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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Creative Suite 2 Install Crashes Traced To QuickTime Update

iTunes To Indian Tunes

Indians can look forward to their own version of iTunes, Apple's online music store, soon.

Inquirer Cited In iPod Case

Shanghaied by lawyers claim.

Apple Still In 'Early Stages' Of iPod Expansion

"We believe Apple is still in the early stages of its product expansion and that the company can grow its iPod units at least 20% for the forseeable future," wrote Credit Suisse analyst Robert Semple.

Laptop Batteries Can Catch Fire

The battery in the computer is not on Apple's recall list — at least, not yet.

Making Money Selling Music Without DRM: The Rise Of eMusic

Attempts at bypassing or emulating Apple's FairPlay have not been successful, and FairPlay is (famously) unavailable for licensing. So what's a music store to do? To eMusic, the answer was simple: you offer songs as high quality, variable bit rate MP3 files instead. DRM is removed, consumers are happy, and the vast white fields of the iPod are ready for harvest.

Apple Releases Xcode 2.3 To Developers

Grab Your iPod And Run

Apple and Nike today jointly announced the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, a two-piece wireless gadget that pairs Nike sneakers and an iPod nano to help runners track their performance.

Apple Staff Shower Room Gets A Warning Sign

The 2Tone MacBook Keyboard

Mashing two MacBook keyboards together.

Quark: Intel-Native Xpress To Be 'Fast As Hell'


How To Backup Your Mac Intelligently

Above All Else, Rivals Of Apple Mostly Need Some Design Mojo

Apple has worked hard in recent years to adopt some of the business-process efficiencies that the Wintel companies have long taken for granted. Its rivals, then, ought to be able to make themselves a little more creative.

How Can A Mac Fanboy Write Microsoft Books?

I can't find enough work doing Mac stuff to support my family, so Microsoft is the way to go.

Are Macs An Acquired Taste?

Perhaps it is analogous to Dr. Glaser's studies on artificial sweetener, it takes a different breed to appreciate the taste of the Mac.

MacBook Pro: The Thermal Paste Question

With all of that work, my MacBook Pro was transformed from a slightly too hot yet amazing workhorse of a machien to, unfortunately, an amazing workhorse of a machine that runs a bit too hot.


American History Lux

NetBarrier X4 10.4.1: Firewall Has Features, Flash, And Safety, Too

NetBarrier X 10.4.1 is a versatile, highly configurable firewall application that allows for superior protection of your Mac.


Rumor Today: Another Power Product Gone From Apple

Think Secret: Apple will sell PowerSchool, its division that develops student information systems for K-12 school districts, to Pearson Assessments, sources have confirmed.

Genius 24/7

Anybody running a betting pool on when will a blog entry "I tried booking for a genius appointment at the NY Cube, and the only time available is between 3 to 4 am" will appear?

Doors Remain Murky

As far as I can tell, Audible is sitting on a goldmine. The company has one of the rarest asset in the technology world right now: an actual DRM that will work on the millions and millions of iPods out there.

So why isn't Audible beating on the doors of other music stores? And why isn't all the other music stores knocking on the door of Audible?

Could it be Audible signed one of those secret contracts with Apple?

There's Marketing, And Then There's Marketing

Dave Winer: [Apple says] in their TV ads that Macs work better with Japanese cameras. This is not ture... I wonder why Microsoft doesn't respond to Apple's ads. Apple is just regurgitating the (mistaken) conventional wisdom.

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Sometimes, you just can't win.


Ballmer: Vista Consumer Launch Could Slip Further

The launch of the consumer version of Windows Vista could be pushed back past the stated January launch date, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer said Wednesday.

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