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Thursday, July 13, 2006


The Business Of iPods

Analysts and repair shop managers said the iPod repairs industry is growing because iPods are easy to break and tough to repair.

Why Dell, Apple Declined

There's growing concern that the U.S. computer industry is in for a bigger slump than previously thought.

Apple Limits $899 Edu iMac Availability

The entry-level configuration is no longer available to individuals, though instituions can still purchase the sysems.

Podcasts Popular In The Holodeck

To whom should you be targeting your podcasts? Apple Computer users, Trekkies and maybe Nike lovers, according to a new survey.

Apple Won't Appeal Case Against Online Journalists

Apple Stock Falls On Analyst Warning

Apple's stock dropped almost five percent in trading today after Credit Suisse First Boston analyst Robert Semple said he expects the company's fiscal fourth-quarter numbers to fall short of Wall Street expectations.


Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs

The issue for Microsoft is that all of a sudden its users who have bought their first Mac will be exposed to a new operating system which will enable them to do most of the tasks that they have been doing on Windows. Plus the new operating system will be less susceptible to malware, easy to use and have excellent inbuilt features that home users like.

Where's Auto-Save 2.0?

My Stained MacBok (And What Apple Did About It)

Good show, Apple. Recognizing what everyone expected you to brush off as "cosmetic damage" as the manufacturing defect that it was and deciding to do something about it.

Learning From The French iTunes Legislation

Apple Beleagured Once Again?

Use My iPod?! Are You Nuts?!

Sometimes I wish Apple would sacrifice a teeny-weeny bit of the image for some workhorse function. I'd like to be able to put the iPod in my damned pocket without fear that it will be scratched by the lint therein. That's all.


Fatal Attractions

Some people have been predicting that Mac OS X will get its "healthy" dose of viruses and worms if the operating system gets popular.

Well, we don't know about that, cause anyway it looks, OS X's marketshare is still no where that high. What we do know is that as Apple the company gets popular, it is attracting its share of lawsuits.


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