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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Slingbox For Mac Now Available In Beta

Apple's New iPod Nano Causes Waves Around The Web

Ringtones And iTunes Saving Australian Music Market

IBISWorld General Manager (Australia), Mr Jason Baker, said digital music distribution holds the key to the industry's future survival and success.

iTunes Code Hack No Hit For Music Sellers

FastMac Ships Higher-Capacity MacBook Pro Battery

Greek Mac Users Demand Support

New And Improved

MondoMouse: Gives your mouse super powers.

Speedflow Edit: PDF file modificationa nd prepress production.


Ejecting Discs The Mac Way

The mystery of the missing Eject button.

Why Is It When You Go Mac, You Don't Go Back?

Echo Chamber Tars Apple

It's my impression that Apple's quality control is no better or worse than before — we're just hearing about it more.

Goodbye Windows Dev - Hello Apple!

Apple's API is as much a work of design-art as their OS and hardware.

Implications Of Adobe's Intel-Only Soundbooth

The point of Apple's developer push was not switching to Intel, it was cleaning out assumptions about the underlying chip. That's why the key word they use is Universal.

Macs Now Have Plenty Of Muscle For Serious Computer Users

iPod Etiquette

Here are some basic guidelines for enjoying your music without sacrificing your manners.


Delicious Library 1.6.3

iPod Hi-Fi Review

Verdict: It's a boom box done by Apple. Sure, it rocks.

Understanding Mac OS X's Login Passwords

For many of us, the login password is the password we're asked to supply most frequently, and it's one cause of significant confusion and grief among Mac users.

Apple's Email Solution

My Green Bundle Of Joy

I love this little green nano.

Razer ProClick V1.6: Precision Mice Aren't Just For Gaming Anymore

The Razer ProClick v1.6 is a tethered mouse that features terrific precision and software that lets you program both its sensitivity and its seven buttons.

Inside The Mac Pro: RAM

Monday, October 30, 2006


Greenpeace Reaction To MacExpo Ejection

Greenpeace has responded to being ejected from the MacExpo in London saying it was "a totally over-the-top reaction".

Apple Has Maths Library Problem

It looks like Apple has a problem with its math libraries in OS X 10.4.8 on Intel.

A Bruised Apple

Computer maker is showing cracks in its product quality.

2G Shuffle Finally Shipping

New And Improved

NovaMind: To conduct and record the outcomes of brainstorming sessions.


My MacBook Pro, Week 1

There's definitely a learning curve.

Think Secret Foiled Again

It never ceases to amaze me how the Mac rumour site "Think Secret" can throw out a random rumour, call it fact and have everyone pick up on it.

Steven Levy Talks About His iPod Book

New Apple Patent Art I Show You Here May Point To iPod With Camera

Dear Apple, Please Don't Screw Up My iPhone!

Here's my humble list of requests for a smartphone.

I Like Macs. Why Don't You?

Mostly I like the way Macs pretty much just let me do what I need to do without demanding much in the way of maintenance or attention.

Lessons Learned From Nearly Twenty Years At Apple

The first thing I picked up at Apple is that you are your own best resource.

A Tale Of One iPod

Does Apple Have A Blogging Policy?

If Apple really believes what Chuq says, they can relax a bunch, the blogosphere is smart enough to discern between a spokesperson and a plain old person.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Call To Exempt iPod 'Rippers' From Prosecution

Small Dog Electronics Speaks Out On Theft-In-Transit, Credit Card Fraud And More

FairGame Strips iTunes DRM WIth iMovie

New And Improved

CleanApp: Thouroughly deletes programs.

Task List 4: Takin' care of homework.


Why No PowerPC Support In Soundbooth?

At the end of the day, instead of supporting only Windows, Adobe is bringing a new app to the Mac. As a Mac user, I think that's great news.

Apple Gets What Sprint Doesn't

As a regular customer Apple has kept me totally informed about new services as they release them.

Objective-C: First Impressions

I still consider myself very new to the language and to Xcode, but I'm equally as impressed with what Apple offers developers here.

Annoying Things About My Mac...

Saturday, October 28, 2006


The Case Of The Vanished iSight Indicator

The iSight indicator has now been integrated directly into the bezel.

Macs On The Rebound

Apple is now quickly expanding its presence at colleges and universities, ccording to experts who track both student purchasing and institutional trends.

New And Improved

NoteTaker: Organize your information lifestyle, your digital workstyle.

MediaCentral: Turns your Mac into the ultimate home theater system.



Inside The Mac pro: Hard Drives

With four easy-to-access hard drive bays, Mac Pro offers room to grow.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Apple Escapes Nasdaq De-Listing For Now

A company filing with the US Securities and exchange on 24 October reveals Apple has two months to resolve its current predicament regarding a number of dodgy options grants.

Apple Hides 802.11n In New MacBook Pros

Apple's Move To Intel Puts In The Spec War

For the first time, Apple's customers can now directly compare the specifications of the company's Macintosh computers — and their prices — with those offered by Dell or Hewlett-Packard.

Mac Expo London - End Of Day One

Wow, what a busy day.

Greenpeace Thrown Out Of MacExpo

security staff and event management forcibly ejected Greenpeace members and closed down their stand during the first day of the MacExpo in London.

Apple Bolsters Leopard Interface, Security

Apple's Mac OS X 10.5 operating system upgrade, code-named Leopard, will feature a new application performance measuring tool named Xray, new security enhancements and a long-rumored resolution-independent user interface.

The New, Improved .Mac Webmail Is Here

The Boss Puts The iPod To Work

Companies give the device to employees for business use.

MacBook Firmware Update Fixes Shutdown Issue

Apple on Thursday released a firmware update for its MacBook like of computers that fixes a problem that caused the MacBook to shutdown without warning.

New And Improved

iShowU: Capture and record anything you can see on your screen, along with audio from a compatible source (like a microphone).

ProfCast: Recording and publishing your live presentation.

Ishmael: Narrate over still photos or PDF files to create QuickTime video footage.

Audiobook Builder: Tool for moving your audiobook collection to your iPod.


iTunes Movie Store? Thanks But No Thanks.

So thanks for the effort, Apple... but frankly, I'm hard-pressed to spot a gap in my regime that an iTunes Movie Store can truly spackle.

DoubleTwisting iTunes' DRM


Inside iTunes 7

First Look At .Mac Webmail

The new .Mac mail is an improvement — but a disappointing evolutionary one for a company that has been so revolutionary.


OmniDazzle makes a versatile addition to any presenter or teacher's arsenal.

Apple's New Xserve — Now With With Dual-Core Xeon Goodness

Design, performance improvements will make data center managers happy.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Apple Releases iPod Shuffle Reset Utility

Apple iPod Will Dominatte For Next 12 To 18 Months

Apple's iPod will dominate the digital media device market in the next 12 to 18 months even as Microsoft introduces a competing music player, according to a JupiterResearch report.

Adobe Releases Public Beta Of Soundbooth Audio App

Adobe on Thursday will unveil the public beta of Soundbooth, a new audio application the company says is targeted to creative professionals that need to work with audio. Soundbooth will target the same professional market as Apple's SoundTrack Pro, but Adobe believes they will have an edge with Soundbooth.

Final Cut Express HD 3.5.1

From Your iPod To The Stereo With Bluetooth

Belkin's TuneStage II lets you beam music wirelessly to the stereo over a Bluetooth connection from as far as 30 feet away.

Unpatched Macs Face Blutetooth Root Exploit

New And Improved

My Money Minder: Keep track of all your expenses, income and bank account balances.

Quiz Press 1.5: Make your own quizzes that you can put on the web or print out for classroom use.

xTimeProject4: Tool for keeping track of the time you spend, related expenses, to do items for your daily tasks and projects.

MahJong Tradition: Think of it as a kind of Gin Rummy, but far less boring.


Apple, Tear Down This Wall

As iPod turns five, it's time to rekindle the debate over music download formats and ask again whether iTunes is too restrictive.

Apple Chomper

How Nokia can knock the iPod from its perch.

The White Wonder

Has the iPod really sparked a revolution?

Glorious iPod Puts Personality In Pockets

Beyond its technical and commercial revolutions, the iPod succeeded wildly because, as Levy notes reportedly, the device transcends mere gizmodom through its unique bond with the user.

Apple Press Photos CollectionC irca 1976-1985


Making iTunes More Social

Free add-on software displays listening habits of friends in real time.

The Missing Sync For Palm OS 5.1: HotSync Alternative Syncs iLife Apps With PDAs And Smart Phones

Firefox 2.0: A Second First Look

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Apple's Intel Xserves Slip To Mid-Nov

Apple To Double OpenGL Performance On A Mac

Apple seems set to unleash much-improved OpenGL performance within Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Adobe Launches Flex Builder 2 For Mac

Flex 2 is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to create "Rich Internet Applications" based on the ubiquitous Flash technology.

More Thievery At Apple's Company Store

The fleecing at the Apple corporate store continued Monday with the theft of two more iPods and 10 software packages from the employee store inside the headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino.

With Firefox 2, Mozilla Touts Security And Speed

Mozilla officially released Firefox 2 on Tuesday afternon, adding security features and a new interface.

MacBooks Driving Apple's Computer Sales

With its highest ever quarter for Mac shipments on the books and a rising computer market share, Apple executives said its portable computers are responsible for over 60 percent of the reported shipments.

New And Improved

Firefox 2: Faster, more secure, and fully customizable to your online life.

PDFpen: Fill out forms, split, combine, sign and search PDFs with ease.

Jotz 1.3: Fully featured notepad, light-duty database.


Paul Vs Apple


The Role Of Accessories In The iPod's Success

My TV Has Its Own Computer

HD and Macs and cable, Bluteooth, RSS and TCP/IP. All these technologies come together in my home entertainment center.

Apple Upgrades Spoiled By Intel Roadmap

The times, they are a'changin'.

In Retrospect: Reflections On 5 Years Of iPod


REALbasic 2006 Release 4 - Review


This iPod User Rocks

Google Earth spotters have discovered a strange rock formation in the prairies of central Canada that resembles a native American in headdress listening to an iPod.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The Perfect Thing

Five years ago, Apple engineers used foam core and old fishing weights to craft a model of a new MP3 player. The age of the iPod was about to begin.

MacBook Pros Now Have Intel 2 Duo Processors

Apple has updated its entire 17- and 15-inch MacBook Pro range of notebooks to include new Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

New And Improved

Skype: Make video calls to anyone on Skype, great quality video that just works, all for free of course.

Blue Giant: Multitrack audio recording application.

Crossword Forge: Make your own interactive web puzzles.

Jack-O-Latern Screen Saver: No getting your hands dirty carving the real thing.

Why Vertical Integration Is All The Rage

In a marketplace that offers a bewildering array of hardware, software and services, the company that joins the dots stands a chance of winning, says Jack Schofield.

Apple Goes Back To Its Core In Touting Macs

Capitalizing on its iPod chic — and with a lineup of Macs transformed last spring with Intel chips to talk about — Apple again has been flexing its marketing muscle behind its computers.

The Apple iPod Turns Five

No other media player has come close to its success since its launch in 2001. Where will the iPod go in the next five years?

Apple's iPod Looks Great At 5 Years Old

Nothing even comes close to unseating the iPod as No. 1 portable media player.


How Did We Ever Live Without The iPod?

It's love.

Happy Birthday, iPod: Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate You

To My Best Friend: Happy Birthday!

Steve Jobs, what a proud dad you are today.

Analysis: iPod At 5 Is Still The Top Dog

Found: 1 Black 30 GB Video iPod. Is It Yours?

It's interesting to me how Apple actually makes it hard for me to be a good Samaritan in this case.


Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Trnasportable iTunes And iPhoto Libraries

Monday, October 23, 2006


How The iPod Changed Apple's Fortunes

Unlocking The iPod

Jon Johansen became a geek hero by breaking the DVD code. Now he's liberating iTunes — whether Apple likes it or not.

Five Years Of iPod

It's become a part of my everyday life as well as my personal history.

Timeline: iPodding Through The Years

The iPod began life modestly, getting trotted out before the press in a small theater at Apple's headquarters. These days, it's a major attraction, drawing hundreds of reporters to a media event last month in San Francisco that featured appearances by the CEO of Disney and R&B singer John Legend. Here's what happened in between to make the iPod the rock star it is today.

iPod Thrives, But So Does The Mac

The advent of the earbud nation has to some extend overshadowed Apple's more venerable stalwart product, the very one from which this publication takes it name and upon which Apple built an empire: the Mac.

iPod Has 68mn Users In 5 Years

The iPod Revolution

Five years ago Steve Jobs said his new music player would transform the world. He was right.

Apple Attacked Over Stock Scandal

Steve Wozniak has called for Apple to compensate shareholders hit by a scandal over stock options.


So, This Guy At The Apple Store San Francisco Is A Jerk

Not Polite Conversation But Law Firms Should Follow Apple's Strategy

Five Years Hence

I thought that I, as an interested outside observer, might offer some ideas of what I'd like to see happen in the iPod world during the next five years.

Five Reasons The iPod Succeeded

From its interface to its DRM, Apple's device was destined for greatness.

Really Switching: Using A Mac Like A Mac

Someone Help Me I Am Becoming A Mac Zealot

The iPod As A Reflection Of You

Apple's music player is the best realization of our culture of self-construction.

Congratulations, Apple

Apple's strong results reinforces the notion that people at the Cupertino-based company understand things about human demand that others (myself included) don't.

iPod: I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change

Apple's ingenious music player is 5 years old — gorgeous, exciting, tempting. So why do I often wish it had never been invented?


Little nano Beats All Of Apple's New iPods

Sunday, October 22, 2006


A Little Byte Of Apple At The Core Of Microsoft

A small grop of Mac fans deep in Microsoft country have trouble expressing their allegiance. On the one hand, they are full-core Microsoft employees, but on the other hand they love Mac computers. Welcome to the Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit, MacBU (affectionately pronouned Macboo).

The Ubiquitous iPod Has Become A Form Of Expression For People

Five years is like 20 in digital entertainment, and the iPod has already left an Apple-shaped imprint on the world.

Happy Birthday, iPod

A Messy Age For Music

Confusion reigns in the expanding digital world.

C4 Commenceth (Day One)


Changing Her Tune On Apple's iPod

I've bascially stopped buying music because I'm stuck at a digital music divide.

Once A Skeptic, Now Baptized Into The Mac

My conversion to iPod is like a proverb: You can't criticize something for being "too easy."

Digital, Our Song For The Ages

This is not to priase the iPod so much as to point out that the demand for such a thing was there in 2001.


Some Eye-Openers From The iPod Line

Design Flaws With The New MacBook Pro Intel - My Personal Experience

I had to tame it and it frustrated me to have to spend that much time to make it works well enough to work with.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


UBS: Buy Into Apple Ahead Of Macworld

Analysts for UBS Investment Research are thrilled with what they're seeing from Apple in recent quarters and are urging investors to buy shares of the company ahead of January's insanity-induced Macworld trade show in San Francisco.

Apple's iPod Is Turning 5

The ubiquitous device has sparked frantic growth for Apple - and revolutionized the music business.

King Britt: Seeing Music


iPod Turns 5. Competitors Turn Stomachs. And Apple's Just Gettin' Warmed Up

MacBook Shutdowns: Case (Finally) Closed?

My MacBook is working fine. But rather than being relieved and happy, I'm paranoid and suspicious — and probably will be until I get through, oh, about sixty days without a shutdown.

Apple And Its Customers

By not taking care of the problems quickly, as if the customers matter, Apple makes the customers stupid for having chosen the product. Sooner or later the smart people have to go elsewhere, even if they would prefer to use a Mac.



Ultimately, Aradrome is a trifle — there's not a lot of gameplay involved. But its "twitch factor" — the level of raw, kinetic action you'll find here — makes it a fun diversion worth checking out.


$30,000 Apple Logo

Is this the world's most expensive yet most low-res Apple logo ever created? :-)

Friday, October 20, 2006


iPod At Five: The Little Gadget That Could

The Macintosh may be the soul of Apple Computer, but the iPod is its wallet.

Is Mac Growth In Business World Next For High-Flying Apple?

Microsoft: Excuses On iPod Virus Not Credible

Security professionals, including Microsoft's own product release virus scanning chief, called Apple's efforts to deflect blame onto Microsoft misleading and said the batch of factory-infected iPods reveals a lack of throughness in the company's manufacturing process.


Why I Can't Stand iTunes As A Podcatcher - Don't Stop Updating Podcasts!

Note to Apple - don't take away my control like this!

Why I Love Apple (And Why I Hate Them Too)

Jackasses Of The Week: Gartner Analysts Mark Stahlman And Charles Smulders

Telling Apple to abandon their computer hardware business might just be the worst possible advice Gartner could plausibly offer.


Manage iPhoto Libraries

iPhoto Library Manager is a must-have utility for those who love iPhoto but whose photo collections have outgrown iPhoto's practical capabilities.

Aperture 1.5: Apple's Photo Workflow Application Gains Flexibility

Apple addressd most of the design shortcomings that have kept many photographers away from Aperture.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Another Music Phone? Yawn...

What if Apple made a cell phone and no one cared? Talk of the elusive iPhone heats up again, but analysts see marketplace obstacles.

Apple's Big Mac

Record-breaking quarterly sales of the Mac are putting Apple into the running for a top computer-maker spot.

Bloggers Dismayed At Apple's Response To iPod Virus

Bloggers are not mincing words about Apple's iPod virus gaffe.

Apple's iPod Virus Response Draws Fire

Security and quality assurance experts reacted negatively to Apple's efforts Tuesday to blame manufacturing problems that resulted in iPods shipping with a virus that affects Microsoft's Windows operating system.

Gartner: Apple Should Quit Hardware Business

The future success of Apple, Dell and Intel lies with a licensing deal between Steve Jobs' company and the PC maker, according to analyst Gartner.

Laptop Makers Looking For Battery Alternatives

However, few alternatives to today's lithium ion batteries exist yet: Promised fuel cell technology for notebooks remains stuck in research labs.

Apple Reports $546 Million Profit

Posting a $546 million profit on $4.84 billion revenue, the companys aid the results are preliminary and may be subject to significant adjustment as a result of a likely restatement of historical results. Mac shipments were also the highest in the company's history, according to Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer.


An Ongoing Saga Of Apple's Customer Neglect

I won't say that I'll stop using Macs, but I will continue to be a self-laothing Mac user for as long as Apple continues to treat me, and a growing majority of its customers and supporters like the enemy.

The End Of The Bunker Mentality

It's taken 22 years, but being a Mac user no longer carries the baggage it used to carry.

Apple Reports Record Revenues (Again) - But Is It Enough?

Apple's Lemon

Apple's DVR Dilemma

Treating iTV as a television product disconnected from programming would repeat the mistakes of other PC digital bridges, increasing the complexity of the TV experience rather than simplifying it.

Apple Stores Are Brilliant


Discover Safe Sleep's Secrets

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Apple At Neuroscience 2006

Where can you meet a professor who figured out how to use 2 Mac optical mice and a ping-pong ball to record and measure the direction and velocity of insects as they respond, and don't respond, to sounds?

Apple Granted Three Patents: Speaker Equalization, Speech Recognition, More

Scientists Suggest iPod Safe Volume Levels

Estimation is that a typical person could safely listen to the iPod for 4.6 hours at 70 percent of full volume using the supplied earphones without greatly increasing the risk of hearing loss.

Is Steve Jobs Safe?

Apple's terse and vague disclosure left many unanswered questions about Jobs' role and the tainted options he received.

Some Video iPods Shipped With Windows Virus

Apple on Tuesday said that some video iPods that shipped after September 12, 2006 contained a known Windows virus. Apple recommends attaching the video iPod to your computer and running the anti-virus software and then restore the iPod using iTunes 7.


The Art Of Business Vs. The Business Of Art

Why is Apple sitting on a problem that will surely launch the company's ass when it finally blows up in the mainstream media (which it surely will)?

Not So Mighty

Why Do I Use A Mac?

New Battery Life For Old 5G iPods

One of the update's most unheralded features is actually the one that impresses me most: a huge improvement in iPod battery life.

Addition Through Acquisition


Hands On With Apple's Intel MacPro

The Intel MacPro is a great first-version of a new technology. We're excited to see where the lineup goes next.

Contribute 4.0: Web Page Editor Adds Blogging Capabilities


An iPod For My Birthday?

I will be really surprised if Apple didn't come out with a new iPod before Microsoft's Zune launches.

Steve Jobs, I believe, will like to steal Zune's thunder.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Apple Filing For iPhone Trademarks Worldwide

To summarise, we can confirm that Apple has been filing for the iPhone trademarks in Australia, Canada, the European Union, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom. In addition, it looks like Apple is also, via a third party, applying for iPhone trademarks in Hong Kong and the United States.

Macs Ready For Marketshare Explosion, Researchers Claim

Universal Confirms Music Fans Want Rare Tracks Online

Universal Music has seen significant success in releasing back-catalogue and out-of-print music through digital music services, including iTunes.

Straight Dope On The iPod's Birth

Thanks to Apple's perchant for CIA-like secrecy, there are several myths concerning the birth of the iPod.

IBM/Lenovo, Apple Top Supprot Firm's Hardware Reliability Ratings

MacBook Owners Organize Against Apple On Sudden Shutdown Problem

Apple Files iPhone Trademark, Heads Explode

Gigabit Ethernet ExpressCard Comes To MacBook Pro

iBlue Turns Mac Into IP-Based PBX

Apple Acquires Silicon Color

Silicon Coor developed professional color finishing software for film and video editors working on Macs.


Apple's Xserve Xeon: Built To Fall Apart

I was struck by perferctly Xserve Xeon was designed, and in particular by how easily it comes apart.

Will Leopard Get Buried By Vista Buzz?

If you were counting on Leopard gaining an advantage from shipping before Vista, it looks like you're out of luck.

Something Old, Something New

Great Customer Service...

All in all, I spent about 30 minutes in the Apple store, and all I did was tell them my problem and they fixed it without a single question.

Et Tu, Tim Cook?

Read: He's already running the place.

Out Of One Little Typo, A Kerfuffle Was Born

You might think that sort of thing is okay on the internet, Larry — God knows there's enough precedent for believing so — but the web isn't the old west any more. These days, you shovel horse manure, folks gonna complain about the stink.

Losing Faith Of A New MacBook

I'm losing faith on Apple hardware.

Is Apple's Option's Scandal Over

The options issue at Apple is not over, no matter how much the company wants the market to think it is.

Rambings On Digital Education

I Just Can't Help Myself

One Of Those Times I'm Glad I Have A Mac

What are the things that really make me happy to be a Mac user?

My Experience With ProCare

The question comes down to this: Is this proper treatment from Apple for simply buying a ProCare membership? Shouldn't all customers be treated equally, at least in certain politeness and level-of-service respects?



NewsFire offers some unique extra features and still won't overwhelm users who want a simple news reader.

Photomatix: A Virtual Magic Wand

Pangea Arcade

All in all, Pangea Arcade is a competent and mostly fun reinterpretation of classic arcade games; Firefall left me wanting, though.

Monday, October 16, 2006


'Does Music Still Matter? Yes... And No!'

Mac Sales Climb In Q4, Analysts Say

Classroom Is An iPod?

Podcasts of class lectures may be a possibility in the near future thanks to an increased access to technology.

Apple's No. 2 Has Low Profile, High Impact

Timothy D. Cook's low profile notwithstanding, his contributions at Apple have earned him enough notice within technolgy circles that he is routinely solicited for CEO jobs, although the 45-year-old has voiced no near-term plans to leave Apple, say people who know him.

Marquette One Of The First Schools To Use iPod For Tours

Digital Rights In Question As Business Model

If the music industry truly wants to loosen Apple's iron grip on digital music sales, it should start allowing music to be sold without digital rights management protection. That's the theory posited by several music services these days in response to the whipping they're taking from the dominant iTunes Store.

'Good For The Soul'

With iPod's fifth birthday around the corner, Steve Jobs discusses the MP3 player's design, the cool factor and the imapct on how we listen to music.


Apple More Secure Than Windows NT?

With exploit code for an OS X vulnerability released recently and a compromised Australian university Mac server caught hosting malware in August, it may be time Apple admitted its platform is no more secur ethan any other.

Apple And Microsoft; A Tale Of Two Piracy Fighters

A recent interview between Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Newsweek editor Steven Levy was most instructive with respect to the differences between Apple and Microsoft with respect to fighting piracy of music and software.

Weeding Out The Wi-Fi Scams

A Consultant Who LIes? Well Shut My Mouth

Larry Bodine: Attorney At Flaw

Flame: My Birthday Present To Me

In summary: you are fundamentally only interested in using Microsoft products, and you find that your experience o a Mac using nothing written by Apple and everything by Microsoft is sub-par. Wow! I am SHOCKED!

Why I Got A MacBook...

The main kicker of the Mac to me is OS X. The operating system is built upon FreeBSD which makes me like it even more. The GUI is far superior to any versions of Windows I have used.

Why I Switched

I discovered after a short time that I was no longer using my Windows desktop PC at all, but spending all my computing time on my iBook!


Mac Mini Review

Blackberry Pearl Review: A Mac User's Perspective

Overall, the Blackberry Pearl works well, but is still a little buggy for those who want to sync it with their Mac (pretty much everyone).

Sunday, October 15, 2006


The Power Of iPod

Apple's music player weighed six ounces. But it had tons of influence on culture, commerce and coolness.


I Have An iPod Now, Which Means iCool, iBusy And iPoor

Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree

Consultant rebuts Mac lovers, describing how his G5 soured his home office.

Life With A Mac

Is life better with a Mac? In a word, YES! Why you might be wondering? Because it just works!


Top Of Its Game

With music player iPod's sights set on video games, here are 3 of its best.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Consumer Reports Picks The Mac With Caveats

Wikipod: Install Some (Possible All) Of Wikipedia To Your iPod's Notes Folder

Apple VP Explains (PRODUCT) RED iPod And iTunes Gift Card

Apple's and (RED)'s goals are to create a "sustaining revenue and increased awareness" through the (PRODUCT) RED Special Editionc ampaign, and Apple's has "not set any end date" for the product.

Sarajo Frieden: The Color Of Invention

"I try to use my Mac tools to stand on my head. They help me see the world differently, to not be bogged down with preconceived ideas."

Q-Burns Abstract Message: Blurring The Lines


Open Apple

As other technology companies open up to the online community, Apple's isolationist stance will appear in increasingly stark contrast.

Microsoft Windows Vista Vs Apple OS X

Simply Red

About the name... That kind of looks like there was an explosion down at the typography factory.


Script Debugger 4.0: Scripting Application Gets Ground-Up Rewrite

Late Night Software seems to have taken every opportunity to condense and simplify Script Debugger's interface, while providing easier access to powerful tools and better debugging information.

Emerson Research iTone iC200: Great Clock Functionality Is Undone By Poor Audio

You'd be better served buying a dedicated (and less expensive) alarm clock and looking elsewhere for iPod enjoyment.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Apple In Code Search Profanity Outrage

'Register the f**king window class'

(PRODUCT) RED iPod Nano Released Today

The nano is 4G and costs $199, and $10 of what you pay will go to (PRODUCT) RED, which donates money directly to the Global Fund to help AIDS relief in Africa.

Local Merchants See Red For Bono AIDS Cause

Inside Apple Store, Oprah Winfrey bought 10 new red iPod nanos, which Apple is introducing this week for Product Red. The sales of products bearing the label will go toward assisting African AIDS relief.

BART Awarded For iPod Friendliness

The BART program allows passengers to get trip-planning information through their iPod devices. Passengers can look up train departure times, general station information and a color version of the BART system map.

iPod Flashmobbers Dance In Their Hundreds At Station

Hundreds of people descneded on Liverpool Street station for the biggest ever turnout for the latest internet craze — mobile clubbing.

Apple MacBook Owners Organizing Class Action Lawsuit

Owners of Apple's new 13-inch MacBook notebooks, whose systems are plagued by intermittent shutdown issues, have become fed up with extended repair times and inadequate resolutions to the problem, and are now organizing a class action lawsuit against the Mac maker.

What You Need To Know About Stock Options, Backdating


Sometimes, Apple Gets It Exactly Right

Everything worked exactly as it should have.

Windows Vista Home Edition: No VM For You!

The last thing Microsoft wants is for Mac sales to pick up because consumers figure out that they can run all of their Windows applications in virtualization.

The Alleged Rush To Beat Vista To Market

The Apple Calendar Conundrum

There's no easy way to transfer addresses and other data from Mac to PC to handheld and back — but there should be.

Drinking The Other Kool-Aid

First 30 Days With A Mac

My MacBook is turning out to be a great machine.

An Apple Spreadsheet Does Not Mean Apple Are Trying To "Take On" Microsoft Office

It's a competitor for Microsoft Works.

Life After .Mac

After dumping .mac, it seems that a whole new world has opened up through what Google has to offer.

iTunes 7: All The Small Things

I'm really loving the new version of iTunes for all kinds of big and small reasons.

Me, MySpace And iPod: Delightfully Geeky


Better iPhoto Keywords


Rumor Today: Leopard Available On Macworld Expo?

I wish this is true: LoopRumors believes that Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) will be available at Macworld Expo San Francisco come Jan 07.


Thursday, October 12, 2006


Gore Investigates Apple

The former US vice-president Al Gore has been asked to help uncover inconvenient truths at computer company Apple, which is embroiled in a Silicon Valley scandal over share options.

Apple Offers $20 iLife '06 Discount To .Mac Customers


An After Hype Look At iTunes Movies

Only Apple can offer us movies on both Mac and Windows right now, and they are off to a good start.

Office Delay? Ya Don't Say

We're hitting our milestones... In fact, for Office 12, we've not even officially announced a launch date.

iTunes 7 UI: The Bad And The Ugly

Apple iTunes Podcast Directory Is A Piece Of Crap!

Apple's Jobs Should Give Back The $85 Million

Jobs needs to say he's sorry with the one thing CEOs cherish most: Money.

What Nova's Price Tells Us About iTunes' Future

If Apple wants the iTunes Store to keep enjoying a position of prominence — and I'm guessing that the company does — it's going to have to constantly evolve. Right now, that means adapting its stance on pricing.


Daylite 3

There is obvious care and craftsmanship in this product.


Rumor Today: Lasso Spreadsheet Application In iWork '07

Will Apple finally puts a spreadsheet application into the iWork suite come Macworld Expo in Jan 07? Think Secret thinks so.

"While Lasso will lack the depth of Excel, Apple expects the softare to strike a chord with the many spreadsheet users who don't require extremely specialized functionality."

Both Pages (easier layout-ing) and Keynote (looks nicer) have their unique selling points over Microsoft Office's counterparts. What will Lasso's unique selling point be?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Torvalds Takes Bite Of Mac Mini

Linus Torvalds has picked up one of Apple's new Intel-based Mac minis to play with, but the Linux creator still prefers Apple's old PowerPC architecture for his primary desktop machine.

Eudora E-mail Client To Go Open Source

Qualcomm on Wednesday announced plans to release future versions of its Eudora e-mail client software as open source. The compay is collaborating with The Mozilla Foundation to base the next version of Eudora on Mozilla's Thunderbird e-mail software.

Analyst: No More Studios On iTunes Before Holidays

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster on Tuesday said that recent meetings with four of the six major film studios revealed that they likely won't be adding their movies to iTunes before the holidays because of fear over retaliation by big retailers, as well as issues with content protection and pricing.

Textbook Company Tries Putting Bonus Materials On iTunes

"The students were more engaged with the content served up in this platform."

Unwarranted Q1 Concerns Weigh On Apple Shares

Google Launches Mac Blog

Accounting Outside The Box

"I chose Mac because I saw it as a clear competitive advantage. Because I wanted to focus on accounting, not computing."


One Monitor Or Two?

Difference of opinion may reflect differences between Mac OS X and Windows.

I Just Stole Music From Myself. And I'd Do It Again

For every software barrier there is a software tank.

Why Microsoft Can't Compete With iTunes

For Apple, Google Is A Better Dance Partner THan YouTube

My Personal Apple Truth

My biggest turn off, and issue with Apple, and the community... is in fact the community itself.

An Apple Or A Ring?

But really, ask any woman: "An Apple or a ring?" ... Isn't my wife one of a kind!

New Mac Ads: 1 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad

Intel Wants Its Cake Both Ways

Giving Apple a free pass while everyone else is supposed to get in line makes Intel look like a wishy-washy turncoat that doesn't really believe in its own product.


Magnifying With A Touch

File Vaults

Knox is a nifty utility that gives you many of the benefits of FileVault without the overhead, along with many of the benefits of individual encrypted disk images via an easier-to-use interface.


Rumor Today: More iPods

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is nowhere near, but rumors about new iPods have surfaced. Of course, one could argue that the rumors never died in the first place.

Wireless? Widescreen? No phone?

Are you tired already?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Wait For New Office

First the good news: Microsoft Office 2007 for Mac will feature an all-new look and feel to match Mac OS X's interface evolution, and enhanced features, while running natively on the new Intel Macs. Now for the bad news: It won't be available till the latter half of 2007.

Apple Posts 3 New Get A Mac Ads

Apple Files For 'Time Tunnel' Trademark In Europe

App Builds iTunes Playlist Better Than You Can


Why Does Apple Mistrust Asia?

Start treating buyers here with the same respect that you give your customers elsewhere in the world. Stop redlining Asia with vague talk about piracy. If you have a piracy problem in this region, why not at least say so and level with us? Let's speak plainly.

Why Cha-Ching Is Everything Wrong With Mac Software

It's a real shame we're starting to see the simplicity pendulum swing too far to the no-features-for-$16.95 zone.


iBiz 2.5.3: Billing And Invoicing App Keeps Track Of Your Time

A strong performer with a difficult learning curve, iBiz 2.5.3 achieves what it sets out to do by putting projects, clients and tasks in a logical order, allowing for easy billing and invoicing.

Vortex For iPod

Vortex adapts a proven arcade game concept to the iPod with great results, though it may prove too difficult to hold your attention indefinitely.

Monday, October 9, 2006


Despite Options Crisis, Apple Is An Opportunity - Analyst

Better Windows' Security Keeps Apple Safer: Gartner

Research group Gartner has said that Mac OS X Users are now safer from a mass attack — such as Blaster on Windows — than they were two years ago, partly because Microsoft has closed so many holes in its ubiquitous platform.

iPod Deal Rocked TV's World

Disney's Anne Sweeney tells how it happened, and how digital media changed the landscape.

Apple's Options Disclosures Fail To Resolve Questions

Apple moved last week to answer questions about its problems with stock options, but in the end it left plenty unaswered, including the role played by Fred D. Anderson, who resigned Wednesday from the company's board.

Their Crime: Playing iTunes On Devices Not Named iPod

In mounting their protest, members of the group in Paris saw themselves as foot soldiers of the digital generation battling against ever-tighter controls over songs, film and all digitized culture.

A Delicious Store For Macs And iPods

The Genius Bar is just one of the cool services being offered to Macintosh devotees at Rhode Island's first Apple Store, which opened late last month.

Microsoft, Apple Eyed For AJAX Alliance


Google: The Next (Free) .Mac?

Apple's .Mac offerings just aren't enough to go head-to-head with Google.

Would You Rather Be Steve Or Bill?

How .Mac Saved My Computer


Dock Your iPod Here

The iPod Stereo Invades The Home


Rumor Today: Apple Buying Think Secret

There are rumors, and then there are rumors.

Apple buying Think Secret.

Yeah, right.

Sunday, October 8, 2006


Frans Lanting: A Journey Through Time

Dean Coleman: Cramming For The Party

MacAddict To Rebrand As Mac|Life

A recent post to the Bay Area Craigslist service shows that Future US, publishers of MacAddict magazine, plan to relaunch the publication next spring with a new name and new focus.


Zuma For iPod: Marble-Matching Game Is OK, But Shows Limitations Of iPod Gaming

I just don't think that Zuma makes a great conversion for the iPod, unless your thumbs are a lot more dexterous than mine.

Turn Widgets Into Applications

Friday, October 6, 2006


MacBook Shutdown Is Heat Sink?

Yamaha Reveals iPod Cube

Apple Not Out Of The Woods In Options Probe

Apple and Steve Jobs can expect sharp scrutiny by federal authortiies despite Apple's announcement that an internal review of stock option irregularities found "no misconduct" by Jobs and other members of the current management team, legal observers said Thursday.

Can Ignorance Put Apple's Jobs In Clear?

Ignorance can be bliss, but it's not a tight defense, lawyers say.

Apple Admits iPod Nano Colours May 'Change Over Time'

What's this I read at the end of the small print on the back after the battery charge and storage capacity caveats? "Like a fine pair of jeans, iPod Nano colours may vary and change over time."

Apple's Options Disclosure Raises Concerns About Earning sRestatements

Wall Street Unmoved By Apple Stock Troubles

Former Apple Legal Chief Suspected In Options Scandal

Starbucks Strikes Music Deal With iTunes


Apple Following In Dell's Hellish Footsteps

Mac And It's OS X - And My Problems With It

Mac users tend to explain that the transition is an easy one. This may be true for someone who simply uses their computer to send email. For an advanced user like myself however, this is simply not the case.

Backin' It Up With Customer Service And Care

Long story short, Amy was put on hold for close to a half an hour, finally spoke to a representative, and was sent a replacement iPod... that was also partially broken.

Apple: Rotten At The Core

Something other than a pain-free apology is in order.

Some Assembly Required

One of my favorite programming slogans is from Larry Wall, regarding his goals for Perl: "Easy things should be easy, and hard things should be possible."

Pimp My Code, Part 12: Frozen In Carbonite

I want youto take this to your manager, and say, "Look, see! We've got to get to Cocoa! This has got to be a priority! We can't keep slapping tar on a boart made out of milk cartons!"

Apple's Time Machine: Forward Into The Past?

All in all, there is a great deal of reason to be excited about Tme Machine.


The Lockdown: The Targus iPod Lock, Or Modicum Of Security

The iPod owner may also do damage if he is not careful in the way he removes the insert, and more importantly a co-worker or someone who just wants to be malicious can easily do damage by remove and inserting the connector.


With its combination of reasonably realistic physics, beautiful graphics, enjoyable sound, and solid gameplay, this is the best racing Mac game I've ever played.

Bejeweled: Gem-Swapping Puzzler Is Sadly Not The Jewel In iPod's Gaming Crown

The fact is it simply doesn't suit the device. It seems daft to bring it to iPod when it clearly doesn't work well with the controls available.


Things I Don't Understand: Why Bother Reverse-Engineer Apple's DRM

First Real. Now DVD Jon. Both have came up with... er... anti-anti-DRM workarounds that allows content providers to put "FairPlay-compatible" DRM around their content, so that the content is protected by DRM, will play on iTunes and iPod with DRM intact, and Apple will not get a cut in the sale.

By reverse-engineering Apple's FairPlay DRM, the point is that third-party can create DRM-protected content that is identical to DRM-protected content purchased from iTunes Store. And by virtual of being identical, Apple have no choice, technically, but to support both DRM-protected content purchased from iTunes Store and third parties. In newer versions of iTunes and iPods, Apple cannot simply modify its DRM and disable older content, the argument goes.

This reasoning breaks down, unfortunately, for one very simple fact: this is not PlayForSure. By that, what I mean is that there is only one place in the entire world that one can purchased FairPlay DRM-protected content: Apple. Simply put, Apple knows which piece of content is purchased from iTunes Store, and which piece of content is not purchased from iTunes Store, even when the DRM in place is totally identical. This is not advance crypto technology, simply good record keeping.

There is nothing to prevent the next version of iTunes to simply dial home to Apple, check which content is purchased from iTunes Store, upgrade the DRM to a newer version, and disable playback of content that is encoded with the older version of DRM. Boom!


Yes, Apple has locked everyone in. Either you sell your content through Apple or Audible, or you sell without DRM, or you negotiate with Apple. You cannot simply hack your way in.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Stock Option Practices Investigation

Apple Comes Clean On Options

Apple finally disclosed details of the options irregularities announced in June, but observers want to know more.

Former Apple CFO Resigns From Board After Investigation

Apple announced Wednesday the results of a three-month investigation into the company's stock option practices, and former Apple Chief Financial Officer Fred Anderson announced that he "believes it is in Apple's best interests" for him to resign from the company's board of directors. "I apologize to Apple's shareholders and employees for these problems, which happened on my watch," said Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Apple's Professional Handling Of Bad News

Moral to CEOs: Take responsibility; that's why they pay you the big bucks.


Blogging Tools Highlight Contribute 4 Release

Apple Looking For An iTunes Mobile Marketing Manager

An Apple job listing provides some potential insights into a push by Apple to sell iTunes content directly to mobile customers.

PocketMac Releases New Blackberry Software



Keeping The College Student's Mac Secure

iMac Impressions

The New iPod: Ready For Battle?

The new iPods are more versatile and less costly than ever, but the new iTunes software is an even bigger improvement, although it has one big downside — its coolest new features is so graphically demanding that it doesn't work right on some older computers.

The Missing Sync For Windows Mobile 2.5.1: Sync Software Lets Your Mac Talks To Your Windows-Based Smart Phone

Although I hit a few initial snags, locating and fixing the problems were easy.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006


Apple Still Gaining Teen Inerest

Apple is still gaining ground in the MP3 player market and the online music market and the online music business, according to a new study conducted by analyst firm Piper Jaffray.

FSF Targets Apple Stores In Anti-DRM Protests

Members of, a campaign by the Free Software Foundation, are set to descend on flagship Apple stores in New York and London to protest the company's embrace of digital rights management technology.

Steve Jobs To Keynote Macworld Expo

Apple today confirmed CEO Steve Jobs will deliver the keynote speech at Macworld Expo San Francisco in January 2007.

iLive Introduces iPod-Ready 'Home Docking System'


Why Doesn't Mac OS X Support Bluetooth Headphones?

DRM May Mean Strange Anti-Apple Bedfellows

It's hunting season on Apple's iTunes and iPod juggernaut. That may make for some strange bedfellows.

When Subscription Services Make Sense

Tuesday, October 3, 2006


Intel Praises Apple, But Calls For Open Standards

Exploit Released For Mac OS X Flaw

Computer code that exploits a flaw in Apple's Mac OS X was released over the weekend. The code takes advantage of a weakness in core parts of Mac OS X and coult let a user gain additional privileges. Apple provided a fix for the error-handling mechanism of the kernel last week, but the exploit appears to have been authored before then.

NJ To Start Charging iTunes Tax This Sunday

DVD Jon Fairplays Apple

DRM-buster DVD Jon has a new target in his sights, and it's a big piece of fruit. He has reverse-engineered Apple's Fairplay and is starting to license it to companies who want their media to play on Apple's devices.


Apple Ain't Scoared O' No Zune

In the long run, Microsoft may yet create that superior product, but in the near term Zune is far from superior product, but it the near term Zune is far from superior, and it's hardly something for Apple to be scared of — concerned about, yes, but not scared of.

Zune Won't Kill The iPod

10 iPod Vs. Zune Myths

According to proponents of Ten iPod vs Zune Myths, the Zune is technically superior, with brillant wireless sharing features, and will be able to compete with Apple's iPod as a cheap loss leader. Ahem. They're wrong, here's why.

It's No Bother... It's Overkill!

Brand New

Lightroom is different than all existing Adobe applications — and in some ways it's different than all existing applications, period. Lightroom's marketing should reflect that.


New iMac Is Simply Best Yet

iTunes 7

Back Up Photos On The Road

Messenger For Mac 6

Montage 1.0: Screenwriting Software Misses The Mark

Seasoned screenwriters won't find the tools they need in this initial release, and it was rather buggy.

Fixing iTunes' Visualizer


Why I Would Like An iPod Phone

So that when I am commuting on the train, listening to podcasts, and my wife calls, I can actually hear the phone call and pick up the phone call, and have my iPod automatically pause the podcast, and my wife can actually tell me what to pick up at the store on my way home.

Oh, and a phone that can sync all my contacts and calendars and such with my Mac would be good too.

How long, oh Apple, should I wait for this phone? You do know I am putting off any purchases of new iPods until this phone, don't you?

Monday, October 2, 2006


Oct 2: Ahead Of The Bell: Apple Computer

Shares of Apple fell in premarket Monday trading after a Citigroup analyst downgraded the maker of the iPod and Macintoshc omputer, discouraged by the lack of new products before the peak holiday season.

iPod Music Players Take On The Role Of Museum Guide

It wasn't long ago that a vistor to an art museum caught listening to a personal music player in the galleries could expect a sharp rebuke from the guards. Now it's encouraged.


Steve Jobs Vs Ballmer + Gates - New Cmment On Rebuilding Microsoft In Wired Magazine

Granted, Mr. Jobs is not perfect — he just seems so when compared to Ballmer, Gates, and their minions.

Why I've Had It Up To Here With Apple's .Mac

Dancing To The iPod

What Notebooks Are Entrepreneurs Carrying? - A Surprise

The brand that may be on the rise is Apple's MacBook Pro.

I'm A Changed Man!

I never thought I'd say it. I'm officially a Mac user!



A Better Finder Rename 7.4

Sunday, October 1, 2006


Apple Plans Marketing Strategy In India

Apple has chalked out a new marketing strategy to expand its footprint in India and is looking for more channel partners to market its products.

Mac Wi-Fi Driver Flaw Talk Scrapped, But...


Macs... Why Bother?

A Worm In The Apple

Yes, that's right. There's gonna be a phone call made to Apple about this lovely employee who had had one too many donuts, if you know what I mean.

On The Origins Of .DS_Store

Personally, I don't think it's a great name and I wish we had gone with something a bit more descriptive, but it's too late for that. :-)

What I Would Like From iTV

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