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Friday, May 5, 2006


iPods Crash NHS IT System

A hospital's IT system has been offline for two days after NHS staff overwhelmed it by downloading music for their iPods.

How One Tech-Savvy Music Lover Taught The iPod To Speak Hebrew

Mac Enthusiasts Say Protest May Get Apple's Attention

An enthusiasts web site dedicated to all things related to Intel Macs is asking everyone who has experienced problems with heating and noise on the machines to call Apple support on May 20.

Apple Patent Covers Wireless iTunes Distribution

Apple Responds To Rumors Of Aperture's Demise, Releases Update

"The reports of Apple reducing their commitment to Aperture are totally false."


Why Apple Will Never Launch A Media Center Mac

Fast forward a couple of years and iTunes will be an online TV channel that will allow anyone with a fast internet connection to watch the programs they want, when they want, without any ads.

My Take On The OS Debate

Apple has the right approach to software development.

The Downfall Of Apple

This may soon be the headline that's splashed all across newspapers and internet sites across the world when iPod and Mac users finally anty up and demand better customer service.

Why The New Mac Campaign Will Fail

Apple's Announcement Streak

Apple has been announcing something significant on a different sequential weekday since their birthday.

Apple's Good Fight On Malware

Of the many things I worry about happening to the two Macs I use daily, the threat of a virus or Trojan outbreak is not terribly high on the list. At least, not today.

More Aperture Dirt

Here's what I've learned: No one from the original Aperture engineering team was fired or removed from the team. Yes, most members of the original engineering team left the project — but they did so on their own volition. Why? Because of what can only be described as spectacularly bad management.

Hacking The ROKR's 100-Track Limit


Remote From A Mac


The All New Mickey Mouse

There's a new television show in town, and it is featuring the mascot of the Copyright bill... er... Disney company itself: Mickey Mouse. (In my household here in Singapore, we'll get it via Playhouse Disney channel, which we subscribe to.)

Now that our daughter has settled on having Strawberry Shortcake and Thomas the Train on every piece of stuff she owns — toys, water bottles, bedsheet, my wife is dreading the day when we will have to buy all new stuff again for my daugher when her interest shfts to a new cartoon character. :-)

Rumor Today: MacBooks Are Here

A MacRumors' source speculates new iBooks — or perhaps, MacBooks — will be revealed on New Product Tuesday next week.

Me think it's about the right time for the back-to-school crowd.

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