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Monday, July 31, 2006


Mac Users Group Has Been Meeting For Years

They come to C&M Cafeteria a couple of Thursday nights a month, but not for the fish special. In a side dining room, they slide their trays up next to their laptops and desktops, all with glowing Apple symbols on back.


Apple's Buzz Machine Getting Warmed Up

The way it works is Apple updates a minor piece of hardware or software for a couple weeks in a row before or after a major annoucement.

Apple And OSS (Re: Why Reinvent The Wheel?)


Apple MacBook

Niggles over Boot Camp aside, the MacBook is a terrific piece of hardware. It's not particularly expensive, and it gives you a healthy dose of everything that's great about Macs. Add the PC compatibility, and this is quite a product.

FileMaker 8.5 Ups The Ante

Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse

The wireless Mighty Mouse provides a reliable, non-jittery mousing experience.


Get New Batteries, Free!

Apple has a "worldwide battery exchange program for certain rechargeable batteries that were sold for use with 15-inch MacBook Pro computer systems from February 2006 through May 2006."

Apple's web page identifies which MacBook Pro they are talking about. You'll need your batteries' model and serial numbers.

Still Not Having Fun With iMovie?

Here's an idea. (Yes, yes, I know. Ideas are cheap.)

Create your own "Choose Your Own Adventure" DVDs with iLife '07.

Children, re-make the classic "Dad, do you want me to clean my room, or do you want me to play video games so that I can earn big bucks via online games in the future" movie.

Bye Bye Pentiums

There's a little sadness to Intel's phasing out its Pentium line. Weird Al's It's All About The Pentiums is finally obsoleted.


Sunday, July 30, 2006


Rumor Today: iPod, Phone Edition

This is really one speculation that no decent news organization can really confirm — until Wall Street Journal confirms.

And nobody has confirmed whether we will see iPod — Phone Edition this August. Even though we have a friend of a friend of a friend swearing up and down that Apple will be releasing "the sleekest, sexiest damn phone" he has ever seen.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Parts Of French 'IPod Law' Struck Down

The French Constitutional Council has declared major aspects of the so-called iPod law unconstitutional, undermining some controversial aspects of the legislation.

Jamie Lidell: Controlled Collisions

Induquimica Laboratorios: Streamlining The Business Of Science

"Today's future-looking biotech business opportunities require vastly more in the way of computational resources. The more we studied our strategic needs, the better we liked what we saw in the UNIX-based Mac platform."

Apple Denies 'Four Years' iPod Report, Clarifies 'For Years'

Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris said she told the Chicago Tribune reporter that the iPod was designed to last "for years" — not "four years."


Is A 'Perfect Storm' Of Mac Sales On The Horizon?

With all the buzz around thin clients, Microsoft execs are trying to find targets for thicker installations of Windows Vista. Maybe they should take a look at how Apple has executed on its thick computing strategy, and the resulting bonanza of upgrade sales.

Friday, July 28, 2006


Flip4Mac Released Publicly As Universal Binary

Analyst: iTunes Is Bigger Than Just Music

Apple's iTunes could lead the company into the expanding and lucrative home entertainment market, and the company is poised to beat the competition to consumers' neds, a new study indicates.


Microsoft's Dangerous About-Face

My Morning With Intel

This morning I spent time on the Intel campus for the first time since I went there for a job interview in 1993.



PhotoFrame Pro 3

Which Mac Should I Buy?


Microsoft Shares Its Recipe For Zune's 'Secret Sauce'

Microsoft is planning to invest "hundreds of millions" and lose money through 2008 to make its recently announced Zune portable media player a success.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Apple Acknowledges MacBook Pro Whine

Will The New Nike+iPod Sport Kit Hit The Ground Running, Or Hit The Wall?

Apple: iPods Built To Last 4 Years

From Confrontation To Experimentation: The Music Industry Is Playing A New Tune

Even as the courts have made it clear that downloading music files without paying for them is illegal, the recording industry has been searching for new business models.

EyeTV 2.3 Features Front Row Integration


Merom MacBooks For The Holidays

MacBook Pro's selling like hot cakes and Apple has been so busy fixing the problems with the original printed circuit board (PCB) that I doubt that they will be ready to insert a new chip that soon.

Microsoft's Current Situation: Like IBM In The '80s

Palettes Versus Sidebars

Enter Aquaman

Aquaman becomes the first instance of a failed pilot being made available for purchase.

Apple's Copy Protection Isn't Just Bad For Consumers, It's Bad For Business

iTunes enjoys the protection of a corrupt law that gives Apple the right to exclude competitors from the market.

Battery Power

I can't imagine I would remember — or care to — get up and park the mouse in my docking station. (Not to mention how ugly that would look in my home theatre set up.)


Sharing Drives

Living in a Windows world.

MacBook Wrist-Saver

I've found Softpads to be an ideal solution to our MacBook's wrist-mincing lip.


Apple Doing Mobile Phone — Via Acquisition?

According to Macsimum News, Apple has filed a new trademark in Japan: Dopod.

Of course, Dopod is a name already taken up by a Taiwanese company that makes smart phones with Windows Mobile.

So, you add one and one together, and you'll get the news / rumor / speculation that Apple is buying Dopod, creating an iPod phone, and... er... becoming a licensee of Windows Mobile?

Bonus: Mac OS X can now sync with Windows Mobile?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


OpenDarwin Closes Up Shop

iTunes Kiosk Solution In Development

Australia software and hardware developer, 22Moo, has confirmed it is developing an iTunes kiosk for public places.

Apple And Facebook Make 250m iTunes Song Deal

Be Nice To Your Mac — It's Feeling Vulnerable Right Now

Schools Make Content Available To Public

As the use of portable music players such as Apple's popular iPod continues to grow, some forward-thinking universities — and even a few K-12 institutions — are expanding their use of Apple's iTunes U course management system to make their content available to the general public.


Mac Is Back In The Big League

For this WWDC, I'd be content to find that Apple has paved the way for its developers and high-end server and workstation users to build their own bridges over whatever gaps exist between OS X and new Intel Macs' hardware capabilities, I expect to be content.


Intel Inside But Still An Apple Mac

Apple's commitment to quality goes beyond designing eye-catching enclosures.

Legion Arena


Microsoft Is Copying Apple's Playbook In More Ways Than One

It's Kill-The-Clones fiasco all over again. Didn't we hear this line before: Oh, our partners are not growing the market, so we are taking it all back and doing it ourselves... Instead of calling it System 7.5/PlayForSure, we will call it Mac OS 8/Zune!

The question then is: who will be the Power Computing of 2006, and who will be the DayStar Digital of 2006?

Monopoly Isn't What Is Used To Be

One of the joy of playing Monopoly (the board game) is to throw all your money at your opponents (literally) when you've win them all.

Well, no more. You get to use a little VISA debit card now...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Apple Launches Wireless Mighty Mouse

Based on Bluetooth 2.0, the new wireless Mighty Mouse offers a reliable, secure connection to Macs and features a new laser tracking engine that is "20 times more sensitive than standard optical mice for better tracking on even more surfaces," Apple said.

Apple To Counter Zune With Innovation

Analysts are expecting Apple to respond to Microsoft's forthcoming Zune iPod rival with new featuers and more innovations.

Pain In The Pod

There's plenty of anecdotal evidence calling out Apple's portable media player as a faulty device on many counts.

Apple's Mighty Mouse Finally Gets Bluetooth

Today an FCC filing showed off Apple's latest device: the Mighty Mouse with Bluetooth.


Will Apple Dump ATI For NVIDIA?

Why I Love Apple

Again and again, Apple delights with its focus on the user experience.

Getting Thins Done With Your Macintosh, Part 1

Running Windows Apps On A Mac & Other Stories

What Apple hasn't denied, because no one has asked, is whether it will implement the correct answer to Hancock's question — a Win32 compatibility box in the Mac OS X block diagram.

Letters From Apple Camp

Each session is two and a half hours long. And parents are bound to get bored. And shop. That's what I did.


How To Improve Your Apple Photography

iMac Education Configuration: Stripped-Down 17-Inch iMac Is A Good Fit For Education Customers

The $899 iMac: An Educator's Perspective

What schools should consider when mulling an iMac purchase.

Apple Mac Mini With Intel Core Duo Processor

Print Explosion Deluxe 3.0: Excellent Templates Make Personal Design App A Winner

Beautiful designed templates, extensive clip art collections, integration with iLife, and ease of use all combine to make Print Explosion Deluxe 3.0 an excellent tool for all your personal creative design.



If you are going to be at WWDC next month, don't be alarmed when you hear people yelled "Bingo!" during Steve's keynote.

It may just be Steve Jobs doing a demo of the new MS Office (Universal) on the brand new Mac Pro Quad with a brand new file system, uttering the phase "One more thing..."

Monday, July 24, 2006


Patients Use iPods To Get Information On Surgery


What Makes A Good Icon?

Microsoft iPod 'Killer' Is Doomed

What Makes A Mac Application A Hit?

The top five things that people love about Mac applications.


Brave Dwarves: Back For Treasures

Sunday, July 23, 2006


How To Make Windows On The Mac Flow Like Wine

Mac owners will soon have a new source of professional-grade commercial software for their beloved machines.


"Where's Michael Dell?" BL Ochman Asks

If Dell hasn't figured it out yet Apple is now just another Windows OEM. But what an OEM it is!

Saturday, July 22, 2006


JWTwo: From Facility To Funhouse

Analysts Not Worried By Apple's Financial Projections



Pantone Huey: Montior Calibration And Profiling For Non-Professionals

Pantone's huey is a good product for photography hobbyists who are just getting started in color management. It is affordable, easy to use, and fast.

Revisiting MediaCentral

This updated multimedia management app has improved, but flaws persist.


Zune Is Real And Here's What It Means

Early market share isn't likely to come from disgruntled iPod users looking to switch. The real losers in the short term are likely to be the likes of Creative, iRiver and other former partners that have failed to deliver to market share from Apple and will now find themselves not only competing with Apple but with their former partners from Redmond.

Zune: What We Know, Think We Know, And Don't Yet Know

Microsoft Portable To Be A Totally "Integrated Experience"

Microsoft's Zune To Rival Apple's iPod

Confirming weeks of rumors, Microsoft said it will launch music software and players under the Zune brand, though the software maker left plenty unsaid in its confirmation. The initial device will have Wi-Fi and use a hard drive to store music, Microsoft said.

Friday, July 21, 2006


iPod Generation Risking Permanent Deafness

Analysts: Coupling Of Mac And Intel Pays Off

"What you have is a feature-laden product and I think it's going to be a success for Apple."

Time For A Bite Of The Apple? Yes, Say Analysts


Demise Of A Darlings: iPod Market Share Crashes To 14% Amid Management Denials

The iPod is dead. Long live the iPod.

Great Quarter, But What's Next For Apple?

Once Steve Jobs hands over the reins to the next generation, the question is whether there is a long-term vision anymore, or any sustainable support system for today's business within the company — not to mention tomorrow's business.

The End Of DRM Or The End Of iTunes?

Are Movie Rentals In iTunes Future?

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Apple Shares Surge On Strong Earnings

Upgrading Those White Earphones? Don't Go By Price

Apple On Cell Phones: "We're Not Sitting Around Doing Nothing"

"We don't think that the phones that are available today make the best music players. We think the iPod is. But over time, that is likely to change. And we're not sitting around doing nothing."

Macs See Growth Spurt

Now that MacBook Pro and iMac systems have been available for several months, and because of the strong demand for MacBook systems released in mid-May, any signs of hesitation among home users appear to have been erased.

Apple Reports $472 Million Profit

Apple beat analyst's earnings consensus for the quarter of $.44, posting a profit of $.54. The company shipped 1,327,000 Macintosh computers and 8,111,000 iPods during the quarter, representing 12 percent grwoth in Macs and 32 percent growth in iPods over the year-ago quarter.

Podcasting Goes To College

Along with packing instant noodles, extra-long bedsheets and photos of loved ones before heading to college in a few weeks, U.S. students may consider adding portable media players to their higher-education lists.


The Real Apple Media Center

Yuy — Apple's iPod. For now, iPod is the media center.

Apple Camp, But Not A Sleepover

I think other high-tech companies with retail operations, like Dell or Sony, should take a long, hard look at what Apple is doing with these summer educational camps.

Mac The Knife?!

What in the world were the engineers at Apple thinking when they designed the new MacBooks with such sharp edges?


Yes, We Have Our Guy

Yes, we have a Windows user who is going to buy a MacBook Pro just to run Windows.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


iPod Accessories Gone Wild

The desire to personalize the Apple music player experience — and make a fast buck — has resulted in some downright odd products.

Analyst Sees WWDC As Mac Only Event

"Keep in mind WWDC is a Mac event and has not been used in the past for major iPod announcements."

Missing Sync Adds Windows Mobile 5 Support


My Tunes Pre iTunes

As much as I enjoy my iPod, I realize that it's not the ultimate format for music. There's something to be said for the unified format of an album.

Beg, Buy Or Steal Video Content - The iTunes Flawed Rental Model

I Will Not Buy Or Rent Movies From Apple!

I just hope people wake up, and say no to the madness of digital downloads that continue to be highly restrictive when wrapped in DRM.

Mac OS X 'Leopard': Which Machines Will Make The Cut?

The feature set of the new Mac operating system will be revealed soon, but there's no way that all currently supported machines will run it. Which ones will make the cut and which will be left running "Tiger"?


For Mac Users, Many Feed Reader Choices

Apple Offers One Hot Portable

If you want a stylish, great, capable portable, buy this one. You won't be disappointed.

Final Draft 7 And Final Draft AV

Final Cut Express HD

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Virtual Windows On A Mac Coming To Stores

Apple retail stores will soon start selling Parallels' virtualization software, allowing users to run Windows and Mac applications simultaneously.


Irony Of The Day: Steve Jobs Rails Against Walled Gardens?

Another Reason To Love Apple

Apple stood by their products and went above and beyond the usual support given by most IT companies.

Did Apple's Concession Erase The Fine Line Between Bloggers And Journalists?


Simple iPod / Auto Integration

Although all these devices provide basically the same set of features, I was somewhat surprised to find that my favorite ended up being Griffin Technology's TuneFlex.


Rumor Today: iTunes Movie Rentals

You may "own" the music you purchased from the iTunes Music Store, and you may "own" the TV programs you purchased from the iTunes Music Store, but when it comes to movies — you'd still need to buy the DVDs.

ThinkSecret's latest rumor-mongering indicates that Steve Jobs have compromised with the movie studios, and will offer only a rental business model come this WWDC with regards to movies.

What may be more interesting is whether indie filmmakers — the truly indies — will be able to sell their movies through iTunes.

Asleep On The Job?

Doesn't Microsoft — owner of both the software products Windows and Virutal PC — feel embarrased to have been beaten to the market by Parallels?

Monday, July 17, 2006


Filmmakers Use iPods To Educate Gallery-Goers At Exhibit

Local filmmakers using new technique to educate gallery-goers at exhibit.

Shift To Computers Could Boost Apple Shares - Barron's

Shares of Apple could rebound over the next year as interest in the company's Macintosh computers picks up, Barron's financial newspaper reproted on Sunday.

Why Your Boss May Fear iPods

A new survey by Ipsos-Reid suggests if you work for a mid-sized to large Canadian business, there's almost a one-in-three chance your boss is telling you to leave your iPod at home.

Digital Surge Sees Jobs Overtake Murdoch In Media League

Steve Jobs is shaking up the established order in the media industry, with the annual MediaGuardian 100 power list today showing him leapfrogging News Corp mogul Rupert Murdoch into second place.

Player Upgrades, New Devices On Music Horizon

If the rampant speculation over the digital music plans of Microsoft and Apple are to be believed, the digital music landscape is about to change radically in the very near future.

For Apple, Europe Becoming A Tougher Customer


Peering Inside The Aluminum Ball: Woodcrest, Conroe, And The "Pro" Macs

I think Apple's CPU choice is clear cut. Strange as it sounds, the Xeon 5100 series is the best fit for the Mac. If Apple wants to keep the Quad name alive, it's the only option.

Killing Podcasting One VC Dollar At A Time

It's the individual connection between the producer and the subscriber that makes podcasats different from other forms of media. So diminishing that ability diminishes the medium as a whole.

Apple: Set .Mac Free (You'll Make More Money!)

Hard Knock Life For Apple: iPod Killer Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

Let's not forget what happened to Microsoft this month, after their refusal to reveal the source code for Windows: they were fined with a record sum by the European Union and other fines are already on track to being applied. This is what you get for messing with the EU and Apple should fear that or at least take into consideration.


Use Different

It's How-To Monday here in Mac news land! Here're three things you can do with your Mac tonight.

1. Use Apple iSight camera to take pictures through a telescope, and see the moon.

2. Turn your old Mac into speakers for your iPod, and fall asleep with a podcast or two.

3. Read a book with your PowerBook as a lamp for those nights where PDF books don't cut it.

I'll have to ask this question though: Where are the iMac-fish-tanks? Granted, you'll need some very thin fishes nowadays...


Argo & Microsoft's Portable Dreams

Microsoft knows Apple's model of tying a seamless experience of hardware, software and services has proven to be a winning combination in this market, and more importantly, they can't afford to let Apple have unrivaled dominance in an area that will be crucial in the connected home of the future.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


iPod's Children

China's youth makes them, America's buys them; Apple investigate work conditions.

Microsoft May Leave Mac Users Out Of Messaging Plans


iPhoto Is A Dog, So Stop The Kudos!

With its speed issues, it's just not worth it in the end.


Keep Files Private By Encrypting

A Digital Photo Finish

With its beautiful interface, featuring on-screen albums that dpulicate the familiar format of paper ones, iPhoto comes closest to doing everything better than everyone else.

Ten Mac Tools For Getting Things Done

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Apple's MacBook: Hot Enough To Fry An Egg

Any Way You Slice It, Apple Store Is Cool

Manhattan store sets standard for uniting design and product.

Device To Play iPods Over FM Radio In Cars Set To be Legalised

Gadgets such as the iTrip, which plugs into MP3 players and connect them wirelessly to radios, are set to become legal in the UK.

Keeping iPod Humming Along

On Wednesday, when Apple reports fiscal third-quarter earnings, Apple watchers are likly to home in like bloodhounds on the number of iPods the company sold, looking for any scent of weakness. There will be even more scrutiny of Apple's moves int he next month or so, when it's expected to talk about new products that could help it continue its growth streak.


Textual Harassment

Ever wonder how you could maximally harass a Mac user with a minimal amount of effort? If that person is an iChat user, it's really quite simple: Just add that person's ichat ID to the Buddy List of a Mac in an Apple Retail Store.

iPods In The Woods

If I had to estimate, I'd say that there was at least one iPod in every single tent cabin at the Lair.


Let's Have Less Innovation, Microsoft

As repoted by CNET, Microsoft introduced a new feature for Windows, which allows customers to encrypt files.

And then Microsofft pulled the update — cannot encrypt anymore.


Because business customers may "inevitably lose files" because they forget passwords, and IT "professionals" cannot recover these files for them.

And I have to click on the little clock menu item on my Mac to make sure it's not April 1st.

Rumor Today: Apple's Mac Pro To Sport Modified Power Mac Enclosure

But not too much modified. Plus, the specs and prices!

Friday, July 14, 2006


iPod Forever? Not In Its Current Form

Up until now, who could argue Steve Jobs' decision? The iPod/iTunes combo is the "wow" product of the decade but, increasingly Apple will be pressed to bring down the walls it has erected.


Disney/Pixar Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures

Radiation Springs Adventures is a fun romp in the world of Disney/Pixar's Cars, at least for younger players.

FontLab Studio 5.0: Font Editing And Production Tool For Pros Includes OpenType Support


Warning Apple: Sleeping May Be Banned

According to The Times, the U.K. government is to "outlaw standby switches on televisions and videos and DVD players to cut the amount of electricity wasted in the home."

What's next? The sleep mode in your Macintosh, that's what. Apple, better start prepare true hibernation mode for Mac OS X, which is the same as sleep, but without using electricity. (All data in the memory is written into the hard disk, and the computer turns off.)

Thursday, July 13, 2006


The Business Of iPods

Analysts and repair shop managers said the iPod repairs industry is growing because iPods are easy to break and tough to repair.

Why Dell, Apple Declined

There's growing concern that the U.S. computer industry is in for a bigger slump than previously thought.

Apple Limits $899 Edu iMac Availability

The entry-level configuration is no longer available to individuals, though instituions can still purchase the sysems.

Podcasts Popular In The Holodeck

To whom should you be targeting your podcasts? Apple Computer users, Trekkies and maybe Nike lovers, according to a new survey.

Apple Won't Appeal Case Against Online Journalists

Apple Stock Falls On Analyst Warning

Apple's stock dropped almost five percent in trading today after Credit Suisse First Boston analyst Robert Semple said he expects the company's fiscal fourth-quarter numbers to fall short of Wall Street expectations.


Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs

The issue for Microsoft is that all of a sudden its users who have bought their first Mac will be exposed to a new operating system which will enable them to do most of the tasks that they have been doing on Windows. Plus the new operating system will be less susceptible to malware, easy to use and have excellent inbuilt features that home users like.

Where's Auto-Save 2.0?

My Stained MacBok (And What Apple Did About It)

Good show, Apple. Recognizing what everyone expected you to brush off as "cosmetic damage" as the manufacturing defect that it was and deciding to do something about it.

Learning From The French iTunes Legislation

Apple Beleagured Once Again?

Use My iPod?! Are You Nuts?!

Sometimes I wish Apple would sacrifice a teeny-weeny bit of the image for some workhorse function. I'd like to be able to put the iPod in my damned pocket without fear that it will be scratched by the lint therein. That's all.


Fatal Attractions

Some people have been predicting that Mac OS X will get its "healthy" dose of viruses and worms if the operating system gets popular.

Well, we don't know about that, cause anyway it looks, OS X's marketshare is still no where that high. What we do know is that as Apple the company gets popular, it is attracting its share of lawsuits.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Do These Dots Connect?

In May, Aple's longtime general counsel, Nancy Heinen, left the company in a remarkable quiet manner. The next month, Apple announced that it was looking into some questionable stock options grants.

The Apple Store That Wasn't

Isn't different and modern, if done well, sometimes good?

What Is This Windows Of Which You Speak?

Mediocrity Rules In Era Of 'So What?' Technology

We seem to have entered the age of 'So what?' technology, all geek speak, measly upgrades and wussy portable devices for listening to music: pink or olive?

MacBook Pro: Three Months Later

I consider it money well spent.


Get Organized: A Survey Of Digital Junk Drawer Apps


Rant Today: Where's The Menu Item?

Why, in iTunes, is there no menu item to update podcasts?

Don't Press That Key

There are certain keys on the Windows keybaord that are dangerous when paired with certain applications.

The "Ins" key, when used in Microsoft Word, is one. Thankfully, Microsoft finally fixed the problem that originated in MS DOS years ago.

Now, if they can only remove the "Del" key in Windows Explorer...

Rumor Today: Mac Pro To Be Really Fast

I'm no expert — heck, I'm not even vaguely familiar with — on microprocessor chips, but AppleInsider is "confirming" that the next version of Power Macintosh, to be renamed Mac Pro, will sport two Intel Xeon 5100 series chips. All I can understand is that it will be really fast while not really consume too much power.

Bascially, it will scream Power without the need to have the word Power in its name.


Microsoft Hit With 280m Euro Fine

Ballmer Vows Timelier Windows

Steve Ballmer told Microsoft's industry partners Tuesday that future versions of Windows will be developed at a much quicker pace. But on the other side of the world, Bill Gates said acknowledged that the company isn't certain to meet the release schedule of Windows Vista.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


A Top Apple Japan Executive Steps Down

Apple Vice President of Marketing Yoshiaki Sakito, one of the company's top Japan executives, has stepped down, the company said. Sakito has been credited with leading a successful marketing push for Apple's iPod portable digital music player in Japan.

Windows-Friendly Macs To Boost Apple: Report

Apple's Boot Camp software, which enables Windows software to run on Mac computers, should positively impact Mac market share as early as the third quarter of this year, according to a new Piper Jaffray research report.


Are Apple's Customers Rebelling?

10 Reasons Why The Microsoft Portable Music Player Will Fail

How The "Microsoft iPod" Might Succeed

Apple may have an 80 percent share of the mobile media-player market, but that doesn't mean the iPod is unassailable.

Switching From Windows To Mac

Switching from Windows to OS X caused five "Argh" moments.

iPod Spotting

The iPod is rapidly turning into the early 21st century equivalent of the Maidenform Lady — you never know where one is goig to show up next.


Monday, July 10, 2006


FileMaker 8.5 Now Universal, Features Live Web Data

Among the new features in FileMaker Pro 8.5 is the ability to add a live web page to a record in your database using the Web Viewer Control.

Is Apple Feeling The Heat?

Apple has one of the strongest brands in the world. But are reported problems with some its newest products in danger of damaging that reputation?

Apple Delays Scandinavian iTunes Reaction

Hilary Rosen: Singing A New Song?

iPod Follows 'I Do' At Trendy Rites

Sue Lin Yee and Jeff Hawthorne wanted the music they loved, and they wanted to control how it was played.


dotMAC, Time For A Makeover?

The $99-a-year service in the words falls woefully short of Apple's otherwise high standards.


Parallels Desktop 1.0 For Mac OS X

People pondering the switch to a MacBook can rest assured that with the exception of USB device support and hardware accelerated 3-D applications, their needs will be well met by this little workhorse of a program.

Call of Duty 2

Optimizing AirPort Connectivity


The iPod Won Because Of The Macintosh?

Did Creative, Rio and other Windows-based MP3 players ever had a chance of winning?

Remember Apple did have its iPod only available for the Mac for quite a long time, before the MP3 player gained Windows compatibility? Plenty of time for all the other players to play catch-up, but they didn't. Why?

There is really only one major difference between a Macintosh PC and a WIndows PC at that time. One simple significant difference: FireWire. None of the ports on the average Windows PC at that time have a port that is as simple and as fast as FireWire, which bascially mean that none of the MP3 manufacturers can have something that has tons of storage and fast and simple to use.

The iPod gained popularity not just because Apple made the whole digital music ecosystem. It won because Apple also made the digital hub.

Maybe Creative shouldn't have gotten out of the PC-making business, eh? :-)

Rumor Today: Pages Looking More Like A Word Processor

I haven't used Pages — part of Apple's iWork suite — but the way I hear it being described is typically a strange beast that is more like a layout application rather than a word processing application, but is neither here nor there. Jack of all trades, but master of none, I guess.

But if rumors from ThinkSecret are accurate, Apple is realising this shortfall, and is fixing the problem in the next version of Pages. And if the spreadsheet does materialise, it seems that iWork '07 might well be the first really great version of the office suite.

Next on the to-do list: a Filemaker Lite?

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Mac Tetris Game Killed By The Tetris Company

"Quinn, probably the most attractive of all tetris clones, got a nastygram from The Tetris Company."

Taking On Apple The Creative Way

Apple Sneaks New Logic Board Into Whining MacBook Pros

They sort of skipped the first step: admitting they have a problem, but Apple is at least starting to patch stuff up with their customers who have been complaining about whining MacBook Pros since the release of the product.


The Mac OS X Tipping Point

The difference between the old Mac OS and Mac OS X isn't that it used to suck but now it's great. Th difference is that Mac OS X's appeal is broader; it is good in more ways than the old Mac OS was.

What's Better, Frequent Or Infrequent?

Saturday, July 8, 2006


Thrust Belt Imaging: The Tools For Accurate Seismic Imaging

"It was a no-brainer to pick Apple for the interpretive workstations."

Ed Burns: Risky Business

Final Cut Pro's protability paid off on the set, where Ed Burns could watch dailies on his PowerBook, but even more significantly when he decided to move post-production into a guest house on his Long Island property.

Analysts: Windows On Macs Will Not Open Corporate Doors

Needham and Company analyst Charles Wolf predicted that Apple's market share could triple in the home, yet he says that the same thing is not true of the corporate space.


Desired Feature In Leopard: Windows Migration Assistant

A Little iPod Privacy, Please!

Crazy Apple Rumors Site Skewers Week's News

What's Old Is New Again

By employing new technology and reinventing old ideas, there's no reason why Mac game makers can't continue to forge ahead and give their customers what they're looking for.


iMac Looks Good, Is Capable As Ever

If you want a computer that's capable, looks good enough to sit in your living room, and is easy enough to learn how to use, consider the new iMac.

Friday, July 7, 2006



Is Four Mac OS Launches In 5 Years Really A Good Thing?

Can Apple's Consumer MacBook Really Repalce Two PowerBooks And A ThinkPad?

Apples Are Not The Only Fruit

The market is young and customers' commitment may not yet be deep. Just as CDs prompted record-lovers to abandon their vast collections of vinyl, a rival to the iPod, were it good enough, could tempt audiophiles to abandon their iTunes collections — with or without help from France.

Did Apple Re-Invent The Anti-Virus?

What worries me is that we have, basically, re-invented anti-virus systems: provide "signatures" for rogue applications, perform a check against a known database and raise a red flag when the check returns positive. That, essentially, means one thing: there is no way to prevent damage.


MacBook Excels At Windows, OS X


DropTeam gives seasoned strategy veterans some realistic battlefield gaming — set on the surface of other planets.

iCorrect EditLab Pro 5.0: Photoshop Plug-In Makes Color Correction A Breeze

Its logically ordered, easy-to-use tools and integrated SmartColor technology give you multiple parts to the best color possible for your images.


Summer Reruns: What Will The Next Version Of Windows Media Player Be Named?

Remember the whole Macintosh licensing fiasco? Bascially, when Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he killed the Macintosh cloning scheme by changing the name of the OS, buying off Power Computing, made enemies out of partners, and created a lot of bad press.

Now, Microsoft is facing the same problem. All its partners — Creative, iRiver, Napster, MTV, etc — are not able to put any real dent to Apple's iPod+iTunes ecosystem, and Microsoft might well be making a big U-turn. Rumors are speculating that Microsoft will push for an iPod+iTunes clone, with the Redmond company providing "an end-to-end solution."

It will be interesting to see if Steve Ballmer is following the script laid out by Steve Jobs line by line. Will we see a brand new application that is not called Windows Media Player? Will we see Microsoft buying SanDisk or iRiver? Will we see Creative stop writing drivers for Windows, and move all their products to Mac? (Ha!)

One thing for sure is that we won't be seeing a lot of bad press. Why? Because the current strategy is obviously not working, and the new strategy is obviously working for Apple and Xbox. This is a very different situation with Apple's cloning business, where uncertainly loomed in all directions.

And let's all pray that the marketing team has seen the if-Microsoft-designed-the-iPod-box video.


Strategy Shift By Microsoft To Fight iPod

Music and video may be so crucial to how computers are used in the future that Microsoft cannot strategically afford to let Apple continue to hold the upper hand.

Microsoft Planning WiFi-Enabled Portable Media Player, Working On MVNO For Next Year

To attract current iPod users, Microsoft is going to let you download for free any songs you've already bought from the iTunes Music Store.

Thursday, July 6, 2006


Laptops Have Been Really Hot Lately

A string of laptop fires, sparked by faulty or overheated batteries, is raising concern with industry experts and computer manufacturer.

Apple, Creative Are 'Open To Settlement' Of Suits

Apple and Creative said in court papers they "remain open to the possibility" of ending their litigation battles over handheld music players.

Web Perils Advise Switch To Macs

Security threats to PCs with Microsoft Windows have increased so much that computer users should consider using a Mac, says a leading security firm.

Apple Sued For Stock Option Irregularities

Apple has been notified of two lawsuits regarding irregularities in the issurance of stock options, the company said on Wednesday. Both lawsuits make claims against current and former officers, and directors.


Alan Goes Back To The NYC Apple Store At Midnight For ProCare Support

Yes folks, you really can go to the Apple store in NYC on Fifth Avenue and get technical support 24 / 7.

Landmarks Commission Bites Apple — Should We Bite Back?

Apple pulled out of the deal.

You Don't Want To Be A Genius

There's plenty to hate about the job, much of it being the flip side of the customer satisfaction coin.


A More Complete iWork

According to rumors — Think Secret, specifically — the 2007's edition of iWork will finally feature a spreadsheet application.

Spreadsheet is the killer app that sold Apple IIs. So it is a bit sad to see such an application haven't been added to iWork for such a long time already.

Steve Jobs mentioned that Keynote, the first component of iWork, was built specifically for him. Does that mean that Steve doesn't really use a spreadsheet at Apple?


Sources: Microsoft To Launch iPod Rival By Christmas

The new player wil let users download music and videos over the air, according to one source, a feature which would give it an edge over the iPod. Microsoft has also been showing a new media software, developing an application akin to Apple's iPod/iTunes integrated ecosystem, according to another source.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006


Apple Lauches 17" iMac For Education

Apple has launched a new configuration of the 17-inch iMac that's designed specifically for education customers.

Presure On iTunes May Spread

Other European countries question the legality of Apple's business model.


Apple Phones Home, Too


Get Out Of The Office, Now!

Remember the good old days of DOS? Once you are done with your work, you just remove your floppies, and you hit that big red button, and you are out of your office immediately.

Today, there's no longer a big red button. Instead, you search for that men item called "Shut Down", select it, and...

... well, you wait. And wait. You'll have to wait for all your applications to shut down. Your Microsoft Office. Your e-mail client. Your IM client. Your RSS client. Your iTunes. And then, you'll have to wait for all your background applications to shut down.

5 minutes later, it finally powers off.

Someone should do a study on all the lost productivity — leisure time productivity — that we lost due to the longer and longer shutdown sequences. And Steve Jobs can use that number to tout the great OS X, when it finally gets a proper hibernation feature.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Apple Mulls Fench Monopoly Options

Analysts are awaiting Apple's response to a new French law that requires the company to make purchased downloaded music compatible for all players.


The Mystery Of The Burnt Thighs

The natives were restless, and Apple was backpedaling on using the MacBook Pro or other notebook computer on your lap.


Video Timecode Calculators

WingNuts 2: Raina's Revvenge

A fantastic sequel to one of Macdom's most beloved original games, WingNuts 2 is a worthy successor — and it includes tools for crafting your own sceanarios, too.


New Look Macintosh

We haven't had any new computer enclosures from Apple for a while. Until now, that is. Well, perhaps.

Think Secret is speculating a new enclosure for the new Mac Pro, to be released this WWDC next month. This will be followed by new enclosures for the MacBooks Pro (MacBook Pros? MacBook Pro's?) later, continues the rumor site.

The question, of course, is: will there be any flower themes this year? What's next after flower power and sunflower?

Monday, July 3, 2006


US State Buys Students iBooks, Not MacBooks

New Nano Faces Hurdles, But Delays Unconfirmed

Engineers working on the hardware design of Apple's second-generation iPod nano are facing several technical challenges, but it's currently unclear whether the obstacles will delay the player's release.

Apple iBook Users Complain At Lack Of Character

Apple faces yet more investigation in Denmark, where fifty furious Mac users have launched a complaint with the Danish Consumer Rights Board. They claim that Apple Denmark has denied the exchange of faulty keyboards on PowerBooks and iBooks.


You Can Make Book On MacBook's Success

It's been too long since Apple sold a black notebook computer, and framing a computer screen in flat black rather than silver or white makes it a lot easier to look at in the humble opinion of your friendly gadget columnist.

Sunday, July 2, 2006


Hard-Core Mac Fans Rise Early For Apple Opening

iTunes Isn't Just For Audio Anymore

Falling Out Of Love With iPod?

Apple's iPod portable music player may be losing its luster among consumers, even in England, some analysts say.


Canaries In The Mac OS X And Red Hat Coal Mines?

The Amazing Auto-Muting Headphone Jack

When I pulg in my headphones, the volume icon in the menubar suddenly unmutes.


Making Promises

If I am a shareware/freeware software developer, I will be very hesitant to publish any form of roadmap of what my software will become in years ahead. Sure, I'll probably aim to be transparent — I'm fixing this bug, I'm adding that feature. But roadmap? Not really.

Why is that? Because I feel that as a user, I should always assume that there will not be a next versioin of the software. The software developer might die from a horrible accident. The development shop might close shop because somebody sued it for patent infringement. Or the earth might crash into the sun. If I work in an IT department, I should always plan for what I have now, rather from what I have in three years' time.

As such, I am really on two-sides regarding Apple's secrecy. I see nothing wrong, although I would very much like to see what's next in the iPod and MacBook world.

Saturday, July 1, 2006


The Job-Less Factor

Industry analysts evaluate Apple's decision with and without Steve Jobs at the helm.

Options Probe Not Likely To Hurt Apple: Report

Apple Breathes Easier Over France's iTunes Law

Parliament adopts diluted version of law, which could have prevented companies such as Apple from restricting content to their branded equipment.

Apple's Says Foxconn Investigation Remains Open

Contrary to reports published earlier this week, Apple says its investigation into working conditions at Chinese factories taht build its iPod digital music players is not over.

Graham Watson: Breaking Away

"20 or 30 years ago I would actually go to the Tour de France and come back after three weeks with 40 rolls of films in my pocket. Nobody wanted pictures immediately — they kind of expected to wait. That's all changed with digital."


Keep Your Mac Cool This Summer

Now that summer is upon us, here are some ways to keep your Macs cool.

Parallels Desktop For Mac


The Power Of The Crowd

If everyone of us flash-mob down to, say, the Glass Cube at NYC, do you think Steve Jobs will give us some juicy discounts on the latest MacBook Pro?

Well, hey, if the Chinese can do it, so can we? Can't we?

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