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Friday, May 26, 2006


Loading The iPod With Egalitarianism

Digital Music Players Headlining More Wedding Receptions

Follow-Up To Apple Store Proposal (She Said Yes!)

Uschi couldn't be happier to announce that she said yes to the proposal.

DivX 6.5 Features First Official Player For Mac

The new version of the video conversion and playback software features the first "official" release of DivX for Mac player, which lets Mac users watch DivX-encoded video either in a web browser or from the desktop.

Oral Folk Tales Of Mac History


Apple+Nike. Apple+Dilution.

I'm inclined to think a swoosh and an Apple were not meant to marry.

iTunes' Next Big Step

Apple Laptops: Good, Cheap, Fast — Pick Three

The current crop of x86 Apple laptops are cheaper than nearly every other x86 laptop of equivalent spec. That's amazing.

Macs And PCs Warily Eye Each Other Over The 'Net

As things turn out, it's much more difficult to setup a Mac-to-PC video chat, and for it to match the quality of a pure Mac/iSight chat.

Biting The Apple At Last

Easy Mac PVR Options

MacBook Mysteries

Selling PowerSchool A Mistake

MacBook's Vent Blocked

I found that the vent under the screen is covered with a piece of laminate. I removed it and surprise, my fans went quiet.

Is There Room For A Really Cheap Mac?

The existence of a $100 laptop does give rise to the thought.

Behind The Video: Star Wars MacBook

Lest We Forget

Much as I love to trot out my list of Mac OS X Finder gripes, I was thinking today about how quickly I mentally buried my least favorite things about hte Classic Mac OS.


Wireless Goodness

No, I don't want Wi-Fi in my iPod. I probably don't even want Bluetooth in my iPod.

What I really want, dear Apple, is wireless electricity that is safe so that I can charge the battery without wires. Go work on it, Steve Jobs.

Thank you.


Rumor Today: Nano Plays Video

T3: Rumour has it Aple's micro music player is going back to the drawing board, as the iPod giant prepares to squeeze video into the pocket-sized marvel.

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