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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Apple Shares Close At All-Time High

New iPod Shuffle Ad Debuts

Attack Code Targets Zero-Day Mac OS X Flaw

A security researcher has published attack code for an unpatched flaw in Mac OS X, the latest vulnerability in the "Month of Kernel Bugs" campaign. The proof-of-concept code exploits a security hole in the way Apple's operating system handles disk image files.

New And Improved

Pangea Arcade: Three action arcade games based on aracde classics that has been beefed up to the extreme.

Groupcal: Take full advantage of all the group calendaring features of Exchange directly frm iCal.


Wherever iTurn, It's An iPod World

It's an iPod world and we only live in it.

Nielsen Schmielsen

Maybe people watch just exactly as much video as is appropriate for a portable video device given that we consume video differently than we consume music. Ya thought of that, Nielsen? Huh, have you?


Tiny New iPod Shuffle Delivers Big Sound

It's sleek and stylish, unobtrusive and tiny, and it sounds as good as more expensive iPods.

MacBook Core 2 Duo/1.83GHz And 2.0GHz

Among the three standard configurations, I like the middle model best.


One Button To Rule Them All

Joel Spolsky argues — and I more or less agree — that computers should really have only one button to switch off. He calls it the "b'bye". No need to have a long list of commands, with names like "Restart" and "Lock" and "Sleep" and "Hibernate".

I just feel that I still want a good power manager that allows me to configure what happens when I click on that "b'bye" button.

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