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Friday, November 3, 2006


Apple Introduces 8GB Product Red iPod Nano

Apple has upgraded its Product Red iPod nano, adding an 8GB version to the orginally announced 4GB model.

Analyst: Apple Not Showing An Interest In The Enterprise

Despite a robust fourth quarter financial posting and the growing popularity of the Macintosh line, Gene Munster, a senior analyst at Piper Jaffray, wrote in his latest report that Apple is not making noticeable inroads into the enterprise market.

Apple Releases X11 Update

He Creates His Own Product With Apple

Darran Nathan has developed a product with the assistance of computer giant Apple. Called the BioBoost accelerator, it harnesses the power of Intel-based Mac computers to speed up applications used in life sciences.

Analyst On Unanswered Apple Questions

Mac Marketshare Up 34.6% In A Year

Apple Struggles To Fix iTunes Stutter Glitch

The latest update of iTunes is supposed to correct problems with the previous release, but users on Apple's own discussion forums are reporting mixed success, with some saying the "stuttering" problem remains.

Aperture 1.5.1, Demo Download, New RAW Support Coming Today

Apple Reveals "Touchscreen" iPod? Not So Fast...

Macs Join The Masai Tribe

Touch-Screen Leaks And Newer Notes

New And Improved

JourneyX: Archive and manage any kind of documents.

Christmas Super Frog 1.7.6: Santa's sleigh has broken down, scattering his gifts all around the town. Now it is up to you to recover all the missing presents before Christmas arrives.


An Honest Options Problem

Options that are "underwater" still have a value if there is a reasonable expectation that the price of the stock will rise.

Excitable Mac Users Freak Out Over Typo

To me it has pure typo written all over it.

The Reality About Steve Jobs And Stock Options

A Switching Tale

I must say I have never felt so productive in front of a computer before.

Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro Runs 40 Degrees (F) Cooler

It runs much cooler than my previous MacBook Pro.

Is iPhone The Holy Grail Of Podcasting?

One has to believe that podcasters the world over are drooling over the prospect of their shows being made available to such an audience... all without the hassle of a single wire.

Why Is Adobe Soundbooth Intel-Only?

My best guess is that Soundbooth is not written entirely in standard C or C++, but instead, that parts of it are written in x86 assembly and/or that parts are vectorized, with C code written specifically for the Intel SSE instruction set.

The Perils Of iPod Movie-Watching


New MacBook Pro 'One Cool Customer'

The Core 2 Duo-based laptops offer more speed, less heat.

iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation Disassembly


Are We Still In The Year Of The Laptops?

I always wonder why nobody considers adding a simple battery thingy onto iMacs and Mac minis, so that one can move the computers around the house without needing to shut down.

But here's a more "traditional" hack: turning a Mac mini to a portable.

Rumor Today: Free Shuffles

... if you are working at Apple, i.e.

According to this forum post, Apple is giving a free iPod shuffle to every "Full-time and part-time employee".

It's cheap, but it builds goodwill. Good job.

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