. Go work on it, Steve Jobs.

Thank you.


Rumor Today: Nano Plays Video

T3: Rumour has it Aple's micro music player is going back to the drawing board, as the iPod giant prepares to squeeze video into the pocket-sized marvel.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Apple Wins Two Awards For iPod Design

Apple Sells PowerSchool To Pearson

Apple will sell PowerSchool, its Student Information System software to Pearson Education — a major publisher of educational print and digital content.

Apple's Glass Structure Embodies Growth

Call it the symbolic revenge of the Cube. Apple's latest cube-shaped creation — a stunning three-story glass structure marking the entrance to its new store on New York City's Fifth Avenue — reflects how far the Macintosh maker has come since its first embodiment of a hexahedron.

Apple Checks On Microsoft At WinHEC

WinHEC is meant for companies that develop hardware to work with or run Microsoft's Windows operating system.

Apple And Nike, Running Mates

Apple had approached Nike about being its MP3 supplier, but Nike execs came up with a bigger idea.

Is Windows On A Mac Really Drawing In New Users?

Second "Mac Pro" Filing By Apple Surfaces

Offering yet another hint that it's done using the "Power" moniker in the names of its professional computer offerings, Apple this week made a second trademark filing on the phrase "Mac Pro," this time in the United States.


Playlist Politics

What's on your iPod, Senator?

Think Different

There is one big reason why I'll choose our Wintel solution over the Mac OS, and that's Outlook.

Everyone Needs A Steve

What every company needs is a design tyrant like Steve Jobs. I'm surprised that tech companies haven't figured this out at some point over the last 20 years or so...


QuarkXPress 7: Slow Performer's New Features And Improvements Cater To A Limited Audience

The new territories Quark is staking out — especially composition zones and job jackets — will hardly excite the broad design community, and they're difficult to learn.


The Original Icon

Where's Macintosh? There's Mac mini, iMac, Power Mac (soon to be replaced with Mac Pro?), Mac Book, and Mac Book Pro. But where is the Macintosh?

One Life To Live

Increasingly, my problem is not about finding stuff. Be it something to read, something to listen, or something to watch.

Increasingly, the problem is what to throw out, because I simply don't have the time to read, to listen, and to watch everything I've collected.

Sign of technological progress, or sign of me getting old?

Listen Up, You Can Only Sell Sounds

Yesterday, I wondered out loud why isn't doing anything with its asset: the availability of its very own DRM system on millions and millions of iPods.

An " Podcast Creator" e-mailed me to confirm that there is indeed a contract between and Apple that prevented from taking advantage of this asset beyond selling audiobooks and radio shows from its own store.

So, if you are a "content-provider", and you want DRM protection, you willl have to deal with either Apple or If you are a middle-men, and you want DRM protection, you are out-of-luck.

But hey, we all "know" that the internet is going to kill off all those middlemen...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Creative Suite 2 Install Crashes Traced To QuickTime Update

iTunes To Indian Tunes

Indians can look forward to their own version of iTunes, Apple's online music store, soon.

Inquirer Cited In iPod Case

Shanghaied by lawyers claim.

Apple Still In 'Early Stages' Of iPod Expansion

"We believe Apple is still in the early stages of its product expansion and that the company can grow its iPod units at least 20% for the forseeable future," wrote Credit Suisse analyst Robert Semple.

Laptop Batteries Can Catch Fire

The battery in the computer is not on Apple's recall list — at least, not yet.

Making Money Selling Music Without DRM: The Rise Of eMusic

Attempts at bypassing or emulating Apple's FairPlay have not been successful, and FairPlay is (famously) unavailable for licensing. So what's a music store to do? To eMusic, the answer was simple: you offer songs as high quality, variable bit rate MP3 files instead. DRM is removed, consumers are happy, and the vast white fields of the iPod are ready for harvest.

Apple Releases Xcode 2.3 To Developers

Grab Your iPod And Run

Apple and Nike today jointly announced the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, a two-piece wireless gadget that pairs Nike sneakers and an iPod nano to help runners track their performance.

Apple Staff Shower Room Gets A Warning Sign

The 2Tone MacBook Keyboard

Mashing two MacBook keyboards together.

Quark: Intel-Native Xpress To Be 'Fast As Hell'


How To Backup Your Mac Intelligently

Above All Else, Rivals Of Apple Mostly Need Some Design Mojo

Apple has worked hard in recent years to adopt some of the business-process efficiencies that the Wintel companies have long taken for granted. Its rivals, then, ought to be able to make themselves a little more creative.

How Can A Mac Fanboy Write Microsoft Books?

I can't find enough work doing Mac stuff to support my family, so Microsoft is the way to go.

Are Macs An Acquired Taste?

Perhaps it is analogous to Dr. Glaser's studies on artificial sweetener, it takes a different breed to appreciate the taste of the Mac.

MacBook Pro: The Thermal Paste Question

With all of that work, my MacBook Pro was transformed from a slightly too hot yet amazing workhorse of a machien to, unfortunately, an amazing workhorse of a machine that runs a bit too hot.


American History Lux

NetBarrier X4 10.4.1: Firewall Has Features, Flash, And Safety, Too

NetBarrier X 10.4.1 is a versatile, highly configurable firewall application that allows for superior protection of your Mac.


Rumor Today: Another Power Product Gone From Apple

Think Secret: Apple will sell PowerSchool, its division that develops student information systems for K-12 school districts, to Pearson Assessments, sources have confirmed.

Genius 24/7

Anybody running a betting pool on when will a blog entry "I tried booking for a genius appointment at the NY Cube, and the only time available is between 3 to 4 am" will appear?

Doors Remain Murky

As far as I can tell, Audible is sitting on a goldmine. The company has one of the rarest asset in the technology world right now: an actual DRM that will work on the millions and millions of iPods out there.

So why isn't Audible beating on the doors of other music stores? And why isn't all the other music stores knocking on the door of Audible?

Could it be Audible signed one of those secret contracts with Apple?

There's Marketing, And Then There's Marketing

Dave Winer: [Apple says] in their TV ads that Macs work better with Japanese cameras. This is not ture... I wonder why Microsoft doesn't respond to Apple's ads. Apple is just regurgitating the (mistaken) conventional wisdom.

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Sometimes, you just can't win.


Ballmer: Vista Consumer Launch Could Slip Further

The launch of the consumer version of Windows Vista could be pushed back past the stated January launch date, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer said Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


EMI Backs Apple On French Law

Quark Ships QuarkXPress 7

QuarkXPress 7 is a PowerPC application, and an Intel-native version would be released this summer as a free update.

The Great Woz Tells All

With his memoir due out soon, Apple inventor Steve Wozniak explains how luck and passion led to creating the breakthrough personal computer.

iTunes To iTeach - Hallowed Halls Of Education To Grow Hollow

From iTunes to iTeach, podcasting provides educators a unique opportunity to compete in a global economy rather than just their local community.

Unlocking The iPod

By the end of June, Navio plans to include software that lets its customers offer copy-protected videos that will play on iPods.

Intel Macs Vulnerable To 'Chip-Level' Threats

Apple Could See iPod Downside

Apple Makes European Retail Manoeuvre


"I Use The Shuffle Feature Because I Like To Shake Things Up*"

The look-what's-on-my-iPod story is fast becoming the modern version of traditional stunts like appearning on Laugh-In, the Tonight Show, or Saturday Night Live to show folks that you're just a regular Joe or Jane. And reporters are, for the most part, eating it up without the slightest trace of skepticism.

Bathroom Reading And Beyond

They did it the Macintosh Way and taught me a valuable lesson about doing what you feel is right, no matter what the consequences may be.

The So-Called Apple Music Monopoly

The net is full of (legally) free MP3 files, MP3 files for a fee (such as audio books from, and of course there are millions of CDs to buy that can be converted and put on your iPod.

MacBook Has Record Wireless Range

The iPod: I Was Wrong

I went from dismissing it as hype to never leaving home without it. I was wrong.

How About The Black Cables, Steve?

I'm gonna scream, yell, and throw a little hissy Mac user tantrum.

End Of An Era: No More Apple PowerBooks

Is Apple Still About "Insanely Great"?

Even though we Mac users want Apple to put out something "bog", I am inclined to think it is not in the plans.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Apple Strikes Back At Creative On Seven Patents

Apple has added several patents to its original court filings in its countersuit against Creative Labs.

Apple Losing Its Polish In France

Apple Denies The Closing Of Darwin x86 Kernel



The MacBook feels solid, more like a Powerbook than an iBook ever did. Quality exudes from this product from the time you pick it up and on through it's use.

How To Move Your iTunes Library From A PC To A Mac

Moving the audio files is really easy, but I didn't want to lose my ratings, play counts and playlists.

My iPod Is Loaded With Many Goodies, Which I Don't Know How To Use

I'm too old to be good at this stuff. Where's a 10-year-old when you need one?

Microsoft's Lack Of Action WIll Slow Podcasting Growth

We are approaching 1 year of podcast integration into iTunes and yet to this date Microsoft is so completely and utterly out of the game that their actions will ensure the iPod and Apple line gain market share within this community.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


In Paris, 'iPod Law' Unleashes Lobbyists

Among those registering to give their views to the Senate were top executives from Microsoft, Vivendi and Time Warner, as well as a delegation from Apple's headquarters in California led by Bud Tribble, the vice president for software technology.

Support Everything! The Legacy Of Apeiron

Now that Apeiron has added Macintels to its list of compatible machines, it officially runs on every generation of Macintosh.



New Media Player: Nice Features, But It's No iTunes

Apple needs — and customers deserve — vigorous competition. But that's not going to happen if the best Apple's rival can manage is a combination of beta software of dubious reliability and a tie-in to a music TV channel that devotes most of its airtime to things besides music.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Is The Time Still Ripe To Pick Apple?

Fans Storm Apple's 5th Ave Store

"Steve, you're hot!"

iPod Vending Latest Move For Federated

Come fall, iPod will be the apple of Macy's eye. The chain's parent, Federated Department Stores Inc. is installing large vending machines that will dispense the Apple-made music players at 180 stores.

Sonic Arts Research Centre: Valhalla For The Human Ear

"Because of its intuitive appeal to the creative mind, the great majority of sophisticated music and acoustic design applications were developed around the Mac."

Tom Salta: Battle Score

"When I find out you can't do something in a different program, I scratch my head and say, 'Really? You can't?' I guess that's why so many people are switching to Logic."


iPod's End Suggests "End-To-End" Model's Limits

There's only one supplier; your choices are limited.

Apple Laptops Aren't For The Lap Top

"Do not leave the bottom of your MacBook Pro in contact with your lap or any surface of your body for extended periods."

Steering Away From The MacBook

Already some games are being released that implicitly exclude the Mac mini, and by extension, the MacBook, from their supported system requirements.


New MacBook More Than A Better iBook

Those expecting an underpowered replacement for Apple's iBook lineup should have a pleasant surprise.

17-Inch MacBook Pro

The 17-inch MacBook Pro is a fabulous machine for people who can afford it — and who conclude that its high performance, huge screen, and impressive versatility justify its size and weight.


Will You Marry Me?

Somebody discovers Apple's camera. Somebody discovers camera is taking time-lapsed movie. Somebody proposes to his girlfriend via Apple's time-lapsed movie.

Somebody discover somebody proposing via Apple's time-lapsed movie and post details on digg.

Did Creative Blew It, Even Before The War Started?

No, I'm not talking about Creative's stupid patent lawsuit. (How can Creative even be surprised that Apple has a few defensive patents of its own?)

No, but there is this little snippet in today's Straits Times, which is not available online:

"About five years ago, Apple reportedly approached Creative to license tghe latter's technology for MP3 players and also suggested the companies join forces to spin off Creative's MP3 player assets, but both its offers were rebuffed."

"A few months later, Apple unveiled its line of iPod players, and has since claimed a dominating 70 per cent of the US market, squelching Creative's ambitions."

Friday, May 19, 2006


Apple, A Success At Stores, Bets Big On Fifth Avenue

Necessity and inspiration led Apple to toss out the conventional textbook on computer stores and to ignore the rules of location, design, staffing and services provided.

MacBok To Bolster Apple's June Quarter

Apple's newly launched MacBook Pro line is expected to boost its June quarter sales, according to one analyst who calls the product an "iPod companion."

Apple's Retail Strategy Reinforces Brand

At Museums: Invasion Of The Podcasts

Museum podcasts — both do-it-yourself versions and those created by the museums themselves — have taken off, changing the lok and feel of audio tours.

Fans Start Queuing Outside Manhattan Store

Apple Sues iPod Rival Over Patents

Apple is suing Creative, raising the stakes in the legal dispute over competing devices. Apple claims Creative Labs, the U.S. division of Creative Technology, infinges four patents in its hand-held digital players. The suit was filed in a Wisconsin District Court on May 15, the same day Creative filed a lawsuit and a trade complaint against Apple.

Inside Apple's New Fifth Ave. Store

"In the city that never sleeps, neither does this store. We don't want a visitor [to New York City] to miss a chance to come to the Apple Store, [and] this store will be open from today forever."

Microsoft Announces Vista Minimum Requirements

The hardware specifications outlined by Microsoft are consistent with Apple's Intel-based Macs. A Mac with upgraded RAM also falls in line with Microsoft's specifications for a windows Vista Premium Ready PC.


For Apple, Good Things In Store

A New York flagship store proves that the iPod maker's retail operation has been a success — and may boost sales all by itself.

MacBook In-Store Impressions

The MacBook is fast! Everything was just silky smooth.

One Feature To Expect In Leopard

Resolution independence.

One Of Those Days

After not using a Mac for 15 years, this is like moving from a democracy to Singapore — things are cleaner and neater but there's a lot you can't do.

What Price MacBook Beauty?

Yes, I paid the $150 "there's a sucker born every minute" matte-black plastic tax. Why? Really, it was emotion.

Five Architectural Flaws In Windows Solved In Mac OS X

My New Mac

I brought it [back] to the Apple store and they were able to install the memory. The tech said, "You really hae to force it there." Happy again.


Apple MacBook

I find it very hard to come up with a list of negatives about the MacBook.

Apple iPod Hi-Fi

The sound quality alone could not sell me on the iPod Hi-Fi.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Where Do iPods Cost Most — Or Least?

Several factors affect pricing of various consumer goods around the world. But don't rush overseas to shop before you've checked prices.

Ofcom Rethinks Ban On iPod Gadget

Ofcom has said it is working with other regulators to draft an EU-wide standard on the use of a gadget which plays the output of Apple's iPods on FM radios.

Apple Releases Final Cut Express HD 3.5

New features include Dynamic RT for real-time playback of mutl-stream effects, Soundtrack 1.5 with a complete suite of professional level audio production tools, and LiveType 2.1 with additional animated text and titles in the box.

Publishers File Suit Against Digital Services

A small group of independent music publishers filed a class action lawsuit May 16 against major online music services for failing to secure licenses to sell downloads.

Jobs Wins Wired's 'Steve Jobs' Trophy

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has won yet another Wired Rave Award, though he didn't turn up at the awards event to pick it up.

Analyst Predicts iPod Upgrades By Xmas

Bear Sterns analyst Andrew Neff expects iPod upgrades, an iPod phone and even more support for multiple operating systems to come from Apple this year.

Aperture Customers Seek Upgrade Path

With increased system requirements and no way to upgrade to a better graphics card, many users want Apple to either sell an individual card to upgrade their systems or take back their current machines so that they can purchase newer hardware to run Aperture as they originally intended.

Fifth Avenue Store To Boast Retail Innovations


Microsoft's URGE Digital Music Service No Threat To Apple

URGE is Microsoft trying to convince consumers that the tyranny of too much choice in music is no big deal, and that they should throw away their iPods because they need more choice.

The RIAA's Radio Lawsuit - What It Means For Your iPod

The distinction between stream and file no longer makes sense, and a blanket licensing regime — of the kind that allowed radio to flourish in the first place — is the only sensible option. However, thanks to the selfish collusion of the RIAA and the market leader Apple, we're likely to see several years of crippled technology instead.

Back In Black

Black just seems to be the right color for a computer you're going to be traveling with.

Apple Going The Way Of "Ugly PC" With MacBook In Black?

Maybe black wasn't the greatest idea.

Is White Or Black The Cooler Colour For My New Gadget?

"White looks like the sort of thing Chantelle would have." Ouch.

Apple Moniker Madness

A Paean To The MacBook Keyboard...

For years, one of the things that bugged me about both my old PowerBook G3 and my current iBook is that the keys from the keyboard can touch the screen when the computer is closed. I'm thrilled to finally see a laptop from Apple that addresses this problem in a simple, elegant fashion.

Mac Mini's Ceaseless Fan


Audio Systems Aim To End iPod Isolation

Several recently released audio systems, including one from Aple, are now lifting the cloud of iPod isolation, making it easy to fill a room with sound that was once mostly limited to earbuds or headphones.

Inspiration 8: Brainstorming Tool Shines Inside And Outside The Classroom


Presenting, The Cube

ifoAppleStore has pictures of the glass cube at the Fifth Avenue (NYC) Apple Store being unveiled. "The removal procss revealed a surprise — a large white Apple logo suspended in the upper-middle of the cube."

The New New Question

Yes, hell has frozen over, and pigs are flying all over Cupertino. But the question need to be asked, and Dori Smith is doing all of us a favor by asking: Will [the new MacBooks] able to run Vista with the Glass effects?

Lesson From The Apprentice

Always upgrade to the latest hardware and softare, and you will win.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006


ElGato Updates EyeTV, Turns On TerraTec TV

Apple Updates Intel Mac Firmware

Creative Technology Takes On Apple

The lawsuit smacks of desperation — but it may be about the only thing that could save Creative's MP3 player business now.

Apple Suit Seen Hurting Creative In Long Run

"The lawsuit will be a long process, and even if they win, any damages awarded will be a one-off gin. This does not change Creative's business fundamentals and the fact that there is nothing much to look forward to on the operations front."

How Apple's Store Strategy Beat The Odds

Apple's stores are an unlikely success story in an area littered with failures — and another vindication of Mr. Jobs's marketing savvy.

New MacBook Could Help Apple In Education

MacBook Power Supply Is Normal-Sized, Praise Jobs

Apple Stock Off 4 Pct On Patent, Business Concerns

Apple's shares fell more than 4 percent on Tuesday on concerns that Apple's business may be slowing, a day after the maker of iPod music players was hit with a patent lawsuit.

Apple's Portable Chief Speaks On MacBook

"These are really compelling, well-featured, exciting products."


Apple Closes Down OS X

Client kernel has gone proprietary, but it's not too late to set things right.

How To Sleep Your Machine From Apple Remote

Hands On With Apple's New MacBook... With Windows!

The black MacBook isn't the most feature-rich model in Apple's new Intel-based laptop line, but it's probably the coolest... which makes it one of the coolest laptops on the market, period.

And We All Shine On

To sum up. Glossy screens: bad. People: idiots. Steve Jobs: insane.

Apple MacBook: First Impressions

Pieces of a plastic coating on the MacBook's lid began to flake off...

The Black Tax

That's right. $150 for a different color.

Creative Vs Apple — Why Sue Now?

If only Creative would put its efforts into pushing forward with its own product designs, rather than litigating its way to a slice of Apple's pie. We're weary of these depressing and unpleasant law suits. The Creative vs Apple patent case reads depressingly like Steven Segal claiming he invented acting.

Apple's New MacBook

Although the MacBook is Apple's lowest-priced laptop, it's about as far from a "low-end" model as you could get.

Can't Succeed In The Marketplace? Sue Someone Who Does!

Here's an unsolicited suggestion for Creative: Throw out 80 percent of your MP3 product line and simplify it. And you might want to do something about that marketing team...

What Price Macintosh?

Are You MacBook, Or Are You Pro?

On the face of it, graphics is the answer. In the meantime, the MacBook looks like a very attractive consumer-level notebook.

Hands On With The MacBook: First Impressions

Let is be said: this is not your father's iBook. The differences are, in many cases, subtle, but they're there, and some of them are surprising.

MacBook Drops, keyboard Irks

I want to love the MacBook and it suits my purposes perfectly, but the keyboard just isn't working for me.

Price Points

I can't help but feel like something's missing. Like a low-end laptop priced at less than $1,000.


Photoshop Elements 4 For The Mac: Worth The Wait?


Solavant may not have the flashiest graphics around, but when you get past that, you will find a solitaire game for the true solitaire purist.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


MacBook pros Get Speed Boost

In addition to releasing the MacBook on Tuesday, Apple also increased the speed of its professional-level MacBook Pro and added an option for the new widescreen glossy display.

Slate To 'Textcast' For iPods

It will be a text file, but in an interesting workaround, it's attached to a silent 15-minute audio file.

Audiophiles Become Ipodiophiles

Old-time audiophiles must be spinning in their soundproof graves. Thanks to hardware modifications and headphone amplifiers, the humble iPod is earning a place at the heart of the most expensive and exacting sound systems.

Symantec CEO Advocates Fair Play And Macs

"We think more people ougth to buy them," Symantec CEO John Thompson said of Apple's Macintosh computers, in response to a question from the audience at the Future in Review conference on Monday.

iPod Phenomenon

Apple Announces New MacBook

The MacBook features an Intel Core Duo processor and a 13-inch widescreen dispaly. The company claims the new Mac to be "up to five times faster than the iBook and up to four times faster than the 12-inch PowerBook."

Creative Sues Apple Over iPod Interface

Creative Technology said Monday that it has filed two legal actions against Apple, charging the popular iPod infinges on its patented technology.

Apple Updates iLife 06 Apps


Dastardly Dialogs: Overcane Of Antflower Milk #2.5

Frameworks, Kits And Caboodles

Why Do Consumers Accept DRM?

Maybe most consumers understand all too well that in the long run, it just doesn't matter. They are used to paying for the same content over and over again as the format changes.


Benchmarks: 17-Inch MacBook Pro

Model holds slight edge over 15-inch counterpart.

Little Snith 1.2: Security Software Fills The Gaps Left By Mac OS X's Firewall

Little Snith 1.2.2 strikes a good balance between automatically blocking potential problems and letting users decide what connections to allow.


BBC Apologizes

Sorry, we've gotten the wrong Guy.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Apple, Softbank iPod Mobile Plans In Doubt

Softbank has released a statement denying claims that it and Apple are developing mobile phones that can play songs downloaded from Apple's iTunes Music Store.

Andy Hertzfeld Talks Mac At Google

In the video, original Macintosh development team member Andy Hertzfeld discussed his time at Apple and since, and reveals some new tidbits.

Armed With An Apple Computer, Entrepreneur Makes His Mark In Lansing

Selling Sound: Bose Knows

Partly thanks to an alliance with Apple, it's already one of the most trusted brands in the U.S. Where does it go from here?

Fifty-Quid Bloke Gives Way To MP3 Woman

Women using digital downloads to circumvent intimidating record shop assistants are driving a resurgence in music sales, according to research.


'Web Kit' Vs. 'WebKit'

Question for Apple: Is it "Web Kit" or "WebKit"?

How Much Abuse Is An Apple User Willing To Take?

It is impressive that Apple was able to switch to a completely new processor so quickly, but at what cost?

iAy Caramba! MacBook Is Hot

When I smelled bacon wafting from my new computer, I was thrilled — until I realized it was the smell of my thighs igniting.

What My iBook makes Me Think About Web 2.0


20in Apple iMac


Think Different

Rory Hamilton: I love the iPod shuffle for its integration with a mental model created by the earlier iPods. It's that building on success but not being afraid to do something that others might consider a step back that's so great.

Apple vs Apple? They Can't Even Get The Right Guy, Let Alone The Right Logo...

Watch the video of how morons in a hurry catch the wrong guy for an interview...

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Advertising: Less Is Much More


Unraveling The Red Box Myth

According to proponents of the Red Box Myth, Max OS X will supposedly soon run Windows software natively, perhaps as soon as Leopard 10.5. They're wrong; here's why.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Researcher: Apple Patch Falls Short

Independent researcher Tom Ferris said there were still holes in Safari, QuickTime, and iTunes that he reported to Apple but were not patched in the latest release.

Apple, Softbank Plan iPod Mobile Phones — Nikkei

Japanese web and telecom conglomerate SoftBank is working with Apple to develop mobile telephones with built-in iPod music players, Nikkei reported on Friday.

Analyzing Apple's Latest TV Ads

Macworld invited a panel of experts to comment on the TBWA\Chia\Day-produced spots.


Vista Search Seems Fair, Regulators Say

The U.S. government has given its thumbs-up to Microsoft's search box plans for Vista, shrugging off concerns raised recently by Google.

Friday, May 12, 2006


Apple Plans Expansion In The ME

Whimscial Oil-Paintings Of Mac OS UI Elements

Apple Files Trademark For iTunes

Getting To The Core Of Apple GC's Mysterious Departure

The departure of Nancy Heinen, Apple's general counsel, seems to be the latest top secret at a company that really likes its secrets.

Apple Cubed — 5th Avenue To Open In New York

Apple Releases Security Update, QuickTime 7.1, Front Row

In addition to fixing core technologies, the update also includes changes to several of Apple's applications.


Confessions of A Born-Again iPod User

I fully recommend any serious music lover to convert to the ranks of loyal iPod owners, so that the next time you hear somebody exclaim that their music player is "just as good" as an iPod, but only half the price, you too can smile and politely nod, as you will know better.

When Can I Download Beatles Tracks From The iTunes Music Store?

Don't hold your breath.

Note To The Press: AAC Is Not "Apple's Format"

Apple did not invent AAC, nor is it "their format."

Why I Will Probably Buy Another Mac

Macs make us more productive by being consistent, letting us focus on the work, and avoiding all the overhead of dealing with malware.

Jackass Of The Week: Rob Glaser

I'm intrigued by this strategy of accusing millions of prospective customers of being dishonest thieves. I'll bet it'll work out just as well as Real's "let's wait another couple of years" portable player strategy.


Going Above And Beyond

If you can live with some of Apple's arrogance, you should really take a look at the security TCO of WinTel vs. Mac. If you are honest with your answers, you may find that you cang et many of your enterprise endpoints more secure than ever for a lot less than you thought.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Apple Clones Creep Back On The Streets

Some nine years after the Apple clones were officially killed off, pirates in South America have resurrected the trade.

Connecting To God By iPod

iPod shuffle giveaways have been used to lure people to open bank accounts and buy cars and as bait by online hucksters. Well, now even God is getting in on the craze.

Apple Selects OU As Test Site For iTunes Lectures

Apple's vice president of education visited Ohio University's campus yesterday to announce OU's selection as a beta site for iTunes University.


Chaos And Colorspace

I spend a lot of time fine-tuning my images for my blog to get them to achieve to achieve the right balance of color and light. So, imagine my disappointment when I went to try out Firefox and pulled up my blog and found, instead of the beautiful rich colors I was expecting, photos that looked dull and dead.

Macintosh Dizzy

Getting use to older Apple keyboards is taking more time than I thought it would.

In Our Post-PC Era, Apple's Device Model Beats The PC Way

In the post-PC era we're in today, where the focus is on things like music players, game consoles and cellphones, the end-to-end model is the early winner. I think the end-to-end model can prevail this time, both for Apple and other companies. Consumers want choice and low prices. But they also crave the kind of simplicity and integration that the end-to-end model delivers best.

Why I Will Probably Never Buy Another Mac

From being a company that introduced products which freed many of us from the restrictions on usability that the early command line imposed, Apple ahs come to be a company which is in spirit and practice opposed to almost all of the freedoms that have since come to define our industry and our society.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Apple Changes iPod License Fee

Apple has canned its controversial "Made for Apple" iPod accessories licensing program, replacing it with a flat fee program that is easier for Apple to manage.

An Apple A Day: iPods Owners Sound Off On Technical Difficulties

iPods have a death rattle. And if you've ever seen the portable music player's frowny-face icon pop up, you know what it sounds like.

NetNewsWire 2.1 Is Here

Sony Bows To Apple Format

Sony on Tuesday announced a symbolic conession to Apple on digital audio technology. The company will make its latest music management software compatible with the AAC data compression technology used by Apple.

Apple's Chip Transplant Boosts Sales - Analyst

UBS believes that Mac sales could be up nearly ten percent year-on-year by September, thanks to the move to Intel chips.

iTunes Customers Furious Over "Chili Peppers" Promo

France Could Offer Loophole For iTunes

Apple could negotiate new deals with record labels and artists to sidestep French government plans to open its exclusive iTunes music download format to rivals, under a draft Senate amendment to be voted on this week.


Why iTunes Videos Are Not Widescreen

Mac Switch? Mac Bore

Over the last two weeks I've fallen in love with my Mac.

iPod And India

Is Apple Getting Complacent?


Griffin AirClick

With Their Intel Processors, The New Macintosh Models Are Two Computers In One

Here's what you need to know about running Windows XP and Windows programs on a Mac.

Key Isolation Features In Mac OS X

Aside from an awesome user interface and a great underlying architecture, Apple built OS X with security in mind.


Rotten Effort

It's bad enough when Microsoft strong-arms other software vendors into submission as a means of thwarting competition. But when it engages in underhanded tactics to intimidate users in order to land a software deal, we have a very disturbing situation on our hands.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006


Ruling On Apple Name Penetrates To Music's Core

Thirty years after it was founded, Apple has evolved into a music-industry powerhouse that is making some of the industry's bigggest name uncomfortable with its rise to fame.

Apple's Head Lawyer Steps Down

Apple's top lawyer has left the company, in the third high-level departure from the Mac maker in recent months.

Expert: McAfee Mac Security Report Is 'Scaremongering'

"It is a speculative house of cards resting on a foundation of shaky statistics and questionable assumptions."

Bloggers On Apple-Beatles Fight: Let It Be

Steve Jobs Invites Beatles To iTunes

"We have always loved the Beatles, and hopefully we can now work together to get them on the iTunes Music Store," said Steve Jobs.


DVD Madness

newer Macs include Matshita drives that are apparently exceptionally difficult to mod, and for which no modded firmware is available. furthermore these drives forbid access to the raw DVD data if there is a region mismatch, so the VLC and Xine/mplayer approach doesn't work. Foiled!

iTunes Music Store And Me: Parting Ways

Apple "obsolescenced" me, that's what.

Apple Vs Apple: Why Didn't Apple (The Music One) Win? We Explain All...

Personally, I thought the "data transmission" argument held a lot of water.

Steve Jobs Broek Hollywood's Back With iTunes

We are all producers now. Hollywood can either catch up or die.

Ripped And Ready

I like knowing that my pleasant iPod experience means the record monopoly has lost control of the consumer experience.

Loser Pays


Five Reasons Why The iPod Shuffle Is The Ultimate MP3 Player

Here are the top 5 reasons why I believe that the 512 MB Shuffle is still the best mp3 player on the market today.


Meanwhile, Enjoy The Music

The question is: can you do this at home?


Report Casts Doubt On Vista's Security Impact

In a scathing review of the security features built into preview versions of Microsoft's upcoming Windows Vista operating system, one analyst contends that the software giant's highly-touted security features are self-defeating and may cause some customers to put off adoption of the OS altogether.

Monday, May 8, 2006


Apple Computer Wins In Apple V. Apple Case

The association between the logo use and the download service is a "proper one," and that the logo was clealry used in relation to the service, not to the music.

Students Love Laptop Lesson Plan

Would you trust a teenager with a $2,000 laptop computer? How about 80 teenagers? Covina High School gave 80 freshmen and sophomores Apple iBooks to use as their own at home and at school as an experiment in how technology can change — and perhaps improve — education.

Beatles And Apple Computer Await Court Decision

Judgment is due on Monday in a High Court battle between the Beatles' record company Apple Corps and Apple Computer Inc.

Local Students Use iPods For More Than Just Music

A group of master teachers known as the Curriculum Technology Integration Partners formed an iPod professional development group to come up with ways to use iPods in the classroom and then test those ideas.

"I Bought My First Mac Because Of Boot Camp"


NewsGator Is Making Me Cranky

I'm beginning to miss the idea of NNW syncing that happened over Apple's Sync Services and still downloaded feeds straight from the source.

The Coming Apple Revolution

While Microsoft holds a firm hand on the corporate market, Apple is fueling the creative engine of a new generation of people who will produce their own media. And they'll crave the gear to get it done.

Steve Jobs: Master Manipulator


When To Use Core Data?

When should I use Core Data in my application?


Making The Whole Widget

The philosophy of the Macintosh? Apple makes the whole widget, and makes sure that everything simply work together.

However, it seems that even though NewsGator and NetNewsWire is now one single widget, things are not working well at all.

I've a NetNewsWire license, and was looking forward to the sync. service across Mac, Windows, and the web. However, both NewsGator online and FeedDemon (the Windows desktop client) left me disappointed. Both looked, to me, Windows-y: "packed" with features while lacking in the usability department. I didn't understand half of FeedDemon, it seems, while NewsGator online didn't even allow me to sort feeds the way I wanted them to be sorted.

NetNewsWire is still a great product — and it's not even out of beta yet. But the other parts of the widget left me cold.


Will SanDisk Sour Apple's Tune?

The outfit's flash-memory factories and penchant for feature-packed, low-cost players may help its fight against the iPod juggernaut.

Sunday, May 7, 2006


iTunes Offers PDF Subscriptions, eBooks Next?

The addition of PDFs to iTunes is more than just a mildly interesting occurrence.

Saturday, May 6, 2006


Tim Janis: Music With A Mission

"Music resonates in my whole being throughout the day, so I write almost every day. Even when I'm on the road, I might have a second to turn on my keyboard and write down a quick idea. That's the gathering process."

McAfee Bites Into Apple Security

McAfee has launched a Mac security product, saying that Apple's OS X is "just as vulnerable" as other operating systems are to targeted attacks.

Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center: Cutting-Edge Medical Imaging

Standard Apple notebook and desktop computers at UCLA have been transformed into full-fledged Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine PACS workstations.

Apple's Newest iPod Ad Has Been Posted Online

MacBook To Hit Tuesday?


Inconsistent DAV Integration

I understand Apple wanting to sell "advanced" features to power users, but I also think that increased openness / interoperability would make OS X more attractive to many power users.

With Patent And Trademark, Apple Phone Appears Inevitable

Hacking The iPod

Leanding iPods out to patrons is much more involved than just the simple question of how you clean them, or avoid theft.

Crossing Over To The Dark Side

People don't buy a Mac just because they view Apple's ads. The process starts with existing users enjoying the Apple experience, which leads to pesistent word of mouth, which makes people like me being aware and keen to know more, leading me to ads that are snazzy and conversational, and finally a decision is made to own one.

Friday, May 5, 2006


iPods Crash NHS IT System

A hospital's IT system has been offline for two days after NHS staff overwhelmed it by downloading music for their iPods.

How One Tech-Savvy Music Lover Taught The iPod To Speak Hebrew

Mac Enthusiasts Say Protest May Get Apple's Attention

An enthusiasts web site dedicated to all things related to Intel Macs is asking everyone who has experienced problems with heating and noise on the machines to call Apple support on May 20.

Apple Patent Covers Wireless iTunes Distribution

Apple Responds To Rumors Of Aperture's Demise, Releases Update

"The reports of Apple reducing their commitment to Aperture are totally false."


Why Apple Will Never Launch A Media Center Mac

Fast forward a couple of years and iTunes will be an online TV channel that will allow anyone with a fast internet connection to watch the programs they want, when they want, without any ads.

My Take On The OS Debate

Apple has the right approach to software development.

The Downfall Of Apple

This may soon be the headline that's splashed all across newspapers and internet sites across the world when iPod and Mac users finally anty up and demand better customer service.

Why The New Mac Campaign Will Fail

Apple's Announcement Streak

Apple has been announcing something significant on a different sequential weekday since their birthday.

Apple's Good Fight On Malware

Of the many things I worry about happening to the two Macs I use daily, the threat of a virus or Trojan outbreak is not terribly high on the list. At least, not today.

More Aperture Dirt

Here's what I've learned: No one from the original Aperture engineering team was fired or removed from the team. Yes, most members of the original engineering team left the project — but they did so on their own volition. Why? Because of what can only be described as spectacularly bad management.

Hacking The ROKR's 100-Track Limit


Remote From A Mac


The All New Mickey Mouse

There's a new television show in town, and it is featuring the mascot of the Copyright bill... er... Disney company itself: Mickey Mouse. (In my household here in Singapore, we'll get it via Playhouse Disney channel, which we subscribe to.)

Now that our daughter has settled on having Strawberry Shortcake and Thomas the Train on every piece of stuff she owns — toys, water bottles, bedsheet, my wife is dreading the day when we will have to buy all new stuff again for my daugher when her interest shfts to a new cartoon character. :-)

Rumor Today: MacBooks Are Here

A MacRumors' source speculates new iBooks — or perhaps, MacBooks — will be revealed on New Product Tuesday next week.

Me think it's about the right time for the back-to-school crowd.

Thursday, May 4, 2006


Apple Legal Slams Something Awful

Apple's legal team has scarmbled to lay a lawsuit down against the Something Awful website because it tried to help MacBook Pro owners make their Macs run at lower temperature.

Take Control Books Offer Half-Price Sale

PortalPlayer Vows To Regain iPod Biz

Apple Sues Itself In The Foot (again)

Apple Fights To Hold 99-Cent Download Line

The industry is far from united — and Jobs and Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple have leveraged those divisions ot keep prices flat.

A Time To Patch III: Apple

Bud Trible said that while Apple wasn't satisfied with an average three-month turnaround on security fixes, Apple considers its performance on the most-serious security holes to be far better than that.

Does Apple, The Labels Or Customers Win If iTunes Songs Have A Single Price?

Podcasting: The CBC Dips The Rest Of The Foot In The Water

Tas School First To Use iPods In Class

Media and Design students at Hobart's Rosetta High School are this year part of trials of a global "iPodagogy" project that involves iPod use in US, Scotland and Singapoe schools.

Korean Apple Online Store Hacked


Why Apple Did It, And What's In The Future For PortalPlayer?

Laptops: How Not To Store Them In The Classroom

"So does anyone know what surprise I had hidden in this desk yesterday?"

Apple: Bully For You?

The bad news is that Apple's much-loathed proprietary digital rights management scheme will remain firmly in place.

Why Booting Windows On Macs Matters

In the short term, Boot Camp will be most useful for people who want to move to a Mac but need to run a particular Windows app.

Letting "Them" Eat Cake

Why don't they get that the iPod broke the back of the record monopoly, just like the VCR broke the back of hte projectionist's union.

Apple: Get A Mac

Other high-tech vendors should take notes. Communicating products' value is not easy. Apple has taken one of the most recognizable metaphors — interaction between two people — and communicated something very big in a small way. The approach is compelling, to say the least.

The iPod Has Taught My Thumb To Be Doulbe-Jointed

Am I the only person on earth that thinks the iPod scroll wheel should be up on the top part where the thumb most comfortably rests (where the screen is)?

Wednesday, May 3, 2006


Now The MacBook Pro Batteries...

AppleCare has a silent recall going on with the MacBook Pro battery.

iPod Relief For Trapped Miners

Two men trapped in a Tasmanian mine for more than a week are listening to iPods while rescuers prepare to start a new drilling operation in a bid to free them.

99-Cent Downloads Shows Apple's Strength Over Music Studios

For now, Apple is still king of the hill.

France Backs Down On iTunes DRM Stance

Ambrosia's Apeiron X, Darwinia Go Universal


Why Apple Will Shake The PC Market

Get A Mac

Windows and PCs have all sorts of problems, but I don't think that, for most users, frequent restarting and trouble talking to digital cameras are among them.

TBWA And Apple Hit The Nail On The Head

The key difference is that the ad recognizes the two working togething, seeing the Mac as one that's likely to be an additional machine in the home, rather than a replacement for the PC.

Selling The Mac

Relief from viruses is a legitimate benefit of the Mac, but Apple shouldn't make it an explicit selling point. It's like an airline advertising that is has fewer fatal crashes than its competitors. This just isn't done — and for good reasons.

Good Journalism


Quark 4


Gartner: Vista Won't Ship Until Q2 2007

Tuesday, May 2, 2006


iPod Nanos Reach 8GB - Analyst

The iPod Revolution Offers A Soundtrack To Your Life

The bubble hasn't burst. In fact, it's getting bigger and more diverse.

Apple Launches New Mac-PC Ad Campaign

iPods Edge Out Home Stereo Systems

Users aren't just rely ing on digital music players to store their music. In some instances, they're using them as their main listening device in the home. Sales of high-end audio equipment have taken a dive as a result.

iPod Leads Growing MP3 Player Market

SANS: Apple OS Security Slipping

Cybercriminals have developed many new expolits to compromise Apple's OS X operating system, including a zero-day attack, the SANS Institute said in a new report released today.

SANS: Apple OS Security Slipping

Apple Sets Tune For Pricing Of Song Downloads

Apple on Monday revealed it had renewed contracts with the four largest record companies to sell songs through its iTunes digital store at 99 cents each. The agreement came after months of bargaining, and were a defeat for music companies that had been pushing for a variable pricing model.


New Apple Ads - Marketing Well Done

I suspect this new clever (but not arrogant) marketing campaign is going to do well for them going forward.

The Genius Of Apple's Stores

There is no pressure to spend, and the staffers are always happy to help, even with the most basic issues. It's amazing how important this is for gaining and retaining customers.


Mac's New Mini A Power To Behold

Apple's Mac mini is not only a great little machine, it could well be the next big thing, and not just for Mac fanatics.


Hi, Mac. Hi PC.

Apple has some brand new, and funny, advertisements up on their web site. They are great. I'm just watching them on my Acer PC during the lunch break. Too bad the QuickTime plug-in crashed my Internet Explorer.

Monday, May 1, 2006


New Mac Ad Campaign "Does It All"


You Can Never Say Enough Nice Things About A Mac

There's certainly a very nice market of people who will pay for the style and elegance of the Mac. But the majority of people have already shown that they will choose flexibility, even if they don't use it much, especially when it costs less.

Vertical Quality And McNealy: Why Apple, Sun & Google Have It Right

Participating in Verticla Markets does tend to be more expensive up front, but the cost isn't non-existent in the Horizontal model, it's just more hidden.


iPod To Go

For those of us who have never seen the iPod vending machine in action, here's a video. And no, there isn't any dropping-of-iPods-from-several-feet action.

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