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Saturday, November 11, 2006


Run Your iPod On A Single AA-Battery

iTurbo offers an easy way to spring a comatose iPod back to life — grab any old alkaline battery and plug it in.

17-Inch MacBook Pros Delayed

Customers are now beginning to receive e-mails from Apple.

Brian Eno: Let There Be Light

Joe Cipriano: That Familiar Voice

New And Improved

iWorkout: The ultimate digital fitness trainer for your iPod.

Solitaire 3D: Treat your eyes as well as your mind.

WiLMa: Wireless location manager.


Mac power Consumption

I wonder how feasible it is to runt he mini off some solar-topped-up batteries?

Mac Pro: Take Two

The switch over to the Mac Pro was not as seamless as I had originally thought... or hoped.

Training Keynote Thinkers

At first, I thought Keynote was little more than a glorified and beautified competitor to Microsoft's PowerPoint. In time, though, I've come to realize it's not just a better presentation-making tool for visual designers, but it's something of an essential thinking tool for us too.

Why Does Logitech Hate Apple?

Logitech only provides the bare minimum in terms of Mac support that may have been ok in 2001, but is becoming increasingly irresponsible as Mac marketshare increases.

"Music Only" For Your iTunes Playlists

I'd Buy That For A Dollar

Apple has leverage over the music labels because they have something the labels need: popularity.

Debating iPod's Merits At Zune's Party

So ubiquitous is the iPod that I suspect the company could find APple enthusiasts within its own ranks. Nonetheless, plenty of those who atteneded the Zune's party see areas where the Zune could best the iPod.

Rumor: Apple Getting Creative On Album Pricing

Supposedly, iTunes customers may soon be able to buy the album and get credit for any single tracks they have bought.

Time For iTunes' Movies Service To Enter Act II

The ways of Hollywood are mysterious to me, but I can't imagine studio executives enjoying the sight of Disney keeping all those sales to itself.


Loving That Fan Control

Apple Xserve: The Final Review

Xserve is far better than the commodity server that the Intel x86 market expects. But what really blasts Apple's competition is OS X Server.

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