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Tuesday, May 9, 2006


Ruling On Apple Name Penetrates To Music's Core

Thirty years after it was founded, Apple has evolved into a music-industry powerhouse that is making some of the industry's bigggest name uncomfortable with its rise to fame.

Apple's Head Lawyer Steps Down

Apple's top lawyer has left the company, in the third high-level departure from the Mac maker in recent months.

Expert: McAfee Mac Security Report Is 'Scaremongering'

"It is a speculative house of cards resting on a foundation of shaky statistics and questionable assumptions."

Bloggers On Apple-Beatles Fight: Let It Be

Steve Jobs Invites Beatles To iTunes

"We have always loved the Beatles, and hopefully we can now work together to get them on the iTunes Music Store," said Steve Jobs.


DVD Madness

newer Macs include Matshita drives that are apparently exceptionally difficult to mod, and for which no modded firmware is available. furthermore these drives forbid access to the raw DVD data if there is a region mismatch, so the VLC and Xine/mplayer approach doesn't work. Foiled!

iTunes Music Store And Me: Parting Ways

Apple "obsolescenced" me, that's what.

Apple Vs Apple: Why Didn't Apple (The Music One) Win? We Explain All...

Personally, I thought the "data transmission" argument held a lot of water.

Steve Jobs Broek Hollywood's Back With iTunes

We are all producers now. Hollywood can either catch up or die.

Ripped And Ready

I like knowing that my pleasant iPod experience means the record monopoly has lost control of the consumer experience.

Loser Pays


Five Reasons Why The iPod Shuffle Is The Ultimate MP3 Player

Here are the top 5 reasons why I believe that the 512 MB Shuffle is still the best mp3 player on the market today.


Meanwhile, Enjoy The Music

The question is: can you do this at home?


Report Casts Doubt On Vista's Security Impact

In a scathing review of the security features built into preview versions of Microsoft's upcoming Windows Vista operating system, one analyst contends that the software giant's highly-touted security features are self-defeating and may cause some customers to put off adoption of the OS altogether.

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