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Thursday, November 2, 2006


Survey Says: 58% Of iPod Owners "Likely" To Buy A Zune

Apparently 58 percent of existing iPod owners who responded said that they were likely to choose a Zune.

Apple Flaw Kicks Off Second Month Of Bugs

Security researchers published on Wednesday the details of a flaw in Apple's Airport wireless driver.

How iTunes Saved 'The Office'

Bonjour! From iTunes

CNET has received reports from users that a glitch in the iTunes 7.02 software brings them to the wrong version of the iTunes Store.

Apple Unveils iTunes Latino

Apple has added a new portal to its iTunes store that highlights Latino entertainment.

Parallels Adds Installation Assistant

The software automates the installation of Window XP or Vista RC2.

New And Improved

Absolute Backgammon: Backgammon.

Dragster: Takes the dag out of file transfers.

NetworkLocation: With a single mouse click, you can set some of the most frequently changed settings you alrady manually set when you move your computer.


Computer Friday?

Apple Comes To Albuquerque And Gets A Warm Welcome

My Love/Hate Relationship With Apple And Their DRM

The Human Interface Guidelines And Interface Builder Annoyances

I can't help but feel that Interface Builder in its present state is only half the tool it could have been.

Another Minor AirPort Vulnerability Exposed

MacExpo 2006 Lacking In Excitement


Trusted Computing For Mac OS X

Writing Environments, Plus Two New Outliners

iTunes 7.0.2

I highly recommend the upgrade based on the speed improvement alone.

Making A Smooth Move From .Mac To Google

Getting your mail, address book, calendar, online storage, online photos, and blog squared away are among the topics we'll investigate.


Walkman Designer Retires

Nobutoshi Kihara, 'Mr Walkman', has retired from Sony. "Back in my days," he said, "we had to draw product designs on papers. I would close my eyes and imagine our products. I would imagine joggers with Walkmans to see how the hinges should move or how the products fit into the lives of the users."

Steve Jobs, in the past, has declared his admiration of Sony. Maybe he should consider bringing this guy out for lunch.

You Do Know Computers Can Also Play MP3s, Right? And I Can Also Daydream About MP3s Too

A UK law firm is arguing that "businesses should clamp down on iPod use in the workplace because it enables employees to slack off and shut out their colleagues," reports Jason Stamper.

The question that remains unanswered though is this: why do employees want to use iPods during work?


Cingular Sides With Microsoft Against Apple

Vista, The Five Year Old's OS

Is there an "expert mode" in Vista I can set so I'm not treated like this is my first computer the next time I use it?

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