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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Is The Time Still Ripe To Pick Apple?

Fans Storm Apple's 5th Ave Store

"Steve, you're hot!"

iPod Vending Latest Move For Federated

Come fall, iPod will be the apple of Macy's eye. The chain's parent, Federated Department Stores Inc. is installing large vending machines that will dispense the Apple-made music players at 180 stores.

Sonic Arts Research Centre: Valhalla For The Human Ear

"Because of its intuitive appeal to the creative mind, the great majority of sophisticated music and acoustic design applications were developed around the Mac."

Tom Salta: Battle Score

"When I find out you can't do something in a different program, I scratch my head and say, 'Really? You can't?' I guess that's why so many people are switching to Logic."


iPod's End Suggests "End-To-End" Model's Limits

There's only one supplier; your choices are limited.

Apple Laptops Aren't For The Lap Top

"Do not leave the bottom of your MacBook Pro in contact with your lap or any surface of your body for extended periods."

Steering Away From The MacBook

Already some games are being released that implicitly exclude the Mac mini, and by extension, the MacBook, from their supported system requirements.


New MacBook More Than A Better iBook

Those expecting an underpowered replacement for Apple's iBook lineup should have a pleasant surprise.

17-Inch MacBook Pro

The 17-inch MacBook Pro is a fabulous machine for people who can afford it — and who conclude that its high performance, huge screen, and impressive versatility justify its size and weight.


Will You Marry Me?

Somebody discovers Apple's camera. Somebody discovers camera is taking time-lapsed movie. Somebody proposes to his girlfriend via Apple's time-lapsed movie.

Somebody discover somebody proposing via Apple's time-lapsed movie and post details on digg.

Did Creative Blew It, Even Before The War Started?

No, I'm not talking about Creative's stupid patent lawsuit. (How can Creative even be surprised that Apple has a few defensive patents of its own?)

No, but there is this little snippet in today's Straits Times, which is not available online:

"About five years ago, Apple reportedly approached Creative to license tghe latter's technology for MP3 players and also suggested the companies join forces to spin off Creative's MP3 player assets, but both its offers were rebuffed."

"A few months later, Apple unveiled its line of iPod players, and has since claimed a dominating 70 per cent of the US market, squelching Creative's ambitions."

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