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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The Perfect Thing

Five years ago, Apple engineers used foam core and old fishing weights to craft a model of a new MP3 player. The age of the iPod was about to begin.

MacBook Pros Now Have Intel 2 Duo Processors

Apple has updated its entire 17- and 15-inch MacBook Pro range of notebooks to include new Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

New And Improved

Skype: Make video calls to anyone on Skype, great quality video that just works, all for free of course.

Blue Giant: Multitrack audio recording application.

Crossword Forge: Make your own interactive web puzzles.

Jack-O-Latern Screen Saver: No getting your hands dirty carving the real thing.

Why Vertical Integration Is All The Rage

In a marketplace that offers a bewildering array of hardware, software and services, the company that joins the dots stands a chance of winning, says Jack Schofield.

Apple Goes Back To Its Core In Touting Macs

Capitalizing on its iPod chic — and with a lineup of Macs transformed last spring with Intel chips to talk about — Apple again has been flexing its marketing muscle behind its computers.

The Apple iPod Turns Five

No other media player has come close to its success since its launch in 2001. Where will the iPod go in the next five years?

Apple's iPod Looks Great At 5 Years Old

Nothing even comes close to unseating the iPod as No. 1 portable media player.


How Did We Ever Live Without The iPod?

It's love.

Happy Birthday, iPod: Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate You

To My Best Friend: Happy Birthday!

Steve Jobs, what a proud dad you are today.

Analysis: iPod At 5 Is Still The Top Dog

Found: 1 Black 30 GB Video iPod. Is It Yours?

It's interesting to me how Apple actually makes it hard for me to be a good Samaritan in this case.


Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Trnasportable iTunes And iPhoto Libraries

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