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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Intel Core 2 Quad Ships 2007

Apple Updates X11 For Second Time In Two Weeks

Apple Releases EFI Firmware Updates For Intel Macs

The update fixes several Boot Camp, start up, and wake-from-sleep issues.

Ex-Apple Counsel Retains Lawyer

Hiring called a precautionary measure as federal investigation continues into options backdating.

Justin Long Says He's Still The Mac Guy

In a post to his web site, actor Justin Long says he's still the Mac in Apple's television ads, despite a report last week to the contrary.

New And Improved

Opal: The new outliner by the creator of the award-winning Acta.

Toribash: Turn-based fighting game.

Completion Dictionary 4.0: Free Xcode plugin that enhances Xcode's built in code completion mechanism.


Apple's iPhone Is Calling

When will the iPhone be launched? Likely when other devices start to eat into the iPod's market share, which won't be this holiday. Next year maybe?

Vim, Vigor And Vitality

Philosophy aside, I am yearning to see how the "old tools" can work today.

'Beta' Is Not An Excuse

Using "beta" as a badge of honor for released commercial software makes no more sense than using "buggy" in the same context, and it makes no more sense as an excuse, either.


There are lots of reasons for OpenDoc's failure, but ultimately it comes down to the fundamental question of why Apple was developing this technology when no-one in the company really wanted it.

Why, Apple, Why? Why Won't You Let Me Redownload My Songs?

Dates In TidBITS

I want to talk about the seemingly mundane topic of how we present dates in TidBITS, since it's something we've put a good bit of discussion into over the years, and it might prove useful for those of you who must also write dates in a consistent fashion.

Make Mine MacBook

The MacBook Pros really are the best of the best.


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