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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Studios Push Anti-Piracy Rules On Apple

After months of discussion, a sticking point has emerged over the studios' demand that Apple limit the number of devices that can use a film downloaded from iTunes.

Bear Stearns Lifts Apple Target To $100 A Share

New product potential, strong iPod, Mac sales behind move.


Apple Lost My Computer!

This level of incompetence is almost amusing. Almost.

Digital Hub

Get the technology out of people's face and give them a pleasant user experience.

5 Reasons Musicians Love Macs

In Writing: "Apple Does Not Licence The Term 'Podcast'"

"Apple does not object to third party usage of the generic term "podcsat" to accurately refer to podcasting services."

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


A Head For Relationships

"I knew instantly this was the way to go, because it automated so many things, so easily. But, most important, it also had all these cool features designed to help you stay in touch with customers."

Merlin 2.0 Features Report Generator

Security Update 2006-007 Released

Universal Music May Seek Royalty Deal With iPod

Universal Music group Chief Executive Doug Morris said on Tuesday he may try to fashion an iPod royalty fee with Apple in the next round of negotiations in early 2007.

Tabblo A Blow To iPhoto

MacForge Exceeds 40,000 Mac Open Source Project

ShredItX 'Shreds' Hard Disk Free Space


Docktop, Curiosity... Satisfied!

Palm CEO Ed Colligan's Head Seems To Be Stuck Somewhere

Thomas Hawk Buys A Mac

It just works. And it feels so great while it does that.


Wireless Video Streaming From OS X To Your TV?

Windows Vs. Linux Vs. OS X

"I used to think that the Macintosh was something used by free spirits just to be different. Now I realize the Mac has such superior human factor engineering that it's used by people because they can be more productive. If Apple comes up with a 2- or 2.5-pound 12-inch-screen laptop that runs cool, has better integration with Exchange, and if Vista turns out to be the beast it could be, then I probably will move to a Mac."

Diamond Detective: Changing Layouts, Mix Of Puzzles And Logic Put New Spin On Matching Game

Worth checking out for casual puzzle gamers.


Who Will Win In the Negotiation Table?

Which do you think is more likely to happen, should Apple remove all Universal's music from the iTunes store? A) Large number of customers abandon iPod to buy Zune so that they can legally buy Universal's music, or B) More Universal's music gets pirated, or C) Nobody cares.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Analyst Upgrades Apple To $110 On Strong Retail Sales

Think Equity analyst Jonathan Hoopes cited strong retail sales and predicted more strength at retail in December.

Three New "Get A Mac" Ads, This Time Generating Real Laughter?

Demand For iPod Boosts Apple

Salons Of The Year 2006

It is no secret that Apple computers are the most elegant technology solutions on the market. In an industry that has everything to do with elegance, many salon owners understand this.

Apple Files 'Acquisiton, Management And Synchronization Of Podcasts' Patent

Beatles: Only On iPod?

After years of refusing to make the move to MP3, the Beatles may give Steve Jobs' iTunes an eclusive.



The 17-in. MacBook Pro Gets The Core 2 Duo Treatment

An already solid laptop just got better — and faster.

Monday, November 27, 2006


... Though iPod Users' Famous Loyalty Facing Tests

Short battery life frustrates even iPod diehards.

Apple's Quest To Put Us At Ease With Technology

Ask designers which companies excel at design, and they'll probably say Apple. But if you ask Jonathan Ive, Apple's senior vice president of industrial design, how Apple does it, he seems almost apologetic. "It sounds unremarkable and even naive, but it's our obsession with making really great products," he said. "It's at the heart of everything we do. I don't understand how you can exist as a company and not have it."


I Got A Mac

You really can't get a scope of how much more productive you can be with OS X, by poking around the Apple store and looking at the MacBooks. You really just won't get it until you try it for a few days.


Life After Vista: Can Microsoft Retool For Web?

The crux of the issue is how Microsoft's signature Windows product should adapt to the internet, and to rivals such as Google that are using the net to deliver competing offerings at unprecedented speed.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Hello Apple? Inkwell's Calling

There have been some very persistent rumors about certain Apple products that is coming out of Cupertino Real Soon Now. The phone is one. The tablet PC is the another.

Ever since the demise of Newton, and the cancellation of the Newton spinoff and the naming of the handwriting recognition software, there has been rumors and speculations that Apple is coming out with its version of the tablet PC.

Add Smarthouse's article as another data point. Mid 2007 — WWDC? —- is the expected launch date.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


The Wait Is Over: Napster In Your Pocket

One of the most talked about feature of Microsoft's Zune is the wireless sharing of music, and the overly-strict DRM policy of 3 days or 3 plays.

Of course, deep down, we know it is a feature that is calling out for hacks. And one very simple hack has arrived. You can now trade any files wirelessly and DRM-free using Microsoft's Zune by fooling the MP3 player think that you are simply trading large photos. (Photos are exempted from the DRM scheme.)

This hack, unfortunately, stills demand considerably efforts from Microsoft's customers. But you bet other clever minds are similarly hard at work in hacking the Zune.

Maybe Microsoft has been expecting this all along? Oooh, sorry, RIAA. We didn't know our software is so easily hacked...

Friday, November 24, 2006


Apple Tries To Quantify iPod Halo Effect

Apple has commissioned research to try and determine if the much-discussed 'halo effect' — the notion that people who buy its wildly successful iPod music player are more likely to subsequently purchase a Mac — actually exists.

Ban On MP3 Transmitters Is Lifted

Ofcom is legalising the use of FM transmitters that allow iPods and other MP3 players to play through car radios.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


iPods Help Kids Plug In To Schoolwork

Louisa-Muscatine educators are using the digital audio/video players to help students with learning disabilities.

Apple In Top 3 UK Online Retailers

Consumer Reports Rates Apple Best Place To Shop

Readers reported that Apple topped the charts for consumer satisfaction in two of three categories: Best place to buy directly from the manufacturer, and best walk-in store.

New And Improved

Fission: Streamlined audio editor designed to get you editing in minutes, not hours.

Downfall: Drop stacks of colored blocks to form lines that will react and disappear.

SafariDepot: Synchronize your Safari bookmark file between different Macs with a FTP or FTPS server.


Apple, Spaces And Virtual Desktops In Leopard

A look at Apple's Spaces technologies - who will benefit most?

Apple's Night Before Black Friday

... What to my wondering eyes should appear, But a magical sleigh full of brand new Mac gear.

Death Of An iPod

It could be said that it died young, but given the early mortality rates of these MP3 players, it had a comparatively long life of giving musical pleasure.

Give And You Shall Receive

What is good for one shareware product may not be good for another.


Scrabble: New Game Lets Mac Users Relive The Fun Of The Classic Board Game

Scrabble from Gamehouse is a fine value for anyone who wants to relive the fun of Hasbro's classic criss-crossing word board game on their Mac.

Evoluent Mouse-Friendly Keyboard: Interesting Design Marred By Poor Key Layout

Despite its compact size and interesting design, most Mac users will find this keyboard disorienting and frustrating to use.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Apple Shares Close At All-Time High

New iPod Shuffle Ad Debuts

Attack Code Targets Zero-Day Mac OS X Flaw

A security researcher has published attack code for an unpatched flaw in Mac OS X, the latest vulnerability in the "Month of Kernel Bugs" campaign. The proof-of-concept code exploits a security hole in the way Apple's operating system handles disk image files.

New And Improved

Pangea Arcade: Three action arcade games based on aracde classics that has been beefed up to the extreme.

Groupcal: Take full advantage of all the group calendaring features of Exchange directly frm iCal.


Wherever iTurn, It's An iPod World

It's an iPod world and we only live in it.

Nielsen Schmielsen

Maybe people watch just exactly as much video as is appropriate for a portable video device given that we consume video differently than we consume music. Ya thought of that, Nielsen? Huh, have you?


Tiny New iPod Shuffle Delivers Big Sound

It's sleek and stylish, unobtrusive and tiny, and it sounds as good as more expensive iPods.

MacBook Core 2 Duo/1.83GHz And 2.0GHz

Among the three standard configurations, I like the middle model best.


One Button To Rule Them All

Joel Spolsky argues — and I more or less agree — that computers should really have only one button to switch off. He calls it the "b'bye". No need to have a long list of commands, with names like "Restart" and "Lock" and "Sleep" and "Hibernate".

I just feel that I still want a good power manager that allows me to configure what happens when I click on that "b'bye" button.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Laptop Makers Investigate Heat Conversion Chips

A chip that turns waste heat back into useful electrical power promises to significantly extend laptop battery life.

Mac Fans Buzzing About Expected Apple iPhone

The long-rumored arrival of a hybrid mobile phone and iPod music player from Apple has morphed from a question of "if" to "when" among fans and analysts.

iPod Shuffle Sales Exceeding Supply

iPod shuffle sales seem set to reach five million units this quarter, a report claims.

New And Improved

SuperSync: Synchornize all of your music, from any computer that you keep music on. Listen to your music collection from anywhere on the internet.

Secret Folder: Conceal files and folders, a fast way to protect personal documents.


Cross-Platform Teaching

iPhone - The Beginning Of The End For Apple

Past success may be giving Apple a dangerious overconfidence.

Why No Mac Viruses?

The Unix security model is more secure than the pre-Vista Wiindows model, and must take the lion's share of hte credit for the lack of OS X viruses.


Aim for high quality and set your price accordingly.


MindManager Comes To The Mac

MindManager is slick and generally easy to use, but I'm forced to conclude that, considering the state it's in and the nature of the competition, at $230 it may be overpriced.

Monday, November 20, 2006


iPod Users Remain Music-Focused, Despite Video

Most iPod users mainly listen to music using the device, claims Nielsen Media Research.

Meet Me At The Apple Store

Walk by the Staten Island Mall's Apple Store on any given night, and the scene is similar: inside are just as many young teens mugging for the digital cameras as hip elders learning how to edit their own movies and cut their own podcasts. It's a place where computer geeks and the tech-savvy download, surf and shop in harmony.


Jackass Of The Week: Larry Seltzer

The explanation that makes sense is the obvious one: that Mac OS X really is more secure and better designed. Not that it's totally secure. Not that it's perfectly designed. Not that it is utterly impervious to attack because it's protected by magic leprechauns. Just that it's better.

Content Is King Lesson Lost On Microsoft And Zune

Some might ask the question: if Apple can do it with iPod and iTunes, why can't Microsoft do it with Zune and Zune Marketplace? The answer to that is obvious. Apple were first!

Two Weeks With A MacBook Pro

It's fabulous. Easily the best Mac I've ever owned.

Why I'm An Apple Fan

Apple doesn't sell machines, it sells an experience like nothing that is in the market today.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


New And Improved

Dream Recorder: Measures your sleep states by detecting your motions all along the night... it wakes you up at the best moment of your morning sleep cycle, and provides dream feed-back and voice recording capabilities.

Coccinella: Chat client with a built-in whiteboard.


iPod Vs. iPhone Vs. Everyone Else

Apple's gonna make a phone. But it's going to be an iPod.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


MPAA Sues Over DVD-To-iPod Service

Michael Zagaris: Capturing The Game

Apple Design Chief Jonathan Ive Collects CBE

Apple's design chief, Brit-bon Jonathan Ive, collectged his CBE from Her Majesty the Queen in London today, Apple has confirmed.

New And Improved

MindCad: Intuitive outlining and brainstorming.

myNotes: Create, organize and share notes and clippings, keep to-do lists or write a book.

Girls Inc. TeamUP: Help a team of characters solve puzzles by working together and using their unique abilities.


The 24 Inch iMac Experience

Migration Assistant is the closest thing to magic I have experienced in a long time.

Mac Unfriendly Consumer Reports Says Buy AppleCare

Read Different: Apple Ads In Japan

In Japan you need to be more subtle.


TVMicro: Compact tuner lets you take TV with you.

Miglia's TVMicro is a great portable analog TV tuner for Mac users.

Hands On With The Mac Pro: Testing The Limits

Frame rates and transfer speeds are put to the test.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Apple Shares Hit High On iPod And iPhone Optimism

Apple share reached a new 52-week high yesterday, boosted by positive iPod sales predictions from Piper Jaffray and continued strong market performance.

Apple Remote Desktop 3.1 Fixes AppleScript Issues

New And Improved

Burning Monkey Solitaire 4: Just when you thought it was safe to pick up the cards again... the monkeys are back for revenge.



Rescue Your Stranded Tunes

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Skype Reaches V. 2.5 For Mac

New software offers conference calls, SMS messaging, video chat and more to Mac call client.

Apple To Expand ACSA Options With New Exams

Apple recently announced that it will be adding two new exams for its Apple Certified System Administrator title early next year.

Real Creativity

iPods Not On A Plane, According To KLM And Air France

Apple's deal with six global airlines made waves yesterday, but two of those airlines are jumping up to say that they weren't quite ready to make such an announcement.

Rumor: Hon Hai Wins iPhone Contract?

A Chinese newspaper reported Wednesday that Apple has awarded a contract to build the elusive iPhone to Hon Hai, a contract manufacturer based in Taiwan.

New And Improved

Dylo's Adventure: Help Dylo to save the world! A game suitable for all ages.

CopyCatX 4.0: Create exact duplicates of your hard drive, Apple iPod, or Mac OS X startup drive.



Hands On With The Mac Pro: Putting It To Work

Audio, video, and virtualization tasks put to the test.

New MacBook Is 'Fast As All Get Out'

New MacBook is even better value than the model it replaces.

Apple's New Mac Pro Blows Away The Competition

Apple's latest desktop proves itself a winner in design, performance and flexibility.

Free Address Book Syncing


If We Are Successful, You Would Not Even Notice Us

Reading this review of Zune by Engadget is a very enlightening activity, not because it tells us what are the thing that Microsoft didn't get right with their entry into the MP3 player market themselves.

No, the most telling "learning point" we should get from this review — and probably a lot of the other Zune reviews out there — is that how Apple has gotten many of the user-interface issues right without even any of us noticing. That's the real strength of the iPod.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Talk Transcript: The iPod Revolution

Quark Gains Confidence

According to Quark's European Marketing Director, Gavin Drake, Quark has lost some share when Adobe entered their market, but this been substantially stemmed and since QuarkXPress 7 was released, all eyes are on Quark again.

17" Studio Display Owners Win

Young People Reluctant To Turn Down iPod Volume

Despite warnings that iPods can cause hearing damage, young people are reluctant to turn down the volume.

Watching Their P's And Q's Over R&D

Google, Apple among best firms at turning cost-efficient research into products.

Retalers See Strong Mac Demand, Little Excitement Over Zune

Apple Improves RAW Support For Digital Cameras

The update improves RAW file format compatibility for Canon Digital Rebel XTi, 400D and Kiss X Digital camera models, the Nikon D80 and Pentax *ist DS camera.

iPods To Integrate With In-Flight Entertainment

Six airlines will soon offer iPod seat connections to charge and power iPods in-flight, and to allow the iPods to display video content on seat-back monitors.

iPod Owners 'Thieves', Implies Universal Music Boss

Universal boss wants a slice of player sales.

New And Improved

Quinn: Implementation of a popular falling-blocks game which, according to the Tetris Company, must not be named here.

AquilaCalendar: One or three month tear off menu bar calendar.

MegaSeg: The ultimate music scheduling, mixing, and library management software.


Paul Vs. Apple, Round Three

Ultimately, this reinforces the notion that it pays to complain when you've got a valid argument, especially when it comes to customer service.

Zune And iPod Is Not A PC Versus Mac Re-Run

With Zune, Microsoft is trying to go up against a competitor who knows its market much better than Microsoft. Jos and company have proven many times over that they know the music and video business. IN this space, Microsoft is just a beginner and with Zune it shows.

Rants And Raves: iWant My iPhone

There's a lot of demand out there for the right product and if Apple releases it, it will be a huge success.


Benchmarks: The Unofficial Eight-Core Mac Pro

We might be ahead of Apple's product release cycle, and we've probably vioated our Mac Pro's warranty, but we just had to see what the Apple Mac Pro could do when populated with a pair of Intel's brand-new quad-core Xeon 5355 processors.

How To Write A Cocoa Web Server

Benchmarks: MacBooks See A Modest Core 2 Duo Boost

Gains over Core Duo are slight, but new laptops outperform iBook, PowerBook.


Truly Wireless, Truly Free

Steve Jobs may well be right that you don't use your Zune Wireless to pick up girls. Share your ear wax instead.

That doesn't mean that Apple isn't doing wireless iPod prototypes in their labs. But, I hope that all the bright engineers in Apple are not limiting themselves to only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Charging batteries without wires is the way to go.


I Was Wrong: Apple Can Just Sit Still

I predicted Apple will have something new — maybe an iPod Phone? — by this time of the year, so as to steal the thunder from Microsoft's Zune. I was wrong, obviously. And I was wrong on more than one count, it seems.

Number 1: Apple does not need anything new to steal Microsoft's thunder.

Number 2: Even the iPod shuffle is better than Zune.

Number 3: Apple does not need to do anything. The media will do the thunder-stealing.

Who knew? :-)

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Thailand's new ICT Minister, as quoted by the Bangkok Post: The current government plan was a case of the blind leading the blind, as neither the people who are in charge no the people in industry seem to know the dangers of open source software. "With open source, there is no intellectual property. Anyone can use it and all your ideas become public domain. If nobody can make money from it, there will be no development and open source software quickly becomes outdated."

Looks like the government is still blind. Either that, or Microsoft is really fast in getting things done.



Microsoft Sees Zune As Just Opening Act

Microsoft doesn't expect the Zune to knock the iPod off the stage, but it is counting on the new music player to at least get the company on the playbill.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Intel Core 2 Quad Ships 2007

Apple Updates X11 For Second Time In Two Weeks

Apple Releases EFI Firmware Updates For Intel Macs

The update fixes several Boot Camp, start up, and wake-from-sleep issues.

Ex-Apple Counsel Retains Lawyer

Hiring called a precautionary measure as federal investigation continues into options backdating.

Justin Long Says He's Still The Mac Guy

In a post to his web site, actor Justin Long says he's still the Mac in Apple's television ads, despite a report last week to the contrary.

New And Improved

Opal: The new outliner by the creator of the award-winning Acta.

Toribash: Turn-based fighting game.

Completion Dictionary 4.0: Free Xcode plugin that enhances Xcode's built in code completion mechanism.


Apple's iPhone Is Calling

When will the iPhone be launched? Likely when other devices start to eat into the iPod's market share, which won't be this holiday. Next year maybe?

Vim, Vigor And Vitality

Philosophy aside, I am yearning to see how the "old tools" can work today.

'Beta' Is Not An Excuse

Using "beta" as a badge of honor for released commercial software makes no more sense than using "buggy" in the same context, and it makes no more sense as an excuse, either.


There are lots of reasons for OpenDoc's failure, but ultimately it comes down to the fundamental question of why Apple was developing this technology when no-one in the company really wanted it.

Why, Apple, Why? Why Won't You Let Me Redownload My Songs?

Dates In TidBITS

I want to talk about the seemingly mundane topic of how we present dates in TidBITS, since it's something we've put a good bit of discussion into over the years, and it might prove useful for those of you who must also write dates in a consistent fashion.

Make Mine MacBook

The MacBook Pros really are the best of the best.


Monday, November 13, 2006


Apple Appoints former IBM Legal Cheif As General Counsel

Donald J. Rosenberg, senior vice president and general counsel of IBM, will join Apple as its senior vice president and general counsel, reporting to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Apple Fights Off Adult Toy Manufacturers

Entertainment outfit Apple has set its legal hounds on a purveyor of 'adult toys'.

Tempting iPod Fans To Change Their Tune

Apple's $7 Billion Christmas Quarter To Be Paced By iPod Sales

New And Improved

Thinking Rock: Collecting and processing your thoughts following the GTD methodology.

PhotoLin 32: Image processing.


Bestbuys New Scheme To Ripoff Mac users

From Four To Zero In A Day

When I first saw the Mac Pro, I thought "Geez, I'll never use up four internal drive bays!" Not only are they filled, but I'm already wishing there were at least one more.

Xserve SAN?

Call me slow, but I've only recently come to understand what the Xserve RAID really is, and it's not just a RAID.


iTunes Remixed

Tips and tricks for iTunes 7.

Small And Silver: iPod Shuffle

It's cheaper, smaller, lighter, clips to your clothing, and holds more songs. It's also pretty darn durable.

Scabble For The Mac: New. Improved. Smarter Than Me.


Start Me Up: The Sound Of Vista

Some musicians spend 18 months working on a whole album. At Microsoft, that's how long it took to perfect just four seconds of sound.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


New And Improved

MemoryMiner: Digital storytelling application that lets you zero in on the stories depicted in your photos by linking them to each other based on people, pleaces and time.

FRS Coloring Book Volume 2: The alphabet, counting, basic shapes, and even the four seasons are topics that you and the children that color the pages within will encounter.


Tune Into Zune?

Microsoft takes aim at the iPod and misses — for now.

Allchin Says Vista Doesn't Need Antivirus? Nope.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Run Your iPod On A Single AA-Battery

iTurbo offers an easy way to spring a comatose iPod back to life — grab any old alkaline battery and plug it in.

17-Inch MacBook Pros Delayed

Customers are now beginning to receive e-mails from Apple.

Brian Eno: Let There Be Light

Joe Cipriano: That Familiar Voice

New And Improved

iWorkout: The ultimate digital fitness trainer for your iPod.

Solitaire 3D: Treat your eyes as well as your mind.

WiLMa: Wireless location manager.


Mac power Consumption

I wonder how feasible it is to runt he mini off some solar-topped-up batteries?

Mac Pro: Take Two

The switch over to the Mac Pro was not as seamless as I had originally thought... or hoped.

Training Keynote Thinkers

At first, I thought Keynote was little more than a glorified and beautified competitor to Microsoft's PowerPoint. In time, though, I've come to realize it's not just a better presentation-making tool for visual designers, but it's something of an essential thinking tool for us too.

Why Does Logitech Hate Apple?

Logitech only provides the bare minimum in terms of Mac support that may have been ok in 2001, but is becoming increasingly irresponsible as Mac marketshare increases.

"Music Only" For Your iTunes Playlists

I'd Buy That For A Dollar

Apple has leverage over the music labels because they have something the labels need: popularity.

Debating iPod's Merits At Zune's Party

So ubiquitous is the iPod that I suspect the company could find APple enthusiasts within its own ranks. Nonetheless, plenty of those who atteneded the Zune's party see areas where the Zune could best the iPod.

Rumor: Apple Getting Creative On Album Pricing

Supposedly, iTunes customers may soon be able to buy the album and get credit for any single tracks they have bought.

Time For iTunes' Movies Service To Enter Act II

The ways of Hollywood are mysterious to me, but I can't imagine studio executives enjoying the sight of Disney keeping all those sales to itself.


Loving That Fan Control

Apple Xserve: The Final Review

Xserve is far better than the commodity server that the Intel x86 market expects. But what really blasts Apple's competition is OS X Server.

Friday, November 10, 2006


iTunes Lets Users Publish iMixes On MySpace And Blogs

Apple has extended iMix with the new ability to publish iMix playlists to the web.

Disney Sells Nearly A Half Million Films Through iTunes

Disney said it expects movie downloads to generate $50 million in added revenue during the first year of the program.

Bare Bones Yojimbo Adds Tagging Support

Missing Sync For Windows Mobile Links iPhoto, iTunes

New And Improved

VoodooPad: A garden for your thoughts. Plant ideas, images, lists and anything else you need to keep track of.

Life Balance: Coaching software that provides a dynamically ordered To Do List deiven by the importance of your goals.

Smultron: Text editor designed to be easy and intuitive to start off with and to become more and more able as and when the user wants it.


Will The iPhone Save The iPod?

The best thing for the MP3 player might be to morph into a mobile phone.

Are Mac Fans A Dying Breed?

So are Mac fans truly a dying breed, being replaced by folks who don't possess those old loyalties,w ho would abandon the platform on a moment's notice if tempted by a few bad experiences? That's Apple's challenge.

Why I Won't Buy An iPhone

Nokia's durability and battery life, Apple's intuitive software. It's a marriage made in heaven.

iPod Killed The Radio Star

2G Shuffle And The Hiss, Boo, Bah!


Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Some things in life are bad / They can really make you mad / Other things just make you swear and curse / When you're chewing life's gristle / Don't grumble / Give a whistle / And this'll help things turn out for the best / And...

Always look at this video of a laughing baby, and be reminded that, sometimes, laughters can come just so easily.

Is This How You Compete With The Pod?

Looks like Microsoft is not targetting customers that do not like Apple's closed ecosystem of the iPod, and all that RIAA-friendly DRM evils.

Not only is Microsoft's Zune a closed system too, it also have an DRM that is arguable more strict than iPod/iTunes. Worse, every time you buy a Zune, one dollar goes to Universal, one of the RIAA labels — even if you are Creative Commons/Podsafe advocate and vow never to give a single dollar to the RIAA companies.

And, of course, no Ogg Vorbis support either. :-)

Thursday, November 9, 2006


Apple Ditches 'Mac Guy' In New Ads

Adobe Ships Creative Suite 2.3

Adobe is now shipping Creative Suite 2.3, an enhanced version of the application bundle that now includes Dreamweaver 8 and Acrobat Professional 8.

Apple Says Huge Interest In New iPod

Liberating iPods In Cambridge

iPods have become a symbol of everything that free and open source software and free culture advocates oppose.

PocketMac Add-On Secures Data On Macs

New And Improved

Email Backup Pro: Automated email backup solution.

AppelJack: Troubleshoot a computer even if you can't load the GUI, or don't have a startup CD handy.


Whither The iPod?

Yes, the ubiquitous music player is a powerful force. But what comes next?

And Then There Were Two: Fox Inking Deal To Sell Movies On iTunes?


Apple MacBook Pro 15-Inch (Core 2 Duo)

The Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch (Core 2 Duo) offers the performance and features of the best laptops on the market.


Congrats, Microsoft

Congradulations to Microsoft, who has just finished writing Vista. I think all software developers know how difficult to finish a product, and I think nobody outside of Microsoft will really know how difficult it is to finish Vista.

With Apple coming back strong in the OS department, and with Linux continuing to be on the trail, I hope that in, say, 10 years' time, I may be able to say that I am proud to be developing on Windows, just like I can already say that I am proud to be developing on Mac OS X.

(Yes, I do develop for Windows. If you will go over to my employer's web site, you may take a glimpse of one of the product that is my baby. I won't tell you which one, though, so you'll have to guess. :-) )

Zune Is Here

Where, o where, dear Apple, is the Zune-trashing, thunder-stealing iPod that I have been waiting?



Trying Out The Zune: iPod It's Not

Competition is good and all. But what, exactly, is the point of the Zune? It seems like an awful lot of duplication — in a bigger, heavier form with fewer features — just to indulge Microsoft's "we want some o'that" envy.

Microsoft's Zune Challenges iPod

The iPod and iTunes are still the champs. Still, I expect the Zune to attract some converts and to get better with time. And this kind of competition from a big company with deep pockets and lots of talent is good for consumers in the long run.

Microsoft: Vista RTM A 'Significant Milestone'

The code for Windows Vista has finally been released to manufacturing, Jim Allchin, co-president of Microsoft's platforms and services division, announced in a media teleconference on Nov 8.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Apple Ships Core 2 Duo MacBooks

Apple has today upgraded its range of MacBooks with Intel Core 2 Duo processors, the upgraded configurations are immediately available across all sales channels.

Apple Reveals Power Mac G5 Power Supply Warranty Extension

Apple has commeced a Power Mac G5 Repair Extension scheme for some Power Mac G5 systems that have sufered power supply problems.

Apple's UK Strategy For Success

Macworld caught up with Herve Marchet, Apple's director of education, EMEA, to discuss Apple education strategy.

New And Improved

Personal Finance: Keep your money transactions updated.

FizzBall: Bounce bubbles, rescue hungry animals, and solve a mystery, all at the same time.

CornerChaos: Unique puzzle game that's very easy to learn and great fun to play.



Tuesday, November 7, 2006


Nvidia To Buy PortalPlayer For $357 Million

New And Improved

CSSEdit: Design beautiful, innovative and fast-loading web sites.

CourseForum: Web-based e-learning software that makes it easy for you and your students to interact.

Nifty Box: Access your files and favourite web pages easily by your own defined tags or keywords.


Second-Generation iPod Shuffle: Petite Player In Stylish New Package Offers Few New Features

The 2G iPod shuffle is the perfect first iPod for kids and those who, inexplicably, have yet to own an iPod as well as a worthy second, third or fourth player for current iPod owners.

Monday, November 6, 2006


New MacBook Model Info Leaks?

A Monk For Your Mac

Boulder Mac Repair owner Sean Patrick has a mind for business, but as an ordained Theravadan monk — he has anything but business on his mind.

CSU Students Can Access Classes Via Podcasts

Thought Out's KEY Will Turn 2G Shuffle Into Memory Stick

The premise is sime: on one side, it has the shuffle's headphone connector, and on the other side it has a standard USB plug.

New And Improved

Absolute Shisen-Sho: Easy to learn, but with three difficulty settings the game remains a challenge to master.

Android: Giant fun in a tiny universe.


On Mac SO X Viruses

What this newborn Mac OS X virus essentially demonstrates is merely a manifestation of how operating systems work.

Xserve Xeon, Thumper, And Apple's Market Position

What's happend in the two and a half years since my earlier review? Mactel - with the result that Apple fell from leading the market on both price and performance to trailing the market on both price and performance.

The Delicious Generation

I don't know that I completely trust the market to sort things out.

My Top X Unlikely Requests For Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

Apple's Push Into The SME Market Is Most Welcome

The sector needs the vendor's assistance.


My Hands-On With 2G iPod Shuffle (Plus My First Unpacking Set!)

Where the iPod shuffle succeeds is in ruggedness, wearability and surprising you with songs you haven't heard in years.

A Sneak Peek At The New iPod Shuffle

If you are willing to surrender yourself to the serendipity of shuffle mode, the new Shuffle is superior to the old one in just about every way.

Sunday, November 5, 2006


New And Improved

OSX SkyFighters 1945: Open ended full featured fligh sim.


Rube Would Love It

Why I Love My Apple

The pretty interface of the Apple and the overal intuitive ease of use wins me over every time.

It's All In The Numbers...

About 30,000,000 lines of code make up the current version of Office that we are developing.


Unboxing The New iPod Shuffle

Hands On: Apple iPod Shuffle

If you're on a budget and you want a good, albeit minimalist, audio player, get the Shuffle.

Saturday, November 4, 2006


Apple Places Encrypted Binaries In Mac OS X

A computer researcher has made public information that Apple has encrypted at the binary level critical parts of its Mac OS X operating system. These "Apple-protected binaries" can serve to protect the OS from being pirated and also to make it "nontrivial" to run Mac OS X on non-APple hardware.

Roger O'Donnell: One Man, One Instrument

Symantec Details OS X 'Macarena' Virus

Symantec has posted details about what it calls a "low risk level" virus affecting Mac OS X called OSX.Macarena. The company has already updated the daily virus definitions file used by its Norton Anti-Virus software for the Mac to address the problem.

Apple: Aperture Plug-In Interest Exceeding Expectations

New And Improved

OmniWeb: Web browsing that puts you in control.

TextMate: For expert scripters and novice users alike.

Printfolio: Create print designs for your business and personal needs.

Windowshade X: Three different minimization styles performed on a window.

w2w: Publish your site from iWeb to a local folder, w2w will then detect which files have been changed and upload those via ftp to your web server.


Apple iPod Shuffle (2nd Generation)

Not only is hte player small, but it's sleek and convenient to carry or wear.

Friday, November 3, 2006


Apple Introduces 8GB Product Red iPod Nano

Apple has upgraded its Product Red iPod nano, adding an 8GB version to the orginally announced 4GB model.

Analyst: Apple Not Showing An Interest In The Enterprise

Despite a robust fourth quarter financial posting and the growing popularity of the Macintosh line, Gene Munster, a senior analyst at Piper Jaffray, wrote in his latest report that Apple is not making noticeable inroads into the enterprise market.

Apple Releases X11 Update

He Creates His Own Product With Apple

Darran Nathan has developed a product with the assistance of computer giant Apple. Called the BioBoost accelerator, it harnesses the power of Intel-based Mac computers to speed up applications used in life sciences.

Analyst On Unanswered Apple Questions

Mac Marketshare Up 34.6% In A Year

Apple Struggles To Fix iTunes Stutter Glitch

The latest update of iTunes is supposed to correct problems with the previous release, but users on Apple's own discussion forums are reporting mixed success, with some saying the "stuttering" problem remains.

Aperture 1.5.1, Demo Download, New RAW Support Coming Today

Apple Reveals "Touchscreen" iPod? Not So Fast...

Macs Join The Masai Tribe

Touch-Screen Leaks And Newer Notes

New And Improved

JourneyX: Archive and manage any kind of documents.

Christmas Super Frog 1.7.6: Santa's sleigh has broken down, scattering his gifts all around the town. Now it is up to you to recover all the missing presents before Christmas arrives.


An Honest Options Problem

Options that are "underwater" still have a value if there is a reasonable expectation that the price of the stock will rise.

Excitable Mac Users Freak Out Over Typo

To me it has pure typo written all over it.

The Reality About Steve Jobs And Stock Options

A Switching Tale

I must say I have never felt so productive in front of a computer before.

Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro Runs 40 Degrees (F) Cooler

It runs much cooler than my previous MacBook Pro.

Is iPhone The Holy Grail Of Podcasting?

One has to believe that podcasters the world over are drooling over the prospect of their shows being made available to such an audience... all without the hassle of a single wire.

Why Is Adobe Soundbooth Intel-Only?

My best guess is that Soundbooth is not written entirely in standard C or C++, but instead, that parts of it are written in x86 assembly and/or that parts are vectorized, with C code written specifically for the Intel SSE instruction set.

The Perils Of iPod Movie-Watching


New MacBook Pro 'One Cool Customer'

The Core 2 Duo-based laptops offer more speed, less heat.

iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation Disassembly


Are We Still In The Year Of The Laptops?

I always wonder why nobody considers adding a simple battery thingy onto iMacs and Mac minis, so that one can move the computers around the house without needing to shut down.

But here's a more "traditional" hack: turning a Mac mini to a portable.

Rumor Today: Free Shuffles

... if you are working at Apple, i.e.

According to this forum post, Apple is giving a free iPod shuffle to every "Full-time and part-time employee".

It's cheap, but it builds goodwill. Good job.

Thursday, November 2, 2006


Survey Says: 58% Of iPod Owners "Likely" To Buy A Zune

Apparently 58 percent of existing iPod owners who responded said that they were likely to choose a Zune.

Apple Flaw Kicks Off Second Month Of Bugs

Security researchers published on Wednesday the details of a flaw in Apple's Airport wireless driver.

How iTunes Saved 'The Office'

Bonjour! From iTunes

CNET has received reports from users that a glitch in the iTunes 7.02 software brings them to the wrong version of the iTunes Store.

Apple Unveils iTunes Latino

Apple has added a new portal to its iTunes store that highlights Latino entertainment.

Parallels Adds Installation Assistant

The software automates the installation of Window XP or Vista RC2.

New And Improved

Absolute Backgammon: Backgammon.

Dragster: Takes the dag out of file transfers.

NetworkLocation: With a single mouse click, you can set some of the most frequently changed settings you alrady manually set when you move your computer.


Computer Friday?

Apple Comes To Albuquerque And Gets A Warm Welcome

My Love/Hate Relationship With Apple And Their DRM

The Human Interface Guidelines And Interface Builder Annoyances

I can't help but feel that Interface Builder in its present state is only half the tool it could have been.

Another Minor AirPort Vulnerability Exposed

MacExpo 2006 Lacking In Excitement


Trusted Computing For Mac OS X

Writing Environments, Plus Two New Outliners

iTunes 7.0.2

I highly recommend the upgrade based on the speed improvement alone.

Making A Smooth Move From .Mac To Google

Getting your mail, address book, calendar, online storage, online photos, and blog squared away are among the topics we'll investigate.


Walkman Designer Retires

Nobutoshi Kihara, 'Mr Walkman', has retired from Sony. "Back in my days," he said, "we had to draw product designs on papers. I would close my eyes and imagine our products. I would imagine joggers with Walkmans to see how the hinges should move or how the products fit into the lives of the users."

Steve Jobs, in the past, has declared his admiration of Sony. Maybe he should consider bringing this guy out for lunch.

You Do Know Computers Can Also Play MP3s, Right? And I Can Also Daydream About MP3s Too

A UK law firm is arguing that "businesses should clamp down on iPod use in the workplace because it enables employees to slack off and shut out their colleagues," reports Jason Stamper.

The question that remains unanswered though is this: why do employees want to use iPods during work?


Cingular Sides With Microsoft Against Apple

Vista, The Five Year Old's OS

Is there an "expert mode" in Vista I can set so I'm not treated like this is my first computer the next time I use it?

Wednesday, November 1, 2006


To Boldly Go Where The iPod Has Gone Before

"The race is for second place."

Want To Repair Your iPod? Anyone?

A man from 'aamchee Mumbai' claims to be able to repair all Apple iPods...

Wireless Devices Send Mixed Radio Signals

Modulators that drivers use to listen to satellite radio or iPods can alter reception in nearby cars.

Beijing Gets Largest Apple Store Yet

iTunes Japan Competitor Quits Market

Apple has claimed another scalp in the music download market; this time a firm called Oricon has revealed plans to leave the Japanese download market.

Apple Updates Xcode Tools

Apple Releases iTunes 7.0.2

Apple Overtakes Dell In UK Education Market

New iPod Shuffle Available Worldwide This Friday

Apple announced Tuesday that its second-generation iPod shuffle will be available in stores worldwide beginning Friday, Nov 3, 2006.

New And Improved

Tangerine: Color management software provides graphic designers and creative professionals with a unique color workflow experience.

ZeusDraw: Vector drawing program with a fluid, graceful interface, great brushes and a host of other features.

GeoParty!: Test your trivia knowledge.


Ok, Buy A Mac (But Be Careful)

In this world of Apple outsourcing engineering and manufacturing to other companies you never know what you could end up with.

Insomnia Film Festival

Apple preserves the right to do things with it at their will, but doesn't subtract that right from you. That's a step up from typical in this sort of things.

Macs, While Usually Dependable, Have Recently Proven Troublesome

My Problem With Apple

I am done with Apple.

Can The iPod Ever Be A Great Gaming Device?


iHome iH5 iPod Clock/Radio

Interarchy 8.2: File Transfer Utility Sports New Interface And Added Features

The new interface significantly enhances what is already a first-class FTP applications.

Inside The Mac Pro: Graphics Cards

Three different graphics-card options offer something for everyone.

Slinging On My Mac At Last

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