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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Do These Dots Connect?

In May, Aple's longtime general counsel, Nancy Heinen, left the company in a remarkable quiet manner. The next month, Apple announced that it was looking into some questionable stock options grants.

The Apple Store That Wasn't

Isn't different and modern, if done well, sometimes good?

What Is This Windows Of Which You Speak?

Mediocrity Rules In Era Of 'So What?' Technology

We seem to have entered the age of 'So what?' technology, all geek speak, measly upgrades and wussy portable devices for listening to music: pink or olive?

MacBook Pro: Three Months Later

I consider it money well spent.


Get Organized: A Survey Of Digital Junk Drawer Apps


Rant Today: Where's The Menu Item?

Why, in iTunes, is there no menu item to update podcasts?

Don't Press That Key

There are certain keys on the Windows keybaord that are dangerous when paired with certain applications.

The "Ins" key, when used in Microsoft Word, is one. Thankfully, Microsoft finally fixed the problem that originated in MS DOS years ago.

Now, if they can only remove the "Del" key in Windows Explorer...

Rumor Today: Mac Pro To Be Really Fast

I'm no expert — heck, I'm not even vaguely familiar with — on microprocessor chips, but AppleInsider is "confirming" that the next version of Power Macintosh, to be renamed Mac Pro, will sport two Intel Xeon 5100 series chips. All I can understand is that it will be really fast while not really consume too much power.

Bascially, it will scream Power without the need to have the word Power in its name.


Microsoft Hit With 280m Euro Fine

Ballmer Vows Timelier Windows

Steve Ballmer told Microsoft's industry partners Tuesday that future versions of Windows will be developed at a much quicker pace. But on the other side of the world, Bill Gates said acknowledged that the company isn't certain to meet the release schedule of Windows Vista.

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