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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Apple Wins Two Awards For iPod Design

Apple Sells PowerSchool To Pearson

Apple will sell PowerSchool, its Student Information System software to Pearson Education — a major publisher of educational print and digital content.

Apple's Glass Structure Embodies Growth

Call it the symbolic revenge of the Cube. Apple's latest cube-shaped creation — a stunning three-story glass structure marking the entrance to its new store on New York City's Fifth Avenue — reflects how far the Macintosh maker has come since its first embodiment of a hexahedron.

Apple Checks On Microsoft At WinHEC

WinHEC is meant for companies that develop hardware to work with or run Microsoft's Windows operating system.

Apple And Nike, Running Mates

Apple had approached Nike about being its MP3 supplier, but Nike execs came up with a bigger idea.

Is Windows On A Mac Really Drawing In New Users?

Second "Mac Pro" Filing By Apple Surfaces

Offering yet another hint that it's done using the "Power" moniker in the names of its professional computer offerings, Apple this week made a second trademark filing on the phrase "Mac Pro," this time in the United States.


Playlist Politics

What's on your iPod, Senator?

Think Different

There is one big reason why I'll choose our Wintel solution over the Mac OS, and that's Outlook.

Everyone Needs A Steve

What every company needs is a design tyrant like Steve Jobs. I'm surprised that tech companies haven't figured this out at some point over the last 20 years or so...


QuarkXPress 7: Slow Performer's New Features And Improvements Cater To A Limited Audience

The new territories Quark is staking out — especially composition zones and job jackets — will hardly excite the broad design community, and they're difficult to learn.


The Original Icon

Where's Macintosh? There's Mac mini, iMac, Power Mac (soon to be replaced with Mac Pro?), Mac Book, and Mac Book Pro. But where is the Macintosh?

One Life To Live

Increasingly, my problem is not about finding stuff. Be it something to read, something to listen, or something to watch.

Increasingly, the problem is what to throw out, because I simply don't have the time to read, to listen, and to watch everything I've collected.

Sign of technological progress, or sign of me getting old?

Listen Up, You Can Only Sell Sounds

Yesterday, I wondered out loud why isn't doing anything with its asset: the availability of its very own DRM system on millions and millions of iPods.

An " Podcast Creator" e-mailed me to confirm that there is indeed a contract between and Apple that prevented from taking advantage of this asset beyond selling audiobooks and radio shows from its own store.

So, if you are a "content-provider", and you want DRM protection, you willl have to deal with either Apple or If you are a middle-men, and you want DRM protection, you are out-of-luck.

But hey, we all "know" that the internet is going to kill off all those middlemen...

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