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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Talk Transcript: The iPod Revolution

Quark Gains Confidence

According to Quark's European Marketing Director, Gavin Drake, Quark has lost some share when Adobe entered their market, but this been substantially stemmed and since QuarkXPress 7 was released, all eyes are on Quark again.

17" Studio Display Owners Win

Young People Reluctant To Turn Down iPod Volume

Despite warnings that iPods can cause hearing damage, young people are reluctant to turn down the volume.

Watching Their P's And Q's Over R&D

Google, Apple among best firms at turning cost-efficient research into products.

Retalers See Strong Mac Demand, Little Excitement Over Zune

Apple Improves RAW Support For Digital Cameras

The update improves RAW file format compatibility for Canon Digital Rebel XTi, 400D and Kiss X Digital camera models, the Nikon D80 and Pentax *ist DS camera.

iPods To Integrate With In-Flight Entertainment

Six airlines will soon offer iPod seat connections to charge and power iPods in-flight, and to allow the iPods to display video content on seat-back monitors.

iPod Owners 'Thieves', Implies Universal Music Boss

Universal boss wants a slice of player sales.

New And Improved

Quinn: Implementation of a popular falling-blocks game which, according to the Tetris Company, must not be named here.

AquilaCalendar: One or three month tear off menu bar calendar.

MegaSeg: The ultimate music scheduling, mixing, and library management software.


Paul Vs. Apple, Round Three

Ultimately, this reinforces the notion that it pays to complain when you've got a valid argument, especially when it comes to customer service.

Zune And iPod Is Not A PC Versus Mac Re-Run

With Zune, Microsoft is trying to go up against a competitor who knows its market much better than Microsoft. Jos and company have proven many times over that they know the music and video business. IN this space, Microsoft is just a beginner and with Zune it shows.

Rants And Raves: iWant My iPhone

There's a lot of demand out there for the right product and if Apple releases it, it will be a huge success.


Benchmarks: The Unofficial Eight-Core Mac Pro

We might be ahead of Apple's product release cycle, and we've probably vioated our Mac Pro's warranty, but we just had to see what the Apple Mac Pro could do when populated with a pair of Intel's brand-new quad-core Xeon 5355 processors.

How To Write A Cocoa Web Server

Benchmarks: MacBooks See A Modest Core 2 Duo Boost

Gains over Core Duo are slight, but new laptops outperform iBook, PowerBook.


Truly Wireless, Truly Free

Steve Jobs may well be right that you don't use your Zune Wireless to pick up girls. Share your ear wax instead.

That doesn't mean that Apple isn't doing wireless iPod prototypes in their labs. But, I hope that all the bright engineers in Apple are not limiting themselves to only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Charging batteries without wires is the way to go.


I Was Wrong: Apple Can Just Sit Still

I predicted Apple will have something new — maybe an iPod Phone? — by this time of the year, so as to steal the thunder from Microsoft's Zune. I was wrong, obviously. And I was wrong on more than one count, it seems.

Number 1: Apple does not need anything new to steal Microsoft's thunder.

Number 2: Even the iPod shuffle is better than Zune.

Number 3: Apple does not need to do anything. The media will do the thunder-stealing.

Who knew? :-)

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Thailand's new ICT Minister, as quoted by the Bangkok Post: The current government plan was a case of the blind leading the blind, as neither the people who are in charge no the people in industry seem to know the dangers of open source software. "With open source, there is no intellectual property. Anyone can use it and all your ideas become public domain. If nobody can make money from it, there will be no development and open source software quickly becomes outdated."

Looks like the government is still blind. Either that, or Microsoft is really fast in getting things done.



Microsoft Sees Zune As Just Opening Act

Microsoft doesn't expect the Zune to knock the iPod off the stage, but it is counting on the new music player to at least get the company on the playbill.

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