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Monday, July 17, 2006


Filmmakers Use iPods To Educate Gallery-Goers At Exhibit

Local filmmakers using new technique to educate gallery-goers at exhibit.

Shift To Computers Could Boost Apple Shares - Barron's

Shares of Apple could rebound over the next year as interest in the company's Macintosh computers picks up, Barron's financial newspaper reproted on Sunday.

Why Your Boss May Fear iPods

A new survey by Ipsos-Reid suggests if you work for a mid-sized to large Canadian business, there's almost a one-in-three chance your boss is telling you to leave your iPod at home.

Digital Surge Sees Jobs Overtake Murdoch In Media League

Steve Jobs is shaking up the established order in the media industry, with the annual MediaGuardian 100 power list today showing him leapfrogging News Corp mogul Rupert Murdoch into second place.

Player Upgrades, New Devices On Music Horizon

If the rampant speculation over the digital music plans of Microsoft and Apple are to be believed, the digital music landscape is about to change radically in the very near future.

For Apple, Europe Becoming A Tougher Customer


Peering Inside The Aluminum Ball: Woodcrest, Conroe, And The "Pro" Macs

I think Apple's CPU choice is clear cut. Strange as it sounds, the Xeon 5100 series is the best fit for the Mac. If Apple wants to keep the Quad name alive, it's the only option.

Killing Podcasting One VC Dollar At A Time

It's the individual connection between the producer and the subscriber that makes podcasats different from other forms of media. So diminishing that ability diminishes the medium as a whole.

Apple: Set .Mac Free (You'll Make More Money!)

Hard Knock Life For Apple: iPod Killer Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

Let's not forget what happened to Microsoft this month, after their refusal to reveal the source code for Windows: they were fined with a record sum by the European Union and other fines are already on track to being applied. This is what you get for messing with the EU and Apple should fear that or at least take into consideration.


Use Different

It's How-To Monday here in Mac news land! Here're three things you can do with your Mac tonight.

1. Use Apple iSight camera to take pictures through a telescope, and see the moon.

2. Turn your old Mac into speakers for your iPod, and fall asleep with a podcast or two.

3. Read a book with your PowerBook as a lamp for those nights where PDF books don't cut it.

I'll have to ask this question though: Where are the iMac-fish-tanks? Granted, you'll need some very thin fishes nowadays...


Argo & Microsoft's Portable Dreams

Microsoft knows Apple's model of tying a seamless experience of hardware, software and services has proven to be a winning combination in this market, and more importantly, they can't afford to let Apple have unrivaled dominance in an area that will be crucial in the connected home of the future.

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