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Monday, November 13, 2006


Apple Appoints former IBM Legal Cheif As General Counsel

Donald J. Rosenberg, senior vice president and general counsel of IBM, will join Apple as its senior vice president and general counsel, reporting to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Apple Fights Off Adult Toy Manufacturers

Entertainment outfit Apple has set its legal hounds on a purveyor of 'adult toys'.

Tempting iPod Fans To Change Their Tune

Apple's $7 Billion Christmas Quarter To Be Paced By iPod Sales

New And Improved

Thinking Rock: Collecting and processing your thoughts following the GTD methodology.

PhotoLin 32: Image processing.


Bestbuys New Scheme To Ripoff Mac users

From Four To Zero In A Day

When I first saw the Mac Pro, I thought "Geez, I'll never use up four internal drive bays!" Not only are they filled, but I'm already wishing there were at least one more.

Xserve SAN?

Call me slow, but I've only recently come to understand what the Xserve RAID really is, and it's not just a RAID.


iTunes Remixed

Tips and tricks for iTunes 7.

Small And Silver: iPod Shuffle

It's cheaper, smaller, lighter, clips to your clothing, and holds more songs. It's also pretty darn durable.

Scabble For The Mac: New. Improved. Smarter Than Me.


Start Me Up: The Sound Of Vista

Some musicians spend 18 months working on a whole album. At Microsoft, that's how long it took to perfect just four seconds of sound.

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