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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


OpenDarwin Closes Up Shop

iTunes Kiosk Solution In Development

Australia software and hardware developer, 22Moo, has confirmed it is developing an iTunes kiosk for public places.

Apple And Facebook Make 250m iTunes Song Deal

Be Nice To Your Mac — It's Feeling Vulnerable Right Now

Schools Make Content Available To Public

As the use of portable music players such as Apple's popular iPod continues to grow, some forward-thinking universities — and even a few K-12 institutions — are expanding their use of Apple's iTunes U course management system to make their content available to the general public.


Mac Is Back In The Big League

For this WWDC, I'd be content to find that Apple has paved the way for its developers and high-end server and workstation users to build their own bridges over whatever gaps exist between OS X and new Intel Macs' hardware capabilities, I expect to be content.


Intel Inside But Still An Apple Mac

Apple's commitment to quality goes beyond designing eye-catching enclosures.

Legion Arena


Microsoft Is Copying Apple's Playbook In More Ways Than One

It's Kill-The-Clones fiasco all over again. Didn't we hear this line before: Oh, our partners are not growing the market, so we are taking it all back and doing it ourselves... Instead of calling it System 7.5/PlayForSure, we will call it Mac OS 8/Zune!

The question then is: who will be the Power Computing of 2006, and who will be the DayStar Digital of 2006?

Monopoly Isn't What Is Used To Be

One of the joy of playing Monopoly (the board game) is to throw all your money at your opponents (literally) when you've win them all.

Well, no more. You get to use a little VISA debit card now...

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