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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Apple At Neuroscience 2006

Where can you meet a professor who figured out how to use 2 Mac optical mice and a ping-pong ball to record and measure the direction and velocity of insects as they respond, and don't respond, to sounds?

Apple Granted Three Patents: Speaker Equalization, Speech Recognition, More

Scientists Suggest iPod Safe Volume Levels

Estimation is that a typical person could safely listen to the iPod for 4.6 hours at 70 percent of full volume using the supplied earphones without greatly increasing the risk of hearing loss.

Is Steve Jobs Safe?

Apple's terse and vague disclosure left many unanswered questions about Jobs' role and the tainted options he received.

Some Video iPods Shipped With Windows Virus

Apple on Tuesday said that some video iPods that shipped after September 12, 2006 contained a known Windows virus. Apple recommends attaching the video iPod to your computer and running the anti-virus software and then restore the iPod using iTunes 7.


The Art Of Business Vs. The Business Of Art

Why is Apple sitting on a problem that will surely launch the company's ass when it finally blows up in the mainstream media (which it surely will)?

Not So Mighty

Why Do I Use A Mac?

New Battery Life For Old 5G iPods

One of the update's most unheralded features is actually the one that impresses me most: a huge improvement in iPod battery life.

Addition Through Acquisition


Hands On With Apple's Intel MacPro

The Intel MacPro is a great first-version of a new technology. We're excited to see where the lineup goes next.

Contribute 4.0: Web Page Editor Adds Blogging Capabilities


An iPod For My Birthday?

I will be really surprised if Apple didn't come out with a new iPod before Microsoft's Zune launches.

Steve Jobs, I believe, will like to steal Zune's thunder.

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